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  1. I was surprised you mentioned Accra shafts since PGASS doesn't show up as a dealer on Accra's website. Also, what did you think of the shaft selection at PGASS? I know it's less than a Cool Clubs or Club Champion, but did you feel you were missing on anything?
  2. This definitely changes my thought process going into the fitting. I was thinking that G425 Max and RadSpeed XB were my top 2. The Ping is definitely lower now and I'm going to need to try both the Callaway Max and Max LS as well as TSI2. I was always low on SIM2 Max due to lack of adjustability, and nothing in the data changes that. At the end of the day numbers in the fitting will direct me towards the best club, but this changes my perception of them going in.
  3. This is great to hear that you saw the same forgiveness that TXG did. I can't really hit my 3 wood that well right now and I'm definitely in the market for a new one, and potentially a 5 wood too. This is for sure on my list of clubs to test when I get fit later this year.
  4. I don't play Pro V1s. I currently play Srixon Z-Star, but am thinking of switching to Z-Star XV. The more expensive location is Cool Clubs. It's 15 minutes longer, 1 hr 15min vs 1 hour. They also have their whole shaft database and a larger selection of aftermarket shafts. The fitter is one of like 70 master trackman certified professionals in the world, not sure that matters vs regular certification. The other location is Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta. All their pros there are really good. They are in partnership with PGASS so they have all the same shaft and club options as PGASS. It basically means for shafts they'll have whatever the companies put in their fitting carts since they order from the manufacturer vs building themselves. My goal is to stick to stock if possible, unless an upgrade shaft really outperforms a stock shaft enough to justify the extra cost.
  5. I'm willing to pay the extra money if it's worth it, but that could be an extra $100 to an upgraded shaft for better performance.
  6. I'm looking to get fitted this spring and I have question about Trackman. I wasn't sure if this is the right forum to post this vs the fitting section or training aid section. I'm between two different locations that offer outdoor fittings. One uses Pro V1s and the other uses the Bridgestone "Premium" Range balls and then use Trackman ball normalization. They claim the Bridgestone are the best range balls and that the Trackman normalization is extremely accurate. I know nothing about how Trackman does this and if it is accurate or not. I think the fitters are good at both locations and both are Trackman certified. The one with the Pro V1s cost $100 more for a fitting than the one with the range balls. Do you think that it's worth the extra $100 to use the Pro V1s or is Trackman good enough to make the ball not matter as much.
  7. TXG just compared the Srixon ZX vs Cobra RadSpeed vs Cobra Mizuno STZ 3 woods. Matt loved the Mizuno and thought it was the best 3W he's hit so far. I'm definitely interested to try it out when I get fit. It's strange how the Mizuno Driver is such a bargain and the Woods aren't as cheap comparatively speaking.
  8. Agree with this 100%. Cobra seems to have the best free shaft options that are of high quality. The Mizuno does offer the Motore X, but only in F3 and not F1. I will say that Callaway and TM have a good selection of free shafts too, but Cobra seems to have the best Stock offerings that wouldn't have go through the custom department for. I'm hoping to keep within the free shaft options if possible when I get fitted. This is very true. I thought it was interesting to hear his comments on the Mizuno. It seemed like he hit that the most off line, but since he liked the feel and sound better than the Cobra he thought it was a better fit for him. Im looking forward to their driver bracket and the Most Wanted results to see what sticks out, and by how much.
  9. I had just watched this during my lunch break. I'm finally going to get fitted for a new driver this year so I'm reading/watching all that I can about the different 2021 drivers. The one aspect of value they don't cover is the available stock/no upcharge shafts. Each of them have slightly different free shaft options with some having higher MSRP than others. It seems like Mizuno has big name shafts, but they're mostly the older/lower end versions (Tensei CK vs Tensei AV raw etc.). Since all of their performances were very similar on Ventus Blue, the question then is who has the best shaft that is comparable to Ventus. I get that for the majority of golfers the shaft is secondary and the head is what sells the club.
  10. I'm thinking about getting a new FW or hybrid, not sure which. I've got a TaylorMade JetSpeed 3 wood that I've struggled to hit until some lessons recently. It's still not consistent yet though. I'm more to blame than the club, but it's a stock stiff shaft and I probably need an x-flex shaft with my swing speed. I end up teeing off with 3 iron on a lot of shorter or narrow holes since I'd rather 2 long irons in than maybe spraying a ball OB. I want something that sits between driver and 3 iron that I can use on long par 5s or to tee off when driver doesn't make sense. I'm doing a fitting this spring so we'll see how that goes.
