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  1. First name: Jim City & State: Los Angeles, CA Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: Yes. I walk about 85% of my rounds Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Yes. Caddytek CaddyLite One v8
  2. The video has been taken down
  3. Do you have a link to the ball marker you use?
  4. Location: Los Angeles, CA Current Bag(s): Sunmountain C130 Things you look for most in a cart bag: Full length dividers, a soft pocket for valuables, easy to access pockets, a lined pocket for wet items, lightweight(!).
  5. I'm trying to buy one of the recommended push carts but can't find the one I want.
  6. I started at 56 and have been playing for about 7 months.
  7. Yes. I was hit about 2 months ago in the thigh. No one ever said "fore" and when the group was close to us, my buddies yelled at them but the guilty party never apologized. Left a bruise for about a week.
  8. Location and Age: Los Angeles, CA (56. 57 in June) Current Driver SS: 103. I'm currently using the SuperSpeed sticks. I'm in Level 2 Week 3. SS started at 95 back in February. Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average: Average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through: I'm already doing it and plan on keeping it up.
  9. Yeah. Same here. That's how I've been keeping in golf shape during this mess.
  10. I suppose I did. I haven't really thought about where I hit it. I'm using cast irons and I haven't been playing long enough to know where I hit the ball based on feel.
  11. Is anyone using these sticks with a Swing Caddy 200? I'm finding that the speeds register much slower with it than when I use my driver.
  12. During my last round, I found myself on the fairway on 18 about 160 yards from the pin. My Arccos told me to use my 6 iron but I had been hitting strong all day so I opted for my 7. I landed the ball about 15 feet from the pin to reach the green in regulation and ended up parring the hole. Since I haven't been able to golf since, that's the shot I keep remembering.
  13. Welcome Ploobear. I played Fullerton on New Years Eve. Pretty nice course. Have you played it?
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