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  1. I am not a fan of either. I prefer a 4 iron which I can control much better. Buuuuuut if I had to pick one over the other I would say the Hybrid. I would most likely not use it but maybe twice in the round. I hit my 3 woods pretty well so a 5 wood is a bit redundant for my gaps.
  2. You not only need to manage the behaviors of your slower groups but also the expectations of your faster ones as well. Golf course managers have their hands full but the two areas which receive the most negative feedback are the quality of the greens and pace of play. It is important to remember that hope is not a method. You must implement controls measures to actively manage pace of play. It starts with check-in then is reinforced by the starter and managed by your on course marshals. Time targets should be printed on scorecards and displayed on golf cart GPS systems. Strategically located reminder signs at certain points throughout the golf course also help. Finally, tee box management is a big key. The most effective I have seen is having the starter direct groups to their appropriate tee box by asking about handicaps. These same handicap ranges should be printed on the tee markers at the corresponding tee box. FYI.... Most people think it is your new and or high handicappers who cause the biggest problems with slow play. In my experience it is your mid handicappers between 10 and 20 who slow things down the most. They usually play in groups which try to emulate what that see on TV. They spend an inordinate amount of time on the greens, use their range finders far too often and fiddle with their scorecards greenside opposed to moving on to the next hole. A large majority of them mark every putt and putt out every ball. While putting out in money games, tournaments or for handicap purposes is a must; in casual rounds one foot putts are general conceded in a gentlemen's game. If each group adds just one minute per hole for any reason that amounts to an additionally 20 minutes per round. Time adds up quick!
  3. This is definitely a subject that has been debated over and over again. Bryson is a pretty savvy dude. He gets social media and how to engage with the public. He also knows how to create a buzz. He is very much aware of the specificity of his irons but he doesn't really talk about them because if he did we wouldn't. The reality is his 8 iron is that of a traditional 6 and the shaft length is that of a traditional 6 as well. If he swung a 39 degree 8 iron with a 38 inch shaft he would still hit the ball a long dang way but it wouldn't over 200 yards. FYI I was watching the LPGA yesterday and they said Lexi hit a 9 iron 160 yards. Makes you scratch your chin!
  4. I don't have an issue. As LIV continues to capture a percentage of the market share the PGA needs to be calculated and strategic in how they go about their business. Tiger is irrelevant but also relevant at the same time. He pulls people in because "hope floats". While I know everyone wants to see him in the final group on Sunday afternoons the reality is he will most likely continue to miss cuts. Tiger is more personable than ever (humbled by life and poor decisions) and that too is good for golf. He is now a tremendous ambassador to the sport and the PGA was smart to recognize he does still move the needle.
  5. I am a big fan of the Miuras. The smaller head and thinner leading edge fit my swing between than the typical design you find today. They are traditionally lofted which is something I have to explain every time someone asks why I can only hit my 7 iron 155 yards.
  6. I took an extended break from mygolfspy once I retired. I tried to come back and it didn't seem like the same level of engagement. Hoping I was just not in the right room. I am now retired and living in South Carolina. Over the past 5 years my equipment has changed quit a bit. I went from a long time Mizuno irons guy to now playing Miura 502s. I have tried different drivers but I seem to always come back to Ping. I am a couple model years behind but for me my G400 works just fine. Putter was an impulse buy that turned out great. I use the Mizuno M-Craft OMOI 02 putter which in my mind is very underrated. It replaced the EVNROLL. Wedges are Vokeys and my 3 wood is the good old Cobra which has been in the bag for 7 years. After retirement I bought a house on a golf course and played more than ever in my life. Health issues caused me to take a step back in frequency and quality of play. I can still get out and around in the 70s from time to time but those days are becoming more infrequent. What chased me away? The level of disrespect folks tend to extend through the digital format. People will say anything and quick to attack someone in a Forum. This behavior just wasn't the type of engagement I was looking to experience. A healthy debate is one thing. A personal attack is something altogether different. Again, hoping things have changed.
  7. My body really is only good for 9 holes but that also depends on the pace of play. If the course is playing to 4 1/2 to 5 hours then my knee and hip just can't last. If it's playing to 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 then I can and will play the full 18.
  8. Good points and you are definitely tracking my thought process. If I could figure out how to delete my original post I certainly would do so. I didn’t mean for it to go sideways.
  9. I think so but I do have to plead a little ignorance. I’m going to assume the Koran Ferry Tour guys play on courses that are set up very similar to PGA Tour Events. LPGA courses/events are shorter and have a more golfer friendly set up. I’ve played on a course the week after it hosted a LPGA event and another course a week after it hosted a PGA Tour event. The difference was night and day in respect to length, rough and green speed. Truth be told I would like to see how women would compete in a field that consisted of both men and women playing the same course from the same distance with the same set up. However, Korn Ferry Tour players and LPGA players should have to compete against one another to earn a spot at a given event.
  10. Negative. My opinion is simply my opinion not based of other articles. If you want to discuss my opinion I’m willing and able to do so. i
  11. I had to go back and read my original post. I was not clear. I was not referring to sponsor exemptions as much as I was referring to the possibility that the road to the PGA Tour for LPGA players might one day be solely based on their performance on the women’s tour. With that being said I am not a fan of sponsor exemptions in general. There are a lot of players out there scratching and clawing to become a professional golfer often living out of the trunk of their car to do so. Giving a multi-millionaire a sponsor exemption based on their celebrity status does not sit well with me. Still that was not the reason for my original post but is what most respondents are focusing on.
  12. Again, opinions of others is not the theme of my post. It is my opinion which I will be glad to discuss. I’m not going to entertain a rabbit hole that ventures away from the original reason for my post. so this is the argument statement, “ equal opportunity means equal access not equal outcomes. Individual performance determines the outcome. LPGA players should be given access (I think they are) to the PGA Tour but only if the navigate the same gauntlet as do the men”.
  13. That kind of was my end point and supports my argument. LPGA successful should not be a pathway to earn PGATour status. Sponsor exemptions can be given to anyone for a single tournament which I’m still not a big fan of. I understand the math but that doesn’t mean I agree with it. Steph Curry brings attention to a given event but he also takes up a slot that I (not really) could be given. While he is a good golfer he (and others) are given a slot based on their celebrity status. Can you imagine Brad Pitt playing as the starting linebacker for the rams simply because he is Brad Pitt?
  14. As I stated, I didn’t read the MGS article. I said it may or may not apply. Articles, podcasts, opinion pieces…. They are all out there. Still don’t get hung up on whether or not you can find them. The point of my entire post was I believe women should be allowed to play on the PGA Tour and those qualification requirements should be the same for all who wish to give it a go. Performance on the LPGA Tour should not be one of those pathways for qualification.
  15. I wasn’t aware. Can women go to Q school to qualify for the PGA Tour?
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