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  1. Can’t tell you what’s coming for sure but what they have now is pretty damn good. They seem to have irons for every type of player..
  2. I tell anyone I know that is looking for clubs to give them a try.
  3. Someone mentioned Sub 70. They do have many different types of irons and all are quality clubs with great prices. There is a great thread about them in this section. I purchased their 739 irons last year which is considered their GI iron. They were as good as anything else I tried last year. They went out of their way to make sure the irons were a great fit for me. My scores were much lower this year and iron play was definitely the difference. You could afford quite a few lessons and practice sessions which is what will really help along with irons fit for you. They have a pretty simple demo
  4. I took a few swings with the 3w ( and several of their other clubs):in their fitting room last time I went in for an adjustment. It was maybe 10 swings but it felt really nice and the ball felt like it jumped off the club face. I’m not looking for am3w right now but if I was I would definitely consider it if I was. I’d just use their demo program and try one.
  5. Jason is definitely great. I have some health issues that make me probably more difficult than most to fit. I’ve been to their facility twice once for a fitting and then for an adjustment. He spent close to an hour with me each time and didn’t rush me at all. Let’s not forget the clubs are pretty damn good too!
  6. I was playing at the simulator at the course I’ve taken lessons at. The pro who gave me lessons was there so I had him take a look at my Sub 70 irons. He had heard of them and been on their website but had never seen any of their products up close. He was very impressed by the quality of them.
  7. This year started with my lowest score ever. I kept playing really well until about mid May when I slipped on a swing in wet weather and pulled a muscle in my back. I wasn’t out too long but it took a bit to get my swing back. In early July I started playing well again then the retina detached in my right eye. I couldn’t play for 5 weeks and it took forever to get my swing back. My swing started to feel good again but the weather turned bad and then my other retina detached. So for next year I’m hoping to stay healthy.
  8. I bought from Sub 70 and I am happy with my purchase and Jason was great to work with. If you live close enough go in and they will fit you which I was able to do. I have an open slot in my bag and I’m kind of curious about that 699 utility. I’m just looking for something I can hit about 200 off the tee that won’t hook as much as my hybrid will do. Can you post what you like about the 699. I’m not going to be able demo one until early next year so I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts.
  9. Bossfan

    Your ball?

    I’ve been playing the Titleist DT Trusoft the last couple of years and will play the Wilson 50/50 when the leaves start falling and balls will disappear in the leaves. They both perform the same off the driver for me but the Trusoft is much better around the green. I’ve tried better balls but I play between 14-17 handicap so I can lose a fair amount of balls so I settled on the Trusoft because I feel I get the best bang for the buck.
  10. Another Wilson product. The 50/50 elite the best cheap ball.
  11. If you go to the “ Shiney Metal “ forum on this site there is a Sub 70 thread their also and someone asked about making a blended set and someone from Sub 70 answered it was something he thought it was something they could do. I play their 739 irons and that 6 iron is really easy to hit. Not sure how those would blend with what you’re looking at but the 739s are another really nice set of irons they put out.
  12. I bought the 739s. When I ordered the demos to try Jason called me to make sure I was ordering the right irons to try. I’ve been bouncing between a 14/16 handicap the past year so he felt the 739s were the best fit for me. I tried them and liked them a lot. They were comparable to any GI iron I demoed. I decided to buy them and went to there facility to get fit. Unfortunately I’ve only used them twice because 4 days after I received them the retina in my right eye detached and I’ve been on the shelf. I can’t wait to get back to using them but first impression after the 2 rounds were very posit
  13. Sub 70 has a very easy demo program to use. $20 and they’ll send you 6 and a 9 to use for a couple of weeks.
  14. I’m pretty happy with my Sub 70 739 irons I recently purchased. They compared well with any of the major OEM game improvement iron. Quality stuff, custom built, excellent service and very affordable. They are new company. They have irons for all skill levels. There is a pretty big thread on them that’s what got me interested. Check out they’re website.
  15. The Max Impact Technology sort of reminds of the pressure piston that Adams put in their XTD irons several years ago. I had a set of the XTDs and the ball just exploded of the face with a pretty soft feel. I’ll be interested to try this.
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