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  1. Thank you to all the testers for sharing their fitting experiences, it really adds credibility to the testing that will be performed, and hopefully all the great results you will experience. It also is great that there is a wide ranging and diverse group that will be reporting out their individual results. This reading of testing and results will make it that much easier for those of us in locations where shorter golf seasons come into play to endure the next few months and look forward to getting back out on the courses come spring.
  2. Best wishes for you and your family to get through the next couple weeks due to Covid without any more issues or concerns arising from it.....................
  3. Wonder if that is contagious and infects other's quickly......................... made a deal on this and have it heading my way to see if it can kick my older SC Newport 2 Notchback out of the bag.............. at least I will have all the "off season" here to play around and practice with both of them, before making a final decision, so it won't be a hasty decision
  4. the grip weights will change the swing weight...................... 5 gr grip = 1 swing weight point the heavier grip will reduce swing weight, and the lighter weight grip would increase swing weight
  5. Here's hoping that the timing and weather here cooperates so you can get out with it this week............... forecast is for rain the majority of the week, but supposed to be sunny and low 50's on the weekend.......................... I am hoping to get a round in on Saturday, as I know that the season is quickly running out of good weather days here in Michigan
  6. a very nice gesture on the group to hold the parade, and bring some joy to their world at this time......... human kindness goes a long ways to making us all look at the good even in the worst of times....... hoping that all goes as well as possible for your friend and his family going forward..........
  7. just a curious question on your iron shafts.................. Originally you had the 105's installed soft stepped, and now with the 95's in R flex, besides the weight difference is there any difference in launch and spin between the 2 models? Reason I am asking, is I was between going into Project X 5.5 soft stepped or go to 5.0 and not have to worry about them being too stiff or difficult to load for a few years yet. Bye the way, close to the same age. I chose the 5.0 so I wouldn't need to make any changes for a couple seasons, or so I hope.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EqzTiDc-1k&feature=emb_logo for those too young to know what was previously mentioned....................... you really have no idea of what you missed out on...................
  9. Actually, I think the job the moderators have in selecting the testers is very tedious and difficult, no matter what the item to be tested may be. They need to be certain that they can cover all of the people who may have an interest in the particular product, as well as somewhat be certain that those selected will provide legitimate feedback to those who read the reviews. Honestly, with the seasons changing, and the temperatures falling in the Northern Hemisphere, some who may have signed up, would not be able to provide feedback for months. To me, it would seem like common se
  10. Agree that you should at least try them out, even if they don't beat out the Vokeys you could post an "Unofficial Review" here with your findings and experiences with them.
  11. Congrats. to those chosen to test the Titleist TSi drivers and looking forward to all of the reviews and information. Special recognition to the moderators for sorting through all the entries and making the selection of those chosen.
  12. to those who may be traveling in the next few days, be safe in your travels, and enjoy yourselves when you reach your destination I posted earlier in the "How'd You Play" but had issues with inserting pictures from an Iphone and them showing up upside down. Downloaded the MGS app and went back an uploaded the pictures from my phone without issue.
  13. you may want to check with Trevor Parkinson at MW golf in Rochester, MI I believe he does training as well as club making http://www.mwgolfclubs.com/custom-golf-clubs/
  14. That is great news....................
  15. did get out for a round today at Stoney Creek Metro Park Golf Course located not too far from my house......... weather was about 70 degrees, with a steady 10 - 15 mph wind from the northwest............ considering that my first round this year was the end of July while in Missouri, I was extremely happy with my play, very consistent all aspects, fairways that were missed were just a few feet off the edges, and irons were very consistent, and fairly accurate..................... front 9 - 6 pars, 2 doubles, and 1 bogey for a 41 with 2 3 putt greens.............. back 9 - 3 pars, 1 double
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