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  1. Played RTJ Oxmoor Valley, Valley Course, this morning. The dew was very heavy and they had just cut earlier in the week so lots of grass clippings. My usual golf buddies were out of town, so I was paired up with a three some. Very nice guys who didn't speak much English but they were great at laughing off bad shots and celebrating the good ones. I need to learn more from them. I had 9 FIRs but only 5 GIRs. Short game was still an issue with multiple holes with multiple chips. I have to hit it close to score. Shot a 91. Didn't drive the ball very well either and I have learned it's really hard
  2. Just finished up playing RTJ Oxmoor valley short course. Started the round off hitting it close with a tap in birdie. Then fell apart a little bit. Hit 9 greens and finished +18. Could have had 2 other birdies but had issues reading the greens. Chipping was also a struggle which has been decent. And it was blazing hot. Playing early tomorrow morning, hoping to turn it around on the Valley course. Short courses are really fun but man can they be challenging! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. 1. Trevor Sutton, Birmingham AL 2. Yes- Garmin Fenix 3 for 4 years; Apple Watch app 18 birdies 3. Mix of range finder (Caddytech with slope) and 18 birdies (gps app)
  4. Have any of y'all used the Smartline ball marker? I struggle putting with a line on the ball, unless I align it perfectly, it worsens my miss, but something like this interests me. Typically, I'm a big visualizer, I find where the apex of the putt is and choose my start line to get it to roll through the apex. I'm not saying my start line is aimed at the apex but I choose my start line to get my ball to roll through the apex of the curve. Like I said, I don't use the line on ball but I pick a spot in front of the ball as my aim point.
  5. My home course is fairly hilly and not necessarily a walking course but people do it all the time. At first I thought, "you couldn't pay me to walk 18 here". Well, I just bought a push cart and am committing to walking. I'm in fairly good shape, run and/or workout daily but I still want to shed a few lbs. Wish me luck.
  6. I have only carried a 56 but was thinking about when I get fit for my next set of irons that I go ahead and get fit for wedges too. Was thinking either 54/58 or 56/60 whatever fit my gaps better. Now I'm questioning whether I need a lob wedge or just keep with the 56. Top of my bag is fine- Dr, 3 wood, 3 Hybrid. Biggest gap is between my 3 hybrid and 3 wood but I rarely face a distance between those clubs on the course. What do you all typically use out of the sand?
  7. Assistant Director of Residence Life within a Student Housing department at large public university. My fun fact is that I didn’t have to pay rent ever until I was 28 because of my various on a college campus. Let me tell you, I’ve seen the best and worst of 18-22 year olds...
  8. Welcome! Where do you typically play around Bham? Lots of good options in the area and even more within a 90 minute drive. I grew up in Hoover and recently moved back. It's definitely an underrated city.
  9. It's clear what he's done in tournament play speaks for itself and the commitment he put into his fitness over the shut down months is incredible. His tee shots are jaw dropping and the scientific approach to everything will change the game, but for whatever reason I have a hard time cheering for him come Sunday. So are we Team Bryson or not?
  10. A quick weekend getaway for those in Birmingham, Atlanta, or Chattanooga. Barnsley is nice quaint resort with a really cool history. I went back in February and lucked out with a mild winter morning to play 18 while my wife went to the Spa. This is probably one of the most fun courses I have played. It feels like a resort course with lots of similarities to Pursell Farms in Sylacauga AL, but firm quick greens which made it play more like a tournament course. It was the first Fazio course that I have played and I need more. Hole layout was fun and challenging, requiring you to use every cl
  11. Golf is a Game of Confidence - Robert Rotella - Quick easy read on the mental side of playing. It has really helped me. Just like having a swing thought, I have found myself with a mental game thought throughout my round.
  12. TBS

    Grip size

    I've played around with grip size a lot recently. Went from standard, then to midsize, and now back to standard +4. I've been regularly getting lessons and my coach saw that I wasn't keeping my left hand pinky finger gripping in my follow through, which is why I went back down to standard. I found my shot dispersion was more correlated to my swing than grip size. But I have weird hands, I'm a bigger guy thicker hands but shorter fingers. Really hard to find a glove that works. I do like mid size on my 3 wood and driver, still. I say try it on a club or 2 and see what you think.
  13. I've been playing Ping G20 since they came out. Really want to upgrade but I hit them well. With the mega offset, I can't control height as well. Still really good sticks though. Getting fitted for new set this fall. Thinking Mizuno JPX forged or HMP OR Srixon but I'm sure I'll like the P790 too.
  14. Mtbryant01 - just stick it close and you dont have to worry about the water or the sand. (We play together and he saw my shot that's my prof pic on this hole. My only shot all day that day).
  15. Yes! - Hole 18 on Valley Course at RTJ Oxmoor Valley. It's uphill with a tee shot over a large valley. It's the perspective that gets you. The bunker in the fairway closes off the entire right side. From the Blue tees (one up from tips), the top of the bunker is 270 (w/out slope adjustment) so unless you can get a hold of one or have wind to your back, you can't carry it. The left side of the fairway is pretty much blind. You think that if you hit it too far right you will be in trees, but in reality it's a large landing area. I've been in the bunker way too many times. Oh yeah, el
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