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  1. I like my 739s a lot. I play often but have some physical issues so the forgiveness really helps my game when the mind is willing but the body isn’t quite as willing. Jason was was very helpful setting them up for me.
  2. I’ve been talking to Sub 70 about ordering theirs and what the best setup would be.. After talking Jason a couple of times we’re going to set it up just like my irons but bend it down to fit the gap better between my 3H and 5i.
  3. I’ll just be happy if I make it through the whole year without medical problems cutting into golf. I’d really like to improve my putting. I had too many 3 putts when I had a GIR.
  4. The hybrid did well when it was tested on this sight. My son has their previous wedges and really likes them.
  5. Cobra F6, F7 and maybe the F8 are all really good drivers in that price range. I played the F7 until recently. Another option might be the Tour Edge EXS. I tried one at a demo day when it came out and really liked it. If I wasn’t already buying irons that year I’d probably seriously considered buying it. I just replaced the F7 with the ESX 220 which is also very good but costs more than you want to spend.
  6. There are a couple of good threads on this site about them. Check them out.
  7. Check out Sub 70. I bought a set of their 739 irons which are considered their game improvement iron and I couldn’t be happier. Even if you don’t live close enough to go to their facility for a fitting like I did they are very good at helping their customers get the right fit over the phone.Their service is excellent and their clubs are right up there with the big boys.
  8. I’ve played in a sim league the last couple of years and I agree different balls will read differently. When we first started playing we’d use whatever balls were there and distances were all over the place. I tried some lower compression balls I use in early spring and fall ( DT Trusoft and Wilson 50/50) and my distances were more consistent and more in line with what I normally do outside. My accuracy also Improved quite a bit. Not sure that works for everyone but it helped me.
  9. I use the Grint. I like it better than some of the others I’ve tried..
  10. I go 50, 54 and 58. I don’t hit a 60 degree very well. This set up works much better for me.
  11. Check out Sub 70. They have irons for all different types of players. The customer service is great. They will find the best fit for you.
  12. Try Sub 70. They have quality irons for all skill levels. They will build the clubs to your specs. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what they are because their service is top notch and will do a get the best fit for you. Plus because their prices are lower you can take the money you save and get some lessons which will really help.
  13. If you go on You Tube there is a guy named Dean who has done some good videos on how to set up your Optishot. Lighting is pretty important. LEDs seem to best. If you know your distances you can set it up to simulate your actual game. I have found the club head information it does give pretty helpful. My tempo has gotten more consistent and my club head has gotten much closer to square since I started using it. I’ve played in a simulator league the last couple of years on much more expensive simulator and my Optishot scores are similar.
  14. I have their 739 irons. They are their game improvement irons. I am really pleased with them. I had my most rounds in the 80s this year. They were also so great to work with. I will definitely consider them again.
  15. Can’t tell you what’s coming for sure but what they have now is pretty damn good. They seem to have irons for every type of player..
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