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  1. I personally love the Vice Pro, it is probably my new go-to ball. The Snell MTB Black and Taylormade TP5x also give me very similar performance/feel, and I will game them if I'm randomly out of Vice Pros.
  2. Love the setup! I play the MP20 HMB in the 4-6 and MMC 7-PW, and they are my favorite irons I have ever owned. However, the T100 also look amazing so I don't think you can go wrong there. I also just put an Evnroll ER2B in the bag yesterday. I'm super excited to get on the course with it. How do you like yours?
  3. I love the look of the new Mizuno drivers but I have not gotten the chance to test hit them yet. I picked up an MP-20 combo set this year and could not be happier. I feel like Mizuno is a sleeper with their woods now though, and I can't wait to hit them. I have always played Titleist woods for the most part as I like a traditional looking club at address, and I feel like the ST 200 also looks gorgeous from pictures I have seen. Cheers!
  4. How do you guys like the Mizuno fairway woods. I think they look great; however, I have yet to get a chance to test hit them.
  5. For anyone that has tested these side by side, let me know which you prefer and why. I'm still waiting on a chance to test hit the Mavrik SZ 3W, but I was very pleasantly surprised by my results today with the Cobra SZ Tour. Although the head is definitely tiny compared to most 3W models, I was not having an issue launching it and it seemed to retain good numbers on less than stellar strikes (I hit several out of the heel today and was shocked at how well they held the intended line and where they finished relative to flush shots).
  6. rsilman

    Mavrik Drivers

    Anybody test the Mavrik/Mavrik SZ against the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme/Speedzone? I am curious which ones stood out positively or negatively in terms of distance, forgiveness, etc. Cheers!
  7. I appreciate your feedback! I have never had a matte club before, but the more I look at the matte/white, the more I seem drawn to it. It just looks clean. I definitely need out to a range and hit the SZ.
  8. Thank you! I just read the review and it was a great write up!
  9. I have been considering a new driver this year, and I really like the looks of the SZ driver with the infinity face wrapping onto the crown. Has anyone hit this driver or played it? I would love to know about its ability to keep spin low and also about its forgiveness. Lastly, as I'm torn when I see pictures of the two, do you all prefer the gloss/yellow or matte/white color scheme and why? Cheers all!
  10. ST 200 is definitely a driver I would like to test. Great to hear the more recent driver lines from Mizuno are performing well for you guys.
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