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  1. Jack Nicklaus back in the day said on a course all golfers on a par 3 or 4 golfers should be hitting a similar iron into the green. Ego the different tees. Golf magazine states Essentially, you just take the distance you hit your 5 iron and multiply it by 36. Problem is there're a lot of golfers who think they hit the ball further than they do. If everyone would go to Top Golf or somewhere there's a good Launch Monitor to see their actually yardages there would be a lot of folks moving up a tee. Good example how many time have you waited behind a group who's waiting for the green to clear on a 260 plus par 4 then watch as everyone hits their tee shot less than 200 yards.
  2. You talking about Hogan's swing I can tell you for me I have never hit the ball as solid as when I started using Hogan's swing.
  3. Forged Tec X offering unrivaled forgiveness with players’ looks Ned in St Augustine, FL Callaway Rogue 13 yes
  4. Love my Callaway Heaven Wood (7 wood with 3 wood length shaft). Easy to launch higher and long.
  5. Your casting the club at this point your have already released the club. Then all you can do is try to hit it with your hands. This would be a perfect position if the club was contacting the ball at this point.
  6. Ned, St Augustine, FL Right Handed Hybrids – VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 14 handicap Currently play Callaway hybrid
  7. Ned St Augustine, FL Callaway Epic Flash 12 index 90 mph TSi3
  8. Ned / St Augustine, Florida Handicap 14 Callaway Rogue
  9. 14 Handicap from St Augustine, FL Current irons Callaway Rogue hit 8 iron 125 Your review of their product.
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