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  1. Jmedical


  2. Well this makes alot more sense why my last driver went from a fairway finder to a new golf ball producer maybe time to try some lead tape on it. Shortened it to 44.5 and it was never the same.
  3. Cobra F9 - Speedzone 15g/9g - hazardous smoke yellow 6.5 Taylormade R9 - speeder 661 x Taylormade UDI #2 - Project LZ 6.5 Taylormade P790 4-AW - Project LZ 6.0 Cobra MIM - #54/#60 - Project LZ 6.0 Odyssey White Hot Blade
  4. “Are they a golf professional? If not stop listening to them” because what a “pro” told the 25 handicap once does not apply to you.
  5. I have never owned anything but TM drivers since 05’ when I got my superquad. This year I finally did some testing and changed for the first time since. I have owned pretty much every rendition up to the m1 since never really a difference. Went to the speedzone this year and what a difference.
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