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  1. I saw this training device offered by Eyeline which I currently use one of their putting mirrors. I noticed in the video the user was slowly tracing the laser point on a track on the floor, rather than swinging at a normal pace. What did this movement remind of? The Medicus 5-iron! This two laser pointer device sells for $124.95, but you can get a Medicus 5-iron (if you don’t already have one) from eBay for a fraction of the cost.
  2. I agreed with your statement about practicing with about not hitting the same iron over & over. Normally, I'll change up my clubs from odd to even on the the different days at the range, i.e. Driver, Utility, 5, 7, 9, GW or Driver, Fairway, 6, 8, W, SW. This leaves my LW & putter on the practice greens every day at the range. On the driving range, if I get 30 balls, then I hit 5 with club...60 balls, then I hit 10 with each club.
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