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  1. Thinking that this trade is a HOME RUN or an ACE in golf terms for the Lions. As a lifelong Detroit area resident, it has been far too long that this franchise operated without a "real" football minded front office, and with the diverse group they have put into place since the firing of the failed "Patriot's Way" regime, actually gives me hope that they have an actual plan in place to make this franchise a relevant football organization in the next 3 - 5 years. Stafford going to the Rams will allow them to be better than they were with Goff, he never had enough talent around him here
  2. Great looking truck. You may want to make certain that getting the Ford Performance Tune Kit will not void any part of the vehicle warranty. Most of the OEM's today have at least 60,000 mile warranty on the powertrain system components, and those usually are the high dollar repairs. Best of luck with it and making it truly yours by doing any personalized modifications if you choose to go that route.
  3. Congrats. on you accomplishment OldBen!
  4. It works for me as it kept my spin rate down where it needs to be, and fits my quick transition from the top. The Evenflow shafts are softer in the mid section than the Smoke Black, and fit a smoother transition swing. I am certain that I am quite a bit older than you are, and from the videos and such you have posted here of your swing, it should be a shaft that you can get along with. Keep us posted, and best of luck with it. Still snow on the ground here, so no real world golf for a while.........
  5. Best of luck with that shaft. I play that same shaft in my woods and it fits my game very well, absolute fairway finder from the tee, and not too difficult when using a fairway wood off the grass.
  6. Great news, glad to hear making progress with no setbacks!
  7. Congrats. to the testers, interested to see results, both of functionality and totals accumulated.
  8. I have done that a couple times in the past, when one item from MD to MI took 20 days using First Class Mail with tracking information, and another 2 Day Priority item took 13 days to arrive. Here the biggest obstacle is the local sorting facility in Romulus, Mi (Detroit area) where they are extremely short staffed due to Covid, and it is NOT unusual for a letter or package to be delayed or not processed for a week or longer.................. Your local post office will call to provide an update within 48 hours, so hoping that you get some good news
  9. Awesome way to end 2020. Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. "Swing the club" NOT "Hit the Ball" From an old golf teaching pro back in the '70's
  11. Thanks, Rob, for the update, I just now saw this thread, glad to hear that you are getting better. Will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
  12. Sent a message to GolfSpy MPR................ related to donating would like to get Broke 80 badge
  13. Great review, very nicely done with the words, pictures, and videos. Nicely done, and here's hoping that your feelings stay the same when you are 64.
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