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  1. Mostly I use a quarter or a Grumpy ball marker my kids bought me from Disney World one year. Guess I wasn’t the fun dad on that trip.
  2. That’s a pretty big gap. From 170/180 it would be a 6i, 180/190 a 5i and 190/200 my 4 utility.
  3. If it’s for motivation it’d be Born to Run by Springsteen. If it were to describe my game it’d probably be Stop Making this Hurt by Bleachers.
  4. I second that.
  5. Another vote for the Grint. Started out with the free version and now use the paid version. Really easy to use.
  6. Not surprised about the Tour Edge. I have the EXS 220 and it’s a great driver. The new one is supposed to be even better but I haven’t tried it yet.
  7. Agreed. I’ve had a Tight Lies 2 for 5/6 years now and it’s automatic.
  8. I think the first golf related thing I did with my kids was probably mini golf when they were like 3/5. At some point I started taking them to the range with some junior clubs some time after that. The first time I took them to a course to play my son was 7 and my daughter was 9. I would just start them about 150 out and let them try. They’d get 3 shots to get to the green and then they’d have to putt. My son took to it but my daughter never really did.
  9. Just remember those babies are future players and you can teach them the game. Hopefully they enjoy it as much as you. I was able to get one of mine hooked and my daughter has mentioned she would at least try Topgolf.
  10. Titleist Trufeel might be one to try. I am trying it right now and it sounds like what you might be looking for. Another sneaky good ball with that description is the Wilson 50/50 elite.
  11. I played a course last year that had a pretty neat gizmo to get your ball out of the hole. A few inches up on the stick was a a piece of plastic and you used your foot, pulled up with your foot and the ball was lifted up and it rolled off on to the green and you picked it. Worked really well.
  12. I think the Grint is $20 if you only want a handicap and not all the stats. I did the $40 and the stats are very useful.
  13. A sim would make it almost perfect.
  14. I like my 739s a lot. I play often but have some physical issues so the forgiveness really helps my game when the mind is willing but the body isn’t quite as willing. Jason was was very helpful setting them up for me.
  15. I’ve been talking to Sub 70 about ordering theirs and what the best setup would be.. After talking Jason a couple of times we’re going to set it up just like my irons but bend it down to fit the gap better between my 3H and 5i.
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