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  1. I think my bag is going to get a present of 223’s/225 with some x7’s. I was hitting the 223 and those faces were hot. I was averaging 210yrds and 100.7mph. Brings me back to my mp-68’s
  2. Comparing the tsi hybrids with the new king Tec. Yet still not sure if I want to switch out my two iron as it’s an amazing fairway finder in the 250 range. Though ease and forgive ability of a hybrid would be nice…
  3. Is there a difference? Yes. Does it mean you need one to find an optimal or good enough match. Nope. I would argue the faster you swing/how you load it matters more in how exotic you get. My gamer swing is 122/123 and until I went to a tx flex tensie white I still had timing issues. I can still over load it. But its excellent 95% of the time.
  4. I have the same problem. I just run all three options. Flavour the the week so to speak. 2hb 2iron 5wood. Why settle on one?
  5. Cobra Speed-zone 9degree turned to 7.5 /tensie white pro 60g tx @ 45.5 Cobra F9 tour 3w turned down -1d /tensie white pro 70g tx @ 43 (interswappable) Cobra Speed-Zone 5w hzdr black 6.5 70g stndr P790 udi 2iron /w PXLZ 6.5 Cobra King Tec Hybrid /w mmt 80g (will probably find a tx in 90+) p790 6.5 pxlz p-4 Cobra MIM pxlz 6.0 50,54,58 Taylormade tp patina juno
  6. Well this makes alot more sense why my last driver went from a fairway finder to a new golf ball producer maybe time to try some lead tape on it. Shortened it to 44.5 and it was never the same.
  7. Cobra F9 - Speedzone 15g/9g - hazardous smoke yellow 6.5 Taylormade R9 - speeder 661 x Taylormade UDI #2 - Project LZ 6.5 Taylormade P790 4-AW - Project LZ 6.0 Cobra MIM - #54/#60 - Project LZ 6.0 Odyssey White Hot Blade
  8. “Are they a golf professional? If not stop listening to them” because what a “pro” told the 25 handicap once does not apply to you.
  9. I have never owned anything but TM drivers since 05’ when I got my superquad. This year I finally did some testing and changed for the first time since. I have owned pretty much every rendition up to the m1 since never really a difference. Went to the speedzone this year and what a difference.
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