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  1. Alex, Cleveland, Ohio Zelos 6, Stiff 95mph Taylormade rac LT irons with Steel Shaft: T-Step Professional (110 grams, Parallel tip .370") STIFF
  2. I picked up this finish of the SM8, 52* before a golf trip in mid-September. So I have been playing these for about a month now. Previously had a 52* SM6, Chrome. First off, love the black finish. Even the way it is starting to wear off (or wear in, if you like that kinda thing) is good looking. There is the assumption that it is a raw finish even though it is black, based on the sticker on the shaft saying "This wedge WILL rust." As far as improvements that I have seen, I think the spin is pretty much the same. Contact seems much more consistent and forgiving, less clunky th
  3. Alex. Lakewood, Ohio Right Handed Clubs to Test: Primary, 18* UiHi (Stiff), / Secondary, 18* VKTR+ (Stiff) 5.6 19* Rocketballz Stiff Hybrid. (Irons go up to 3-iron)
  4. 1. Alex 2. Cleveland, Ohio 3. Stock Taylormade M5, set neutral everything. 4. 5.6 handicap index 5. 100-105 mph 6. TSi2
  5. Alex. Cleveland, Ohio I use a PuttOut Pressure Putt and a SKLZ putting mat with the 3 holes. I have a SKLZ putting mat with 3 holes and foam under the end. It is nice since it is not a rectangle so it makes it feel like a regular green. Medium Stimp (10-11) for Private courses. I do play events at country clubs throughout the summer and being able to keep that groove in the winter would be great.
  6. Alex / Lakewood, Ohio / United States Rife 2-Bar Hybrid (Plumber neck), with Super Stroke 3.0 Slim grip (Left hand low in use right now) I like the look of the Tyne 3. Similar construction to what I have now, but instead of the weight being centered in the head, it is place outside of center on the "tynes." Plus I prefer a putter with a line, so any of the mallets with a center line are attractive to me.
  7. Thank you everyone! This has been a great addition to golf this summer, especially with everything that is going on.
  8. Basic yardages on carries of water or bunkers off tees are a very small one time cost for golf courses. Having a solid layout on your website shouldn't be hard, but a lot of courses are really bad at it. If its your first time seeing a course it makes it much more difficult to navigate. I don't need a HD drone flyover and commentary. Just screenshot Google maps and walk the course with a rangefinder and throw it on the site. Its not going to ever need updating. @Tsmithjr9 I do the same thing, especially before something competitive or official. I did it for Portage Country Cub
  9. I'll make sure to call ahead to the owners of these two and make sure they take all their glassware inside before our tee time.
  10. Does anyone want to get out and play this Saturday (Aug. 22) morning? Don't have a destination yet, open to suggestions.
  11. I am in for Saturday, Sept. 12. I wouldn't be able to make it for the rain date of Sunday the 13th though. Thanks again for having us out!
  12. 1.) Alex, Cleveland, Ohio 2.) Vokey 52*, F Grind (2 years, ~40 rounds old) 3.) 52*
  13. 7.8. Cleveland, Ohio. Taylormade rac LT irons. 8-Iron distance is 155. I know that Jason over at Sub70 is trying to change the club purchasing game. I have gone through the measuring process on their website and considered a lot of their clubs recently. I love the look of the black irons and the simplicity of being able to customize it to fit you, both size and aesthetically. The combo sets seem like they would be really helpful. I have heard nothing but good things about Sub70 and their communication and willingness to do whatever necessary to get you the clubs that properly
  14. Alright, I received a reply from the form I submitted. 1.) Price. $200 minimum to start with a 2 week trial, then $250 a month to continue. 2.) You get one long meeting and then a 2 week practice plan with the trial. Then if you continue going it turns into ongoing emails and texts between you and the creators. 3.) 2 weeks, then it is monthly. Personally, this is too pricey for me. If I had known what it was going in I probably wouldn't have spent the 20 minutes or so filling out the form. $250 around what I spend monthly in greens fees, and that just feels like too m
  15. Reaching out to the forum to see if I can gather people's thoughts on this. I had never heard of golfblueprint.com until today and was going through the form they have you to fill out, and I thought of MGS and wondered if anyone had done it. I didn't see anything when I searched for it. I think this seems like some kind of lessons or instruction through the internet. I am not sure of the price or what it entails, but I am going to try it out and see where it leads. 1.) Price 2.) What you get. Videos, documents, drills, etc. 3.) How long it lasts? Is it ongoing or a
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