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  1. Congratulations! I look forward to your report
  2. Bridgestone Tour XS. XS gives great distance and with the approach shots, the ball shines. XS holds the greens and short-game spin, you can run it, spin it, and have no fear over green side bunkers. Nice feel off the putter. Your GIR will increase with this ball. Note: I have played just about all the major brands, Tour, and Tour X offerings.
  3. So this line must be a combination of the last three years. I am going to check out The flat face.
  4. The Tour XS would fit you current ball section with Pro V1. The Tour X are firmer balls. Since you using the AVX and Pro V1 which are softer balls. You would find some familiarity with XS; Feel, softness, spin. Bridgestone offers the RX which slow swingers should use but hey we all want to play what the Pros play. So go with the Tour XS.
  5. TGW and Carl’s will have free shipping. Golf galaxy promotes free shipping on tour balls.
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