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  1. One item for sale: Kuro kage 3 wood shaft 70s pxg adapter. bought used unsure about tipping. 70.00 usd obo shipped. buy with confidence. I should have close to 50 positive feedback on wrx, all positive.
  2. Hotdocta

    Fujikura Ventus

    I have not. I have looked at the ei curve though. It too seems like it would fit me well. I tend to gravitate to shafts with softer butt ends and stiffer tips.
  3. Everything that I have read about labworx (the guys who do evnroll’s putters) say the armour is bomb proof.
  4. In driver: love tour ad xc 3 wood: love iz hybrid: love di. ( with that said my hc hzrdus black beat the di out]
  5. Shafts can definitely be sold on classified. Just do not be to greedy
  6. If they are custom build and you just can’t wait. Get s300 and soft step it twice. That would make it only 3 grams heavier and .3 frequency difference. Of all the shafts you listed this would be the closest.
  7. I just ordered the exact triple track decal from eBay. I am going to put it on my spider x.
  8. I thought the evnroll was in white on the back. is the finish that fragile? 15 rounds only. I thought that lab worx putter armour was super durable. I am interested in the putter but tell me more.
  9. If they are both white probably the same. I have heard the other colours, like in my spider x are different. Most say harder
  10. Cool thanks. I will try it next time
  11. To keep with what everyone else is saying, play what works best for you, When epic came out, Hzrdus t800 (made for callaway], beat out everything
  12. Do you adjust up and down or standing closer or further to ball?
  13. I wanted to love mavrik but sim won out
  14. I am sold lol. Now to pull the trigger
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