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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the information you posted last December about my request for RTJ info.  I was able to spend a week and played all the courses you recommended.  I played your home course first with two local guys that were preparing for a tournament of some kind.  They were wonderful to play with, but I was just trying to stay out of their way.  I really enjoyed Ross Bridge after I got over how tight the fairways were (lost two of my first three tee balls).  In fact that turned out to be a pretty good round for me.  I hit some good shots and was pleased with the effort.  It was a great week only one day of rain in April.  Ross Bridge......8000 yards, I thought it was a joke until this past weekend at Kiawah.

    I am hopeful I can return soon to try a few more offerings.  Again, thank you for your kindness and knowledge.




    1. Mtbryant01


      I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you do return, try and venture over to the RTJ Capitol Hill in Montgomery, AL. That one has 3 great tracks that you can't go wrong with. 

  2. I will freely admit that I signed up for this fully aware of the "U.S. Only" restriction. Having said that since I am currently in Hong Kong for a while, I was hoping for some kind of special dispensation since I am a lot closer to where they are made and it is a HUGE brand here in Asia. I was worth a shot!
  3. I actually took a sleeve of about 4 different balls to practice session at GolfTec to see which ball to use going forward. I hit shots with wedge, 8 iron, 7 wood, and driver. There was substantial difference between the TP5's that particular facility uses for routine practice and my personal brands I brought along. I know it may seem a little bit A-R (never was sure if that word is hyphenated or not), but I have narrowed it down to two selections. I am going to play a couple of rounds with each and try to make a decision on which one I "like" the best. I was also told that using personal balls in the sim can get expensive in a hurry because the constant hitting them at speed into the net/screen and them striking the floor on the rebound with some force takes its toll pretty quickly on the "real" golf balls.
  4. After listening to a couple of the recent NPG podcasts, I am curious if anyone has used their data obtained from a practice session in a Foresight Bay or Trackman when they went to get fitted. Or if you have used your data from Arcoss or SS on course info when you go to a fitting session. There seems to be a lot of discussion about how this is "the future" just wondering it "the future is now"? Next question, has anyone used or bought a club from one of these online sellers that will send you clubs to try and you can keep or return as you choose. I think at present it is mostly drivers, but I suspect it will grow. I know sub70 has a trail program for other clubs than the driver. TIA
  5. I am interested in getting one of the sticks to hold my iPhone to record swings on the range, just curious what people are using.
  6. I've been very, very fortunate to play a few of the courses (very few) mentioned hear, but for me it would be Augusta as well. I'd prefer not when it is set up for the tourney. I am sure I don't have the game to enjoy the round playing the same way those guys play it. Bandon Dunes looks amazing and its cool to hear the staff is great! If all goes close to plan, a few of the RTJ courses in Alabama will be scratched off the list this spring. I have to say that playing St. Andrews was a very cool event, even if my caddy was drunk the entire round. I really wanted to wrap my 5 wood around his neck on 17, but it did make the round memorable.......if not in a good way.
  7. I played that course in a Kansas/Colorado USGA event and I'd agree 100%. If you aren't in the short grass you are in jail! Honestly, even after missing the putts I never saw how the ball broke that direction on some of the holes.
  8. This is probably the easiest golf question for me. It was Bethpage Black. I was playing with a very good friend that was a former professional. He played it from the back after showing his +2 handicap card to the starter, needless to say I moved up a couple of tee boxes. I felt like it was an 18 hole dogfight, but managed to shoot 95 with an 18 handicap. I am sure had I not been with my friend, I would have never been allowed on the course. Fun day, he shot 78 which included a couple of 30 foot bombs and a chip in. Every time I see the pros play that course it gives me an appreciation for just how well they can play the game.
  9. skyryder


