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  1. good luck for this great test- I am curious to hear comments on club build
  2. cut will be 3 over par- everyone at 3 over par or less will make the cut lowest amateur will be. Stewart Hagestad I love my current wedges but they are getting worn - so would love to win some Vokeys.
  3. i find my driver 3 wood are pretty close on Trackman and on the course but my irons are always way short on Trackman. Best I can think is I don't ground out with driver and wood, but probably don't fhit the ball first slowing the club down on matts, while not really effecting the shot too much on most grass.
  4. my swing speed once warmed up is usually 99-106, which is I guess why I like the lower spin I get with this Conra driver according to your comments. I do tend to get very high drives with all my old drivers, but do get a nice height with this driver most of the time. I haven't tried adjusting the loft yet except a few shots out of curiosity.
  5. I'll check that out- thanks!
  6. thanks, I was told that the mill finish on the face is designed for low spin, and I was given the club to try just for that purpose, but the results I got on the Trackman were just unbelievable- now I elieve more than ever that clubfitting is critical to finding the best fit for everyone. I liked the feel and the drives from all the clubs when I hit them at the range- and did not "see" the difference in spin from my drives. This was just what I was looking for though - was a lower spin since I read that I want 2000 rpm spin with my driver- not the 4000-6000 I knew I was getting!
  7. I hit my driver high, and could see that my ball drops straight down and gets no extra distance. So when I tried a bunch of new drivers last year I I found Three that I liked, including a new Taylormade ( my go to brand) a new Callaway and, at the salesman's suggestion for low spin, a Cobra King Speedzone Driver. Then I was fitted on a track man at the shop. Wow, with both the Taylermade and Callaway Drivers I had about 6000 rpm spin and a rapid descent, but with the mill face of the Cobra i was at 1800 rpm spin with a much improved flight and distance. Bought this driver on the spot with this data. My golf buddies all noticed immediately the improved distance and straighter flight with this Cobra. This really sold me on Cobra- i went out and bought the 3 wood without even hitting it. I really love these two clubs for their low spin.
  8. Last few times I was out I was the only one walking, everyone is back to riding in carts I guess
  9. There's a just too little interest in my mind to bother watching. I did watch some fo Rickie, Rory and Company, and enjoyed that, these guys are the now wave of hot golfers
  10. Before I buy a new club I always head to the driving range several days with my old club in hand for comparison, and don't get into the hype that the new club has to be better, it took me a long time to change my driver, and I still looking at my old TaylorMade 360 XR with longing to try it out again
  11. As an update, I've gotten my pull cart out,filled the tires and walked 18 at Indianwood GC in Lake Orion ,tough back 9 on my knees (the course is a little hilly) but made it. And I've walked 9 a few times on a flat course and loved walking! And happy with the game I am playing
  12. I had a Dunlop Loco “crazy Long” Driver some 15 years ago- absolutely crushed this Driver- I would hit it 300+ all day- some days with a slice other days straight ! On the off season I returned it to the shop due to a broken Ferrule and ended up with a Used Taylormade 360 XD Trade - I was never sure that was the best move. I do still have the head cover, I’ve worn it out with my Taylormade. Currently using a Burner.
  13. I have to agree that technology has improved. I play at Clubcorp clubs and they have Taylormade M5s that I rent and I don’t feel I get anything more out of these woods. I do like the M5 woods just fine but the irons are too fat on the bottom of the club, I like my Callaway FT irons a lot more
  14. I have had 3 and 4 Wilson Deep Red Fat Shaft woods for 15? Years- absolutely love these woods off the fairway and the tee. Anyone else using these woods? I keep thinking about updating but I do really like these clubs too much to take out of my bag
  15. both Phil and a Tiger can still win any day - just Like so many players on the tour, I don’t think either Phil or (even) Tiger has it in them any more to be in the chase week after week, like they were for so long in the prime of their career. And now there are a new group of elite pros that fit that bill, especially Brooks, Rory, Dustin, Raymond, DeChambeau and a couple others I’m sure I missed.
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