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  1. Bossfan

    Sub70 golf

    Recently I posted that I demoed the Sub 70 739 irons. I was impressed. They held their own with any of GI irons I demoed these last few months. Before I tried the 739s I thought I knew what I was buying. I went back and tried what I thought was my first choice ( Cobra F9 ) and I really could not find much difference in how the two irons performed for me. I decided to pull the trigger on the 739s. Similar performance and a much smaller price tag is a no brainer to me. Back when I ordered the demo clubs I got a phone call from Jason the owner thanking me for my order and he mentioned that if I decided to purchase the 739s since I lived about. half hour away I could come for a complementary fitting. I went in today for the fitting. There has have been a lot talk on this thread about how great Jason is to work with. In person he more than lived up to the hype. I have some physical issues that effect my golf swing. He was very patient. We tried some different things until he felt he had a pretty good read on my swing and how my issues affect it. I never felt rushed and he made me feel very comfortable. I won’t get into what specs my irons will be but one thing Jason emphasized is if the set up is not quite right call him and they’ll do whatever is necessary to get them right. I’ll have the irons early next week and I can’t wait to put them in play. My wife has worked in customer service most of her adult life and when I told her about my experience she said those people do it right. If you’re looking for new clubs give these guys a shot. The demo program is easy and Jason has been great to work with. Oh and for those of you that have been saying how good the 639 cbs look. I picked one up while I was in the fitting room and Jason stepped out to get something else to try. It is really sharp looking in person and I took a few swings and it felt great wish my game was worthy of them. Maybe some day.
  2. Bossfan

    Sub70 golf

    I’ve seen a lot of comments about the 639 and 699s here. They also have a game improvement iron the 739 that I am demoing now for those of us that need a little help. I’ve played a couple of rounds with the 6 and 9 irons they sent and I’m impressed. I’ve tried just about every GI that’s come out the last couple of years and these more than hold their own. They don’t lack in distance, they get the ball up in the air easy from short or long grass and my accuracy has been better. I thought I had narrowed my choices down to 2 but these have elbowed their way in and they are half the cost I was planning on spending. The 739s are really worth considering if you’re looking for a Game Improvement iron.
  3. I always carry granola bars. I always have a big yeti cup of ice water. Depending on the time of day if it’s around lunchtime at the turn I might grab a hot dog and Diet Coke.
  4. I have have aTour Edge cart bag. I play at least once a week and usually go to the range at least that much. I'm going on my 4 th year with it and it is still in great shape. I think I paid just under a hundred for it.
  5. Tier-1 Bubba Watsun Tier-2 Alex Noren Tier-3 Tony Finau Tier-4 Webb Simpson Tier-5 Shubhankar Sharma Winning score- -14 Low Am - +2
  6. I just picked up a pair of PGA Tour brand pants at the PGA Superstore that fit me well. I think they wear $29.99. A few years ago my wife bought a pair at Target I still wear that are pretty good too.
  7. Welcome to the forums Bossfan :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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