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  1. I assume that is the velocore ventus for 300 upcharge?
  2. I have gamed the max d for the whole season and this is the first time I have not wanted to change drivers. I use to always hit tm drivers right but with this it is dead straight. The driver is long and forgiving. For a draw bias driver, it also does not have a weird shape. Guys, don’t be scared cause it says draw. The max d does it all. The only downfall is I cannot find extra weights for it- lots for sim and sim max.
  3. Mine us to be tour ad bb.... but know the xc is my new love. It is everything the bb was except a bit more stable
  4. Wow that is awesome! I just showed my wife and that is going to be my Christmas present !
  5. I think the best value right now is ordering a gen2 pxg 0341. It is one of the best 3 woods I have hit. At 225.00, new, it is a steal
  6. Thanks for the link. Definitely a cool idea. I usually only roll with one gamer. If I have more than one I get anxiety over which to use.
  7. You are completely right. Thanks for your response.
  8. I have searched high and low and cannot get a straight answer. I am looking to put a taylormade sim shaft into a ping g410 lst. After I change the adapters I am wondering if the playing length of the lst would be the same as the sim. my current shaft with tm adapter measures 43.5 and plays 44.5 so what will that shaft play in an lst once a ping adapter is put into it? i do not even need to know exactly. Even just a ball park shorter or longer would work. please help! Lol
  9. Taylormade during those years were different. Most were .350, except for the tp which was .335. for 100.00 you might be able to find an old 2016 m2. That would be a rocket launcher.
  10. I have been playing mc501 for the last year and this the first time in awhile that I can say I do not want new irons. They are solid feeling, extremely accurate and somewhat forgiving, given the iron type.
  11. Hotdocta

    PING G425

    I too would love to do this. That is a good driver
  12. Let me know if you want to sell that pro orange.
  13. In 6.0 small batch vs regular smoke green are the same. In tx 6.5 small batch, it is different than smoke green 6.5
  14. One item tonight: Callaway Epic Flash Sz 3 wood 15 degrees, 43 inches Shaft: Hzrdus green small batch 6.5tx 70gram Comes with headcover. Head and shaft in excellent shape. Buy with confidence. My Items are always accurately described as well as ample communication. Sold usd shipped in North America
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