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  1. Comparing the tsi hybrids with the new king Tec. Yet still not sure if I want to switch out my two iron as it’s an amazing fairway finder in the 250 range. Though ease and forgive ability of a hybrid would be nice…
  2. Is there a difference? Yes. Does it mean you need one to find an optimal or good enough match. Nope. I would argue the faster you swing/how you load it matters more in how exotic you get. My gamer swing is 122/123 and until I went to a tx flex tensie white I still had timing issues. I can still over load it. But its excellent 95% of the time.
  3. I have the same problem. I just run all three options. Flavour the the week so to speak. 2hb 2iron 5wood. Why settle on one?
  4. Cobra Speed-zone 9degree turned to 7.5 /tensie white pro 60g tx @ 45.5 Cobra F9 tour 3w turned down -1d /tensie white pro 70g tx @ 43 (interswappable) Cobra Speed-Zone 5w hzdr black 6.5 70g stndr P790 udi 2iron /w PXLZ 6.5 Cobra King Tec Hybrid /w mmt 80g (will probably find a tx in 90+) p790 6.5 pxlz p-4 Cobra MIM pxlz 6.0 50,54,58 Taylormade tp patina juno
  5. Stylish and contemporary nice mix! Pros get shoes as often as they want. Wonder if they hold up as good as they look? I walk alot of hole’s on dry Canadian prairie id put some miles for ya!
  6. This would be fun, to take launch numbers compare and then move to real world testing. I love the -prov maybe this is a new low spin offering for someone like me!
  7. Jeremy/Vermilion(Canada) RTX4 58 would love to compare to the next gen 58 this one I am finally seeing stop on my short chips!!
  8. Well this makes alot more sense why my last driver went from a fairway finder to a new golf ball producer maybe time to try some lead tape on it. Shortened it to 44.5 and it was never the same.
  9. Cobra F9 - Speedzone 15g/9g - hazardous smoke yellow 6.5 Taylormade R9 - speeder 661 x Taylormade UDI #2 - Project LZ 6.5 Taylormade P790 4-AW - Project LZ 6.0 Cobra MIM - #54/#60 - Project LZ 6.0 Odyssey White Hot Blade
  10. “Are they a golf professional? If not stop listening to them” because what a “pro” told the 25 handicap once does not apply to you.
  11. I have never owned anything but TM drivers since 05’ when I got my superquad. This year I finally did some testing and changed for the first time since. I have owned pretty much every rendition up to the m1 since never really a difference. Went to the speedzone this year and what a difference.
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