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  1. Reggie - Madison, WI I used to live in OR, where I could go to the course over the winter. Now I'm in Wisconsin, I have a 10' Wellputt that I'll be using in the concrete basement. I used the Wellputt this last Spring, it's not ideal but its good to work on speed I'd want to test the fast mat, hopefully the 1 x 2 directional hole setup
  2. Yeah, parks are closed for now. They may open up by the end of the month, but I'm thinking more public beach access camping. I'm scoping some areas like Agate Beach a little north of Bandon where I can set up a tent on the beach. I'm also open to something inland near the Coquille.
  3. I'm looking to head down to Bandon Dunes for a few day stretch. Does anyone know of any good areas to camp nearby? Was hoping to camp >= 2 nights, play 3 days.
  4. I'm looking to head down to Bandon Dunes for a few day stretch. Does anyone know of any good areas to camp nearby? Was hoping to camp 2 nights, play 3 days.
  5. Looking to buy a V2 ahead of the V3 launch
  6. MGS has reported before that the low level fruit in gains have already been eaten up, and years ago. I would imagine that we'll definitely see some incremental gains in certain product lines, but just like in a fitting - do I want to pay an extra $300 for +2 yds and relatively similar dispersion of a properly fitted stock shaft? Do I want to pay $500 for a new driver when I can find similar results for $200? It would be an amazing thing to be able to fit a previous year's model, but unless you can do that, to me it's still worth getting properly fitted on a new model and hanging on to it for years.
  7. @pozzit Check out Max Homa's podcast Get a Grip
  8. I saw Tom O and Pebble opened (I still get Bismarck updates), but didn't know there was snow coming. I played Hawk last summer when I made a visit, brought back a lot of memories. I used to work out there. I'll be through again this summer, hope it's in great shape again.
  9. I tried both the X and XS out at a golf show here in Portland. They were saying the new tech allowed a spread on both ends of the spectrum, for the XS distance and workability were increased. I am debating a switch to the X, because I need to maintain low spin off the driver. I really want to shape my irons, though, so it's hard to switch from XS. Also have a stock of '18 XS to be played yet.
  10. @3puttking how's the Hawk looking this spring? Man I miss that course
  11. Portland, OR courses remain opened with the safety guidelines enacted and I believe the same is true for most, if not all of OR. Our governor mandated "relatively relaxed" stay in place guidelines and encourages mental and physical well-being during the crisis as long as guidelines are followed. Course Safety: Tee times booked online, digital transactions preferred No Cash Flag sticks not touched Cups flipped for shallow ball retrieval 1 per cart (unless same household) No rakes I haven't been to a course in a little over a week, but I would imagine the greens crew is going to have to pull back from normal operation conditions. I'm interested to see how that effects the courses.
  12. Makes sense. I'd love to play if there are any other events you need players for - Pumpkin Ridge, Pronghorn? Keep it in mind, if so. Stay healthy
  13. Doesn't look like the event is cancelled yet. Do you have your players?
  14. Just getting into posting here on MGS. I've been a forum user for a while, but thought I'd start posting and contributing after I've become an MGS disciple. I've been swinging sticks since I was about 4-5 yo. My parents used the golf course as a free baby sitter. I grew up in Bismarck, ND where the Junior Golf program is outstanding. Five public courses in the area that allowed any U-18 player to tee off for free as long as it was before noon. I could play up to 54 holes on some mornings and be done around 3-4 for my parents to pick me up. I played competitively through HS, then lost the game through college and early career years. I'm a natural 8-9 handicap, but since I picked up new gear I've committed to reaching 4 this summer. I love most everything about this game, maybe not all of the industry, though. I've done every job there is on a course except being a club pro. Cart barn, greens crew, bev cart (dudes don't get tipped that often), pro shop, kitchen. I love being outside, the strategy and executive decisions, the smell of the grass, and most of the people I get to play with. Also love the betting games and those side bets. I'm a mechanical engineer, but find a different mindset on the course. Any other engineers out there? Any loopers looking to play? It may be my last summer here in OR so I'm setting out to make a tour of all the great courses out here.
  15. I played competitive golf growing up, gave up the game for about 6-7 years, and had always played off-the-rack clubs. I picked them back up again last year and knew it was time for a fitting and a complete bag upgrade. I went through a big research period of how to get the most out of a fitting, who does the best fittings, what to look for. I'm an engineer, so I'm very analytical by nature. I ended up going through 3 different fittings. I flew into Denver on a business trip so made sure to set up a PGA Tour Superstore fitting van experience ($49.99). They also offer a free version. This was an amazing experience and the fitter had an amazing knowledge. I tried to push through a whole bag fitting, because I was only in town for a day. I fit my irons, Apex Pros, and went on to drivers. I hit TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway. I never felt pressured in any way, the fitter was always making changes and commenting on things he was observing. I decided I was too fatigued and my data wasn't accurate, but I left knowing what I didn't like. I went to a small mom and pop shop in Portland, OR next. I live out here and wanted to support the small guys. They had the exact set-up that the Superstore had, but they were a new shop and their fitter didn't know how to use all of the tech. It was not a good experience and he didn't make me pay, although it would've been free had I made the purchase with them anyways. I did not want to come back here for fitting even though they were the shop I wanted to support. My next fitting was at a public course here in Portland that is known for their fitting, lessons, and retail; it's a great facility. All of their fittings are done on the range, which I was very hesitant to do. Especially in the early Spring with temperatures relatively low. As an engineer, I just didn't want to trust a Trackman to "normalize" the data to fit the ball I play, the average temperature of a Summer day, etc. To my surprise, this was an amazing fitting with one of the most knowledgeable golf guys I've ever interacted with. He had relocated from the east coast, leaving his personal fitting and rep business and was now doing more of what he loved instead of pushing a single brand and relying on sales. He honed my driving into a predictable and optimized ball flight, it was unbelievable. He swapped in some premium shafts and then swapped me back into stock shafts. The $300 premium shaft gave me a marginal increase in performance and it was almost matched with a stock shaft. I have never been happier and more confident with a driver in my hand, my new Titleist TS4. This fitting was FREE. I want all of the big shops selling $150 fittings to fail so hard. I urge anyone reading this to do some research and go try some fitters out, don't take their word as the gospel. Two out of my three fitters I would call up in a heart beat to help me re-fit or make other changes. And in another year I'd go check out the third again. Find someone trustworthy, whose business model isn't to suck an extra $500 out of you. Golftec and Club Champion have the business models that just make my stomach turn. There is so much better out there and that's why I'm here at MGS. Here's to those fitters out there that care about actually improving your game.
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