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  1. Does it count if I airmail it to the back slope and then chip it into the water?
  2. I was down there last time. If the pin is there it is a FACT I will be on top this time.
  3. My favorite thing is still my initial favorite thing, which is the look at address. I love my long irons and this is a hybrid with a long iron face. Compact in the rough, sharp on the tee. Looks come first in comfort, if you don't like it before you even swing it, why bother.
  4. I am going to be getting in a couple rounds this weekend so I will have considerably more info come Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Last couple rounds I played didn't afford me many shots into greens with it but I will be making a point to drop some and see how it performs. I can fully attest to this becoming my fairway finder though. Having the "pro-ness" for lack of a better term and the lack of draw bias has taken out the big left miss and hitting a low bullet that ends up somewhere between 220 and 240 depending on roll is something I love. A little more juice than my normal 3 iron and less spin than my old hybrid. As much as I love the lower flight I am working on getting a little air under it. Still loving the solid feel of the strike and after getting used to the new weight distribution I am hitting it solid with ease. The look of it still is great. If you want a "pro" hybrid I am definitely in the camp of being able to promote this club. Workable, adjustable, looks good. I will be working on the full writeup in the next week after these next rounds.
  5. Sorry haven't been on in a second, I am good for Sunday the 15th as well.
  6. Tony, thank you for the offer to bring us out again. I am in for early August, that sounds great. First weekend I have both the 7th and 8th open. 14 and 16 are going to regret what they did to my round last time.
  7. Second update on club wear. Here is the best shot of the face I could get to showcase how much the finish is affected by approximately 40 shots with range balls. I tried to cherry pick the best ones, as you do when hitting a new club. Edit: I have no idea why its upside down. It will not let me fix it.
  8. Update, I have hit it. Went to the range last night and as much of a shame as it was to dirty up this beautiful club, it had to be done. I tried to do a side by side comparison with my current hybrid and hit enough balls, somewhere between 10-15 each, to get similar swing feelings and see how the shot shape resulted. Weight: The 949x is much more of an iron and less of a wood (which the RBz feels like a wood, more weight in head than shaft). This is definitely a different feel for me personally, but I do like it. More balance between the weight of the shaft and the head. 15g heavier shaft than previous gamer. Look: The head is great. The face looks just like an iron to me instead of a small 3 wood. Compact, and straight. Feel: Very solid hit, good feedback on the strike. Flight: I haven't played with any weights yet, so its still on the stock setup, but it definitely flies lower than the Rbz. The straightness is there. I definitely know what I can do with the Rbz to induce a rather aggressive hook, and what I have to do to fight it. The 949x is much harder to induce the hook on. I can easily hit a draw with it but the big left miss was not there. Moving it from left to right consistently is usually a struggle for me, so I will have to work a little more to make it go both ways. Bonus Info: One shot I have always been interested in is the hybrid bump from the fringe. I am fully aware that it is "old man golf," but I have a tendency to get twitchy and make inconsistent contact with a wedge from the tight grass. Its something I had tried before but never loved the feel. I played around the putting green last night with the 949x Pro and its a completely different world. The compact head, and the heavier shaft make it feel legitimately like a putter if I grip it all the way down. Something I will continue working on, but if I am in short grass but too far to putt, this will be an option.
  9. So I am the last one to have received my hybrid as I was out of town last week. Unfortunately I have not been able to hit it yet, but I am looking at a range at the very least this weekend. My initial impression was very good though. Shipped in the same box as everyone else, so I'll leave it at the club was safe. Definitely no way to be damaged unless they snap the box in half. All the throw ins were nice, tees, koozies, and ball marker. First impression was the headcover was very nice. Love the subtlety and feel of it. The club itself is pure. So glad I opted for the black grip. I can't get enough of the head shape too. It honestly feels like I could do anything with it, and that's been my biggest problem with any new hybrid is the visible offset just LOOKING like a hook. This doesn't look like a hook at all, it just looks straight. And smaller than my Rocketballz hybrid. Will come back with more info after I hit it.
  10. This is perfect, thank you. So it sounds like its probably another weekish out from shipment. This is my first time getting a custom built club so the lead times are foreign to me.
  11. So Monday May 24 update is no shipment notification yet. I'm not sure why, maybe there is a huge backlog of builds going on at Sub70 (which would be good for them) or shipment delays on components (bad for them). Does anyone have shipment history (recent or otherwise) with Sub70 doing custom builds? How long from order to build completion and then shipment times? Out of my own curiosity more than the sake of the test.
  12. Negative. I got a call from them about 9 days ago verifying my grip color (Golf Pride New Decade), since they have some out of stock. He said it would be on the floor in the next day or so. I would think arrival is imminent.
  13. Thank you! Hopefully receiving soon so we can get out and break them in.
  14. I am unfortunately out for the event on 23rd. Playing golf that day with my brother and stepdad for the latter's birthday.
  15. Good luck to these testers. A very intriguing shoe I have looked at a few times, but have never come across in person. Can't wait to hear about them.
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