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  1. I had this problem when I took lessons a couple of years ago. Driver was always going straight right. Not a slice. Basically I was coming out of my posture and opening the club face. The instructor showed me videos and sure enough on my shots to the right I was coming up on the downswing. The shots where I held my posture I was consistently hitting nice tight draws. Then he had me setup for a fade. On the shots I kept my posture I hit these nice tight fades that landed basically where the draws did when I kept my posture landed. Basically he was showing me if I held my posture I was squaring the club face and I got much more consistent off the tee.
  2. First you should find out what amount will get you tossed out.
  3. Finding more fairways on tee shots and avoiding 3 putts are a good start. Avoid big mistakes. The thing that really helped me was realizing if I get on in 3 that still gives me a chance at par. I average a few strokes less than 2 putts per hole. This got me from averaging over 90 to mid 80s. If I could improve my approach average maybe I can get under 80 more often.
  4. My club will have a new clubhouse and halfway house beginning of next season. Large driving range. Has mats and grass. Large putting and chipping green. The course itself would be considered links style. Greens and fairways are always in very nice shape. The sand traps are usually average but this year they were definitely a step up. It is challenging. Two of the par 4s have island greens. They switch tee boxes around often so the course plays a little different each time you play. Some nice elevation changes. The course is surrounded by wetlands and some large expensive home. Plenty of wildlife to watch. New carts this year which will look nice in the new cart barn they are also building.
  5. You can’t beat Sub 70. They have irons for all types of golfers. Great company to work with from Jason on down.
  6. Kapalua is always fun on every sim I’ve ever played on. Pebble is usually good. I played PGA National last year and that was a real challenge. Bay Hill is also one of my favorites.
  7. Looking at a shaft change for my irons and utility iron. Of course if the right gift cards come my way over the holidays it may turn into new irons.
  8. Yes use the Almost Golf Balls. They last way longer than regular foam balls and you get some decent feedback from them. I can pretty much tell where on the club face I struck the ball. I just use some cheap netting and it’s held up fine. It may not do as well outside. I have my hitting area in the basement so weather isn’t a factor.
  9. My goals were pretty modest. I have some health issues so I know not to set my expectations too high. First I wanted to keep my scoring average under 90 and handicap at 15 or below. I did do that. I also hoped to break 80 at least once. I didn’t do it that but shot two 80s so close. I didn’t play as many rounds as I might of liked because there were days I didn’t feel well enough to play.
  10. I currently am playing one of their drivers and used one of the forged wedges models for a few years. I love the driver. It’s been a fairway finder from the time I started using it and it’s been plenty long for me. The wedges were also very good. I still have them in my travel bag. A lot of people swear by their hybrids and fairway woods. They also have a pretty large presence on the Champions Tour. They have quality stuff.
  11. I’ve had a great experience with Sub 70. Clubs have performed great and they have fit me very well. I used to hit a lot of different clubs before I would purchase anything. Now I just set up a fitting tell them what I’m looking for and it’s worked out great.
  12. I would also read threads on these companies. Good to read what people’s experience is with these companies products and customer service. I know there is a long Sub 70 thread that helped me make my decision.
  13. I go 50,54 and 58. I use all 3 for full shots and chips. I use the 54 and 58 out of the sand . That usually depends on the distance.
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