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  1. Good morning Spies on a warmer, cloudy Michigan day. Mid 60's for the high, but maybe some rain too. We could use the rain, both because it has been a drier February, but also to wash the salt residue off the roads. Normal work day for me, but hoping to get some swings in outdoors on the front lawn afterwork while the daylight stays along. Hope that your day is the best it possibly can be, and that something enjoyable is in your plans.
  2. Congrats to this group, looking forward to the comments related to the fittings, and the comments and reviews on these shafts.
  3. Congrats. to this group, looking forward to the comments and reviews.
  4. Congrats. to this group, looking forward to the comments and reviews.
  5. Happy Birthday @JDGAFFLIN, @Gripit, and @Mbates007 Hope your day is the best it possibly can be.
  6. Nice that you were able to get it out and get a few swings in with it Ben, @GolfSpy_BEN Looking forward to seeing your comments and thoughts as the testing moves forward.
  7. @tdroma98 awesome pictures and thank you for sharing.
  8. Good morning Spies on a much later start to the forum for me than usual Monday. Had an issue arise at work late Friday, and naturally since no one else was in, or checked emails since, I spent the last 2 1/2 hours catching them all up on the issue and known details. Did manage to get to the range, and a SIM round in yesterday, so for me a really nice way to end the weekend. Hope the rest of the move goes smoothly for you Jamie, @GolfSpy_APH. @tdroma98 pretty neat that you met "Hookin" Bob" as I do know who he is and his claim to fame on the PBA. Hope your day is the best it possibly can be, and that something enjoyable is in your plans.
  9. Happy Birthday @tdc1 and @DougC38 Make your day the best it possibly can be.
  10. Date 02/25/2024 Course Name Aberdeen Golf Club - Longs, SC Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 254 SIM Round? SIM Although I played this course today as a SIM round, I have actually played it a few times in the past on trips to Myrtle Beach so I was very familiar with the layout and shots required. Played the SIM round after spending an hour or so on the range, so I was warmed up, and swing was in decent shape for winter golf season here. Had 4 bogies, and 2 birdies, and only missed 2 fairways and 4 greens. A couple of the missed greens were on par 3 holes, and that is where the bogies occurred. Supposed to be in the 60's here next weekend, and I am really hoping to get out on Sunday if I can find a course near home that is open.
  11. Great introductions @Bucky CC and @GolfSpy AFG Looking forward to your fitting results, and additional comments from all of the testers.
  12. Great WITB and "Formal" introduction @jbern. Awesome attention to detail, and great explanations of why the clubs currently are in play for you!
  13. Good morning Spies on the last Sunday of February 2024 from the Motor City area. Today we will have a cloudy, windy and mid 40's day, but should see 50's for the high temperatures as the next 7 days unfold. My plans for today are to go to the range later, maybe even get in a SIM round, and just make the best of my "winter golf season" here. Next weekend temperatures look to be mid 50's to 60 degrees and sunny, but there will be no golf related things on my schedule as it also is the weekend for the Detroit Autorama. As usual, for the car loving members here, I will also post a link to pictures of that event after I get back. @MattWillGolf I hope your day and the events yesterday went spectacular, and that your son, his bride, and all of your family and friends who were there cherish those moments forever. @RockerFCC hope your opening day was a huge success, and maybe I can make a road trip there over the summer. Hope that your day is the best it possibly can be, and that something fun and enjoyable may be in your plans.
  14. Great video John, and really looking forward to your comments and thoughts once we warm up a bit in the Midwest.
  15. Hope that the gains you have seen thus far as distance and consistency will keep going and improve as the weather and conditions both get better, and you get comfortable with the driver.
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