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  1. Quick follow up, the set on ebay is way to expensive for a set of ten year old irons without the pitching wedge. And the other available set of R9 TP B stamps would require a shaft pull and new install as I most likely can't handle a tour level X-stiff shaft. Probably still try and get them and put them to work, but not going to overpay. Does anyone know of another brand that made a set of CB or MB irons that have little to no offset? This is clearly a hard thing to search for as companies don't really advertise or widely sell these tour issue sets. Feels like Mizuno coould have made something like this at some time.
  2. Came to this thread looking for zero-offset iron info. I'm about to pull the trigger on a set of Taylormade R9 TP B-stamps and see what happens. But I saw your comment and Sub70 has what you are looking for. I tested the Sub70 949x Pro hybrid this year and love it. Its still in the bag and will take a lot to remove it. its a neutral bias hybrid that is cost effective and has juice to it.
  3. Thanks fellas! @tommc23 @MattF
  4. Does it count if I airmail it to the back slope and then chip it into the water?
  5. I was down there last time. If the pin is there it is a FACT I will be on top this time.
  6. Sorry haven't been on in a second, I am good for Sunday the 15th as well.
  7. Tony, thank you for the offer to bring us out again. I am in for early August, that sounds great. First weekend I have both the 7th and 8th open. 14 and 16 are going to regret what they did to my round last time.
  8. I am unfortunately out for the event on 23rd. Playing golf that day with my brother and stepdad for the latter's birthday.
  9. This is wild, I honestly think those two courses are great and in my top ten in the area for both quality and value, Hawks Nest especially. Maybe I have much lower standards, but I think I have played a very diverse realm of courses to know what really nice (Portage CC, Oberlin GC) and really bad (Pine Brook, Mallard) are.
  10. Oh wow, I didn't get that at all from Mohican. Played it twice last year, once at the end of September and it seemed like it was in fine shape for a muni course. Greens always really fast and smooth. I played with a guy who told me they were sold back in 2018, so maybe it took them a year or two to get it back in good shape. The distance from my house is all that stops me from playing it once a week. A beautiful manicured country club it is not. There are definitely some burned out spots, but I thought it was a really cool and challenging routings with great greens.
  11. Definitely sounding like something between Columbus and Cleveland is the way to go for one of these outings. Mohican Hills, Hawk's Nest, Deer Ridge, etc.
  12. Big in on this. Looking forward to a jam packed golf summer and getting back out again with you guys. I picked up the Bunker Hill March-April membership so I have only played there so far and can't wait to branch out.
  13. I still feel like that is a bit on the pricey side for just a plan/blueprint after a meeting. Monthly cost is similar to the price of one lesson a month, but without the benefit of in person with a trackman or an instruction being able to physically manipulate your swing. I really struggle to figure out how this can be personal enough to be worth the $100 a month. Obviously my opinion is worth nothing because I have not done this, but the up front cost makes it not worth it. I would rather just have ten buckets of range balls for $100 or buy a Rapsodo or something for the $500. I whole heartedly agree with @WaffleHouseTour point about some real feedback or MGS doing a dive into it.
  14. Alex, Cleveland, Ohio 95-100 Taylormade Rocketballz Matrix X-Con 5, Stiff No
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