    Tried my first bake last week and what a disaster. I did a test later of the yeast I used and found out that is was dead or ineffective. I knew before I put it in the oven it was going to fail, but figured I had gotten this far, should at least give it a go.
  10. So, it has been a long time dream for me and my best friend to make a tour of the RTJ trail, but the old excuse "we will do it next year" kept creeping into the plan. This past winter he developed liver cancer and it looks like the best outcome for him is not going to include golf for a very long time if ever. We've had a number of long discussions about all the fun we have had including 22 consecutive member/guests with one runner up finish and other fun times on the course. He said to me that he would really like for me to go play a few of the RTJ courses and let him know how it goes and hopefully we will make it there "some day" So my question is directed at those who have played the courses and which ones they liked and why. Did you stay at the resort hotels when you could or somewhere else, and are there any you wished you had not played. I will be driving, as it is only about 6 hours from home. Planning to play 5 days, probably consecutive days, but a 3/1 off/2 days is an option as well. I will try to stay away from weekends and play Mon-Friday or afternoon on a Sunday to Friday with a break in the middle. Thanks in advance for all the input and if this is the incorrect forum, let me know and I will delete it or repost somewhere else. Happy Holidays and stay safe! Sky
  11. I truly appreciate the replies and input to my post. Thank you all!
  12. Ladies and Gents, I am interested in purchasing a putting mat for indoor practice mostly. I am curious if the Birdie Ball mats perform well on Tile floors or do all the joints in the individual tiles cause issues. Of course any other points, good or otherwise anyone has to offer is appreciated. TIA Ricky
  13. A few months ago I ordered a set of the Arccos club tags along with the GPS unit as a package. Shortly after that I received an email that they were back ordered and would be shipped in the order ordered, expected delivery was August/Sept time frame. Then got an email that they had started shipping the units. A couple of weeks ago, got another email that there was a "manufacturing" issue and would be further delayed. What I cannot understand is WHY they are still offering the product for sale, knowing full well they cannot fulfill those orders in the near future. It is maddening, plus my credit card has been charged. Yes, I know I can raise a stink and probably get my money back in short order, just wish I could understand what in this business practice seems okay.
  14. Ricky Palm Coast, Florida Normally, I have access to turf, but I have been looking into a mat to get better use of practice time, even if I only have 15-20 minutes. Better than wasting the time driving to the course. I had one made of astro turf about 10 years ago, it turned into a walking path. First choice of speed would be slow, but I would be pleased to try anyone of them.
  15. If you truly want to get the most for your money, I would look for a Club Champion or Tru Spec. They will have the most options as far as shaft selections/club heads. GolfTec only has three or four different club manufacturers and only the shafts that are offered as OEM for those clubs. While I like supporting my local pro, if they don't have a monitor or even better an indoor bay, you are really not giving yourself the best options for clubs/shaft combos available to you. As an outlier, I would also take a look at some of the Direct to Consumer companies, especially Sub70, they do a pretty good job of fitting their clubs to your needs.
  16. The first couple of trips to the range were not impressive, but I had reverted to some of the swing issues I had before the fitting. It is a different animal being outdoors and not on a launch monitor. The last two weeks have shown what the TPT shafts are capable of if they are the right fit. When I swing correctly and don't try to "grip it and rip it", I am realizing about 25-30 yards distance gained and a much better dispersal pattern and the ball flight is exactly what I want. Even the instructor went....."Damn"!! the other day during a playing lesson. The cool thing is that even with the "bad swings" I am getting 15 yards more distance than the stock shaft and what would have been trouble is now at worst first cut of rough.......most of the time. I still have enough "talent" to yank one off the planet or scream loudly "fore right" at exactly the worst possible moment, but hey it is golf. Hardest thing I've tried to do not including staying married.....LOL
  17. Ricky/ Palm Coast, Florida Callaway Jaws 54 or 56 deg.
  18. So I spend a lot of time in Hong Kong, and take lessons from the GolfTe facility there. I wanted to get fitted for a new driver shaft for my Epic Flash Sub Zero. Tried all they had, but the instructor recommended another facility that carried a wide range of shafts. Tested the Ventus, Tour ADT, Project X, with some decent results. Then the fitter asked me to try one more, it was a TPT red series. The results were amazing, I was "in love", hit two series the Hi and the Low version of the TPT 18. The Lo got the most distance, with very good dispersion, the high was about 2-3 yards less on average, but the dispersion looked the size of a nickel with ten shots. Even the toe, heel hits were better than the shaft I was playing. Then can the hammer.....when I asked about the price, I almost passed out. Absolutely love the performance and feel of the shaft, but at $500 a piece I had a very hard time getting over the hump. Went back the next day, intending to buy the Ventus, but wound up with the TPT. I don't "tinker" a lot and tend to keep clubs for a longer time than many, and I really like the guarantee that if the actual on course results are not what I saw on the machine, they will take the shafts back, or something like that. Waiting for customs to release my clubs, then I will see what happens in the "real world", my instructor was amazed at the difference the shaft made in my tee shots and the 3 wood on the shot monitor numbers.
  19. Hello, Current HDCP 16.7, North Florida Callaway Rogue X 8 iron distance, 164 Sub 70 is a DTC company based in Sycamore, IL. They prefer to have clients come and get fitted in their facility if possible, but provide very personalize service to get the right club in the golfers hands. The irons are the leader of the product line, but also carry hybrids and Driver series. All of the clubs are assembled by hand to match the specs of each client with a short turn around time. Also if you call , there is a good chance you will interact with the CEO in making your purchase.
  20. I played the RXS for a couple of years and it was fine. Then 2 years ago or so, started playing the E6 Speed, (which at the rate I was drowning them at the time) I really liked and its now been discontinued, so I am looking to get back to the B series. I just sent my data to Bridgestone to see what they recommend. I agree it would be nice to not have to buy a dozen just to try a couple of different balls. I will admit that overall I have been very pleased with the Bridgestone brand.
  21. Greetings! Been doing the physical distancing thing from Northeast Florida, and until last week was able to play golf locally. The course manager told me they closed because the golfers wouldn't didn't respect the rules they established to protect the employees. Oh well, will search the local area and see if I can find an open course. Been playing the better part of 50 years, sometimes a lot, sometimes almost never, depended on work, etc. Share time between Hong Kong and Florida. Lived in China for about 8 years, it was a life changing (for the better) experience. I fly airplanes for a living, and got my handle that way. I've been lucky to do what a 4 year old boy dreamed about, and made it career. Something about being out on a course either alone or with a group that is magic. I can relish the good times, and only blame myself for the bad. Never had a feeling like a well struck shot, or sinking a "snake" of a putt. My handicap has been anywhere from 24.5 to 11.2 depending on time and effort, and about a year ago, decided to see how low I can get it again. Some great instructors alone the way and when you see the results of practice, it is wonderful. Played some great courses all over the world, my favorite is still St. Andrews, that story just keeps getting better...LOL . Australia, NZ, China, HK, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Scotland, England, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda, D.R., Canada, and probably a couple more. Those are some great memories on golf courses and meeting and playing with some wonderful people (and a couple of A-holes), that make it worth the walk. Looking forward to interacting and learning from all of you, I'm really just a sponge trying to soak up a little knowledge and stay out of the way.
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