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  1. I took my backup driver covered the bottom with blue painters tape. I then took about a 4 inch strip of the aluminum tape they use on ductwork and put it on the edge of the driver. My driver readings improved significantly on my Optishot.
  2. That might be my birthday present in August.
  3. Those roosters had me up at 5:30 every day. I’d just get up have some coffee and watch the waves roll in. Not bad.
  4. I have an 19 degree hybrid and a 21 degree utility iron. I used to play a a 4 hybrid in the utility spot. There is about a 10/15 yard difference in yardage between the 2. I use both quite a bit off the tee on tighter holes. I’m a little more accurate with the utility but it’s not a big difference. I really like having both.
  5. I enjoy my Optishot. I was originally going to get Skytrak as part of my setup when we finished our basement. I had a spot all picked out in the unfinished area of the basement. Of course when everything was finished my sim area was much smaller than I had envisioned. I decided real balls were not really a safe option. Reviews for Skytrack and accurate results with foam balls weren’t very encouraging. It seemed like $2000 for less than accurate readings didn’t excite me a whole lot. I decided to give Optishot a shot. I did a lot of research. Found a way to tape my driver so it read my driver as well as the rest of my clubs. Played with the distance settings a little and it a pretty good simulation of what I do on the course. It gets me through the winter and it’s helped my game all for around $700 with the mat and net.
  6. I played Hawaiian music whe it was cold and rainy. It didn’t help.
  7. I have irons down to a 5 and a utility iron in the 4 iron spot then an 18 degree hybrid. I’ve play a 4 hybrid in the past. I like hybrids they are easy to hit and get up in the air. My previous hybrids could start to hook on me if my swing was a little off. I tried some other hybrids and the one I have now mostly goes straight for me unless I make a really bad swing. He may not have hybrids that fit his swing. I also like my utility iron. It may be the straightest club in my bag. I’ve tried 3 utilities and I don’t think I have quite the swing speed for one of those so the hybrid is a better fit for me. Sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error find the right clubs to fill a gap.
  8. I was like you almost 10 years ago. I couldn’t play a lot because of family stuff. I had an old set of clubs and not a huge budget to replace everything once I had more time to play. I hit the irons and wedges pretty well so I worked on upgrading the driver, woods and hybrid. I replaced those clubs pretty inexpensively through eBay. I did the same the next year with irons and wedges. Before you buy anything I would take the time hit some different clubs and try and find out what shaft flex works best for you since a fitting may be out of your budget at this time. Enjoy the search.
  9. I was just there in February. I have played in Hawaii a few times and it always is less windy in the morning than the afternoon. Afternoon winds can be really tough there. Poipu, Princeville and the Ocean Course at Hokuala are the 3 best. An under the radar course is Wailua golf club. It actually shows up on some top 30 munis in the U.S. it has some nice views and is pretty challenging and kept up nicely. I played Kiahuna for the first time in February. We were staying in Princeville and my wife wanted to do some shopping in Poipu so I made a last minute tee time. Not on par with the top 3 but still a nice course and half the price. Here’s what 17 at Wailua looks like.
  10. I also had a great fitting session with Kevin for some wedges. He was very patient with me also. I’ve only had the wedges outside twice but the wedges have been great so far. I had a couple of sessions with Jason back when I bought my irons and he was great also. I would feel confident going to either.
  11. I took lessons last year. At first I didn’t play as well. Went from mid 80s to around 90 give or take a stroke. After a few rounds my scores came back down and I even broke 80 for the first time. It just took some practice on the course for things to kick in.
  12. I used stiff shafts in my wedges the last few years. I was fitted for new wedges this year. They put me in the same shafts as my irons ( KBs tour 90) but they aren’t hard stepped like my irons. I’ve only played one round and a few range sessions outdoors and a few sim rounds. I am getting a little more height and they seem more accurate so far. The distance is pretty similar.
  13. I almost got my 286s black. It sure does look nice. Wait until you hit it. Finally got mine on the course and they performed great.
  14. I think it’s time you bought those clubs. I haven’t been disappointed with any of my Sub 70 purchases. I’ve told my kids until further notice only Sub 70 gift cards. My first phone call with him was not long after they opened for business. He called within minutes after my demo order and we talked almost a half an hour making sure I was ordering the best set of irons for my game from their lineup. I’ve talked with him several times since then. He doesn’t get back quite as quick because he has so many more customers he’s trying to help. The one thing that hasn’t changed is he will do his best to make sure you get clubs your happy with. It doesn’t hurt the clubs are performers
  15. Cobra has made some really good drivers the last several years. At least back to the Fly-Z. I have the F7. It’s in my travel bag driver now but I still enjoy hitting it. It took 3 really good sim sessions with my current gamer before I’d replace it. My brother in law has an F9 and it definitely is the longest driver I’ve seen him hit.
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