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  1. An ad showed up on golf channel Thursday night....I guess it was prepaid...
  2. I am working with several tour operators on a Scotland 12 day 9 course tour for 10 of us. Here is good bad ugly Pioneer Golf, Morton, Hidden Links Carr, Scottish Links - flexible, responsive, easy to communicate - personal attention Bunch of others....non responsive, lack of follow up, make claims and don't follow through. Unique award to Perry for a build your own trip tool with instant quotes. Who did you have good experience RECENTLY ?
  3. They show up in my facebook ad news feed often. Not lately.
  4. Yes, std dev has a specific formula. Sample size and othe stuff matters. The challenge is all this forces users and providers and clients to be subject matter experts in statistics which isn't their comfort space. When club brand A is 3.2 yards longer than B we want to declare it better. It feels right. I will add Pepsi lost a lawsuit vs Coke based on std dev.
  5. It is really deep complex statistics. Quality control people use it to validate a process change is real. I can say a lot of people make invalid business decisions based on averages and ignoring std dev.
  6. I hear you. I have a hard time getting business leaders to understand variation, std deviation is more important than avg when evaluating alternate solutions. Statistical Test of Hypothesis is the technical term. Oversimplified, if the distance difference is within about 1 std dev, the difference isn't real. It is random variability. If you did 100 shots with each club and had a gap near 1 std dev....might be real.
  7. That std dev on spin is likely bad data. I doubt the statistical significance between items is meaningfull. That is a VERY technical math term not an opinion. Lack of significance means no REAL difference. The results have enough overlap in range of values the two data sets are SIMILAR. NOT significantly different. Humans want to see differences that are NOT real. Avg is MEANINGLESS. They are SAME club effect result...especially with only 10. Give me 200 or 300 data points and take another look. Just because average is different doesn't mean difference is REAL. std dev is a major major influence on differences.
  8. Yes, I have a 52 gap and use either 58 thick sand low bounce or 60 fluffy sugar sand +12 bounce. I can open a 52 and make it 54/56.
  9. I play titleist 704cb with dg300. Sub 100 swing speed as I've aged. I believe they are 370 straight. Will leave it to shaft fitter to help there. I am NOT trying to recreate the old clubs. I am not 25 years old with 110 swing speed.. I am trying to figure out technique or process to find the best modern shaft for my 90-95 swing to make the clubs as playable as possible. It would seem best path forward for finding a suitable shaft is get modern head, same loft, and add weight to match vintage head weight and try different shafts on set up. Ive never done iron or shaft fitting so i am learning as i go. Otherwise, anything I do is a blind search
  10. Thanks. Needed some affirmation before I visit store for shaft fitting install. Two name brand club fitters already said no, we can't help pickna shaft with a vintage head.
  11. My goal is pick shafts that best suit my swing and loft headweight of vintage irons. The available references for a shaft fitting are modern heads. Should I modify headweight of a modern 27 degree to same as vintage 27 degree and evaluate shafts using modern head same weight same loft. The number bottom of iron doesn't matter. Yes or no.
  12. I posted in general section with no responses and found this topic area. I bought 70s vintage muscleback iron heads. No shaft. Purely sentimental decision. What would be a good way to get fitted and choose a modern shaft ? I contacted two name brand commercial club fitters for shaft replacing and both only do modern heads. 5 iron head weighs about 18g more than modern 5i. Can I add lead tape to a modern head SAME loft to match weight and loft as starting point. I realize all sorts of cg based issues arise. Looking for good fit (better than TTDG300 default), not perfect set up comparing 1000 shaft choices. When I owned clubs 40 years ago, I had accles pollock stiff shafts. Thanks
  13. I just bought 1970s Era musclebacks...George Nicoll Royale. Had them as teenager, made it to scratch and about to put modern shafts in and see what happens with a 60 year old swing instead of 19 year old body !.
  14. I bought a vintage 1970s muscleback forged club and am trying to figure out the right shaft given the 5 iron head is 10-15 grams heavier than most modern heads. What would you suggest to pick a modern shaft for older heads. Not afraid to just pick TTDG300 and not worry about, but that seems like missing the chance to put the right shaft on the irons. My driver swing speed is 95. I have NO idea what current swing weight is. My irons are Titleist 704 CB with TTDG stiff shafts. I like the feel even though my swing speed has slowed 5-10mph vs 15 years ago. I am thinking I can find a modern club head with nearly same headweight low offset and use as my shaft fitting demo.. add lead tape to get to same headweight for same loft. What do you think ?
  15. Let the club do the job, no need to force high low unless major obstacles contours. You want low and some run out , 8 iron You want high and little roll, 56 or up.
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