  11. I have a Taylormade Speedzone 3W that I bought off the rack before I got educated on fittings. I can't consistently hit it at all. I'm debating replacing with a hybrid or a 5 wood. I need something off the tee that I can hit on shorter Par 4s. Something that is longer than my 3 iron but shorter than the driver.
  12. I bought like 3 dozen from Dicks when they went on sale. I know they were the prior year balls. I don't mind since they're so much better than the balls I was using before. I think my goal going forward to is to load up in the spring when Srixon does their BOGO deals.
  13. Greg Atlanta, GA Ping G15 (Planning on replacing next year) 15 115+ mph TSi2
  14. I will post an update when I eventually get fitted. Unfortunately with the way the world is right now it's looking like it might not be until this fall or 2021. My wife's company has been severely impacted by COVID and is currently on reduced pay with the potential for layoffs in the fall. My instructor went down to visit the facilities and talked with fitter and his boss. He said they seemed good and the facility was very nice. It's definitely the route I'm going to go. I also visited the Roswell PGA Superstore before COVID. The facility looks very nice. The fitter told me they'd just switched to trackmans from GC Quads. While the club selection and tech is basically the same, I think being able to hit outside and with a PGA pro is worth the extra money over PGA Superstore.
  15. Thanks for all the info and feedback! I've decided to go to the new Grand Slam Academy at Bobby Jones in Atlanta. They have 1 guy who does all of their fittings in addition to instruction. Since PGA SS is a sponsor of the new renovations, BBJ has the same setup as the fitting van experience at PGA SS with all the stock shafts and 80+ extra shafts. While both PGA SS and Bobby Jones use trackman, the biggest benefit to Bobby Jones is that it's outside vs being inside only. They then order your club and mail it to you. It's the same price as buying through PGA SS since that's who they order through. I'll post a review of my experience on here once I go and get fit, though I'm putting this on hold until the Coronavirus sorts itself out.
  16. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I have an understanding of some of the numbers I need to try and hit (+/-2K spin rate and around 15 degree launch angle). I have a pretty fast club head speed and play x100 true temper shafts on my irons so I probably need X stiffness on the driver (but I'll let the expert help on that). I've read that the fitter who does the "Fitting Van Experience" at the Roswell PGA Tour Superstore does a good job and is supposedly a Master Fitter per his linkedin. I didn't know if anyone had any experience working with him (Robert Bertrand). They have GC Quads which seem to be better than trackman from what I've seen. They're also 1/3 the price of of Club Champion so if he's good is CC worth the extra money. There is also an independent fitter, Golf Doctor, that seems to have good reviews and I want to see if anyone has any experience working with them. Since I plan to keep this driver for 5+ years I don't want to cheap out, but I also don't want to spend money for the sake of spending money @Headhammer do you know what other brands they fit for? I only see TaylorMade listed on their website? Thanks!
  17. I'd love to have Lefty and Hole in 1 added to my profile. Thanks!
  18. Hi All, I'm new to the forums. I searched to see if someone had posted about this and didn't find anything, so I'm sorry if this is duplicative. I'm looking to get a new driver to replace my 10+ year old stock Ping G15. I want to see if anyone has any recommendations on where to go get a good fitting. There is both a Golftec and Club Champion not too far from my house. I've heard that CC can force you into crazy expensive shafts and I'm not looking to spend an inordinate amount of money on this club. I'd gotten my irons at Edwin Watts, but I'm not sure they'll give me a comprehensive fitting for a driver. Does anyone have any recommendations for fitters/experiences at golftec or club champion? Thanks for the help!
  19. I've been playing golf since I was 5 or 6, but I got more serious about golf in high school. I generally shoot in the mid 80's to low 90's, though I'm trying to improve that with lessons. I love that it's always a challenge and that you can always get better. I'm getting more serious about golf and want to get data driven reviews. I do not know any other spies. I'm originally from CT, but now live in Smyrna, GA (just outside of Atlanta). I don't have a home course, I try to rotate among the public courses in the area. All of the best courses are private. Playing the public courses can lead to painfully slow rounds. I work for The Home Depot My user name is a combination of my initials, my college mascot (Wake Forest Demon Deacons), and my sports number
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