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  2. If you all want to play the same tees I think the long hitters have to move up as others have said put the driver away if you want. Being a short hitter playing from the back can add shots and thus time to my round and we all hate those guys who are slowing the pace down because the are playing the wrong tees.
  3. Usually a granola bar or two. Ive never had an uncrustable, but the wife buys them for the kids at costco by the case so ill probably try them tomorrow. Can't wait to see the look on my dads face eating that on a Ross course, well whats left of his design at least.
  4. I played the qstar, most of which I bought used for 3 or 4 years mostly in yellow. When the QStar tour was released I bought a box of them and had a really tough time keeping them on the golf course off of the Tee. Not sure I would buy the tours again. My miss with the driver is usually a duck hook and this was a major slice.
  5. I'm planning on getting fitted and hoping it helps my game. I'm also planning on continuing lessons but need to find a new instructor before I continue with them the guy I've been using has become difficult to get a lesson slot with. I've seen 3 different instructors over my 10 years of playing, the first guy who I was with for a year asked me if I was even practicing, I was doing it every day. The 2nd guy left the area for a resort course, and the 3rd guy who's become increasingly difficult to get in touch with who I've been with for the last 4 or 5 years I've probably dropped 20 strokes with and has told me numerous times that I should be in the mid 80s from what he's seen. I'm really desperate to find something to get me to stop struggling to get around. I know I'm a terrible athlete and highly uncoordinated so I don't expect miracles from anyone just trying to make whatever improvements I can. Sounds like I should wait on the club thing and just continue with the lessons. The guy I was taking lessons from thought I should replace my clubs but he did work at the local golf shop.
  6. I'm a high 25ish handicap who has been working with the same instructor for the past 4 or 5 years recently hes disappeared and I've been out on my own during this quarantine spending a lot of time working on my swing plane and using a planemate. I was originally going to get new irons early summer but this plans got put on hold with the virus. Do you guys think I should go out and get fitted for new clubs, currently playing stock rocketballz or should I try to find a new instructor and take a few lessons from him first.
  7. I have a strata set that I keep at an executive course that I play near where I work. The irons are good but the woods and driver are horrible the shafts are really the problem way too whippy even for my slow swing speed. Do yourself a favor and get a decent 5 or 6 year old driver and fairway wood.
  8. In but make sure to mention the pre-order on social media and the blog so that people don't miss out.
  9. How difficult are those courses as a high handicap not getting beat up or more importantly slowing play down while looking for lost balls is important.
  10. Western Mass here but easy enough to travel to central mass
  11. I've used pine meadow off of Amazon for a while now with the set I keep at my work location and have found them great it hit, it was between them and the Texas classics. I can't comment on spin as the greens on that course are all astro turf,
  12. A little late to the party on this but I'm a big fan of cedar spils rather than any type of lighter. I really do notice a big difference and I not even close to a cigar expert.
  13. I've been hearing a lot about long wait times from them lately and am wondering if independent fitters or golftec are having the same problem. I was planning on buying new irons, this spring but got stuck overseas till about a week ago. I was looking into game improvements irons but I'm not sure I really want to go through the process this year of finding a fitter, getting fit, then waiting till the end of the golf season here in New England to be able to play them. I'm not looking for anything just something better fit to.me than my off the rack rocketballz.
  14. Just got a box of Oliva G series churchhill
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