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  1. Anyone had any experience with the new sim fairway woods and how they compare against everything else? thanks.
  2. To keep more inline with this thread.. I had ts3 and it was really good. I thought the sound was a bit tingy for me. Numbers were good. It was pretty much on par with my rogue sub zero. It destroyed m3 for me. Sim and sim max d were better in all metrics. I actually hit ts3 and sim max about the same. That brings us to sim. I was so happy with the most wanted test. I found the exact same results. Sim max d won out by a lot. Spin, launch, dispersion was all the best for me. Regular sim was a touch longer but the spin numbers I think were to low for outdoor conditions (1700). Sim max was good but I could only hit it right. Sim max d was straight and I had the highest ball speed. (157) I sim max d is a bit louder than the regular sim. In all honesty I thought sim felt the best of the three, but I could not ignore the performance of max d. It came down to riptide 60 6.0 tipped an inch and tour ad xc 6s tipped .5 my swing: 103-107 ss +3 Aoa +2 swing path (right) smooth transition
  3. M5 was really good for very fast players. Sim more versatile imo.
  4. I am routing for mavrik and was disappointed in both sims
  5. Hotdocta

    Fujikura Ventus

    The xc is my new best friend
  6. Hotdocta

    Fujikura Ventus

    Interesting, I have never hit g400 but I hit flash with vr and I could not figure that shaft out. Left right left right....
  7. I don’t know why, but the shorter shaft does not work for me. I keep losing it to the right. I do not square up the shorter shaft for some reason.
  8. I went with sim max d this year. I found pretty much identical results as the most wanted data. It makes me feel so much better. I was really questioning if I should be using the d type driver
  9. I am not sure why you would ever want to send it in to Scotty. You pretty much get a full restore when you send it into these other places
  10. Putter shop is super expensive. putterspa, bosgolf or continental golf. I have friends that have used all three and they were amazing. Also, way cheaper than custom shop.
  11. One can only hope. I think tm hit it out of the park with the sim line up and mg2 wedges , so I am hoping the new irons will be amazing
  12. I play Miura mc501 and think they are the best iron in the world. I know it is not a true blade, as it does have a lot of forgiveness and is fairly easy to launch. the difference between the bigger irons is just consistency for me. I am coming from pxg 0311p. They felt equally as nice but 3-4 times a round I would just pump, what I thought was a perfect shot over the green. 200 with a 7 was great for my ego, but the triple I took cause it went ob was not was I was looking for. At least with my mc 501 I know perfect shots will be on the money and not as perfect will be short. I can adjust accordingly.
  13. I heard tm was coming out with a true one piece forged players cavity. 760 was still rather big imo
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