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Testers Wanted!


The golf industry has witnessed the emergence of numerous new brands, each striving to carve out its own niche and distinguish itself. Stix is one such brand, and we are excited to have them participate in MyGolfSpy Forum member testing.

About Stix:

Stix was founded on the premise that good, quality golf clubs should be affordable while still delivering top performance. Their minimalistic design approach is engineered to offer excellent quality, impressive aesthetics, and performance to match.

They provide a variety of options for golfers to enter the game or upgrade their current sets, offering complete sets, drivers and woods, irons, wedges, and putters. The Stix lineup covers the needs of many golfers from top to bottom while maintaining low prices and being much more affordable than larger brands.


What Is Being Tested?

All of this sounds promising, almost too good to be true. Therefore, we want to get their products into your hands to test, review, and best of all, keep them at the end of testing.

We want to understand how Stix golf clubs compare against the clubs in your bags, their performance from real golfers, and ultimately whether they are worth the price for golfers considering new clubs.

We will select four golfers for this testing opportunity: one golfer for the Play Series, one for the Perform Series with Graphite shafts, another for the Perform Series with Steel shafts, and finally, one golfer for the Compete Driver offered by Stix.

Are you someone in need of an upgrade to your set and considering this route? Do you believe you're the perfect tester for these Stix products?



*Open to all golfers in North America.

*Must be a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member to be selected for testing.

*Registration ends on May 1.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on May 7.




It will be nice to see how these clubs play. So many people out there are trying to upgrade their clubs it would be nice to see a company deliver on quality products that are affordable. Good luck to everyone!

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Good morning MyGolfSpy members,

I'm really stoked about the chance to start my tester's journey testing out Stix golf clubs! I've been eyeing them for a while, impressed by their sleek design and how they cater to both newbies and seasoned golfers like myself.

Having switched to Arccos Gen3 + Link for tracking my game, I can bring some solid data into the mix, showing exactly how these clubs perform under different conditions. I love diving into the details and think I could give some great insights on the Stix set.

Looking forward to potentially sharing my experiences with everyone here!

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I think it’s great that other manufacturers are trying to enter the game. Club prices are getting out of hand and if they perform just as well why not have more options. I am excited to see some results here.

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Really interested to see how these play. Started out with a set of Takomo 101 last year and so far love them. With Stix sitting around that same price point, I’d like to see how they compare!

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I’ve been swinging with some hand me down clubs from my father in law for a few years now and would really like to see how big of a jump in performance and forgiveness I could get out of these! Seems like a great brand for a great target audience. Thanks for the opportunity MGS! 

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I have been looking for an upgrade for my clubs and also feel that this is a breakthrough year for my game and time to move up from my ping G710’s. I hope to have this opportunity.

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Always have been interested in Stix and curious to see how they fill the slot for a starter set. I’d love to help direct people to a good option for the intro golfer. Good luck to all!

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Just ran into a guy at the range playing these. He seemed really happy with them, said he changed from a set of TaylorMade bubble shafts and the Stix were much better and he felt like his game improved a great deal. Good luck to all and can't wait to see the results.

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Another amazing opportunity to test not only a product, but a concept. Best of luck with this one. I’m intrigued to see how it goes for the testers and what the outcome will be for this one.

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Have been looking at new irons, as my club speed has outgrown my performance enhancing irons. This would be a fantastic opportunity, would love to take pictures, and review these Stix.

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Good luck all. I'll be interested to read your results in the future on how they perform and how you determined those results.

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Loving all the new brands and options coming out! If I hadn't gotten new sticks this year I'd be begging for involvement... Good luck to the chosen ones and will love to see how they play!

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