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  1. Great opportunity and best of luck to all. Will make watching it more interesting, or at least I hope it will.
  2. If it is both distance and accuracy you would seek in a hybrid, be sure to check out the Sub 70 949X Pro model....... tested and reviewed here, and all testers seemed to agree on those statements
  3. Congrats. to those chosen, well deserving bunch, and looking forward to everyone's thoughts and reviews on these irons.
  4. that is great news, really nice when you see the efforts of your work start to pay-off..............
  5. pretty certain that once businesses open up and employees are required to return to their facilities, there may be numerous openings in the automotive sector, as many have had the past 18 months not really working from home while getting paid, and we hear rumblings about many making choices not to return to their respective employers......... hope that it all works out for you much sooner than later, and keep your great attitude and outlook
  6. sent you a PM with some information you may find useful............................... best of luck going forward, hopefully something better and more secure comes along sooner rather than later
  7. OK, for me with my work schedule or hours being pretty crazy since mid May, and Michigan weather not cooperating on the weekends, I have spent more time on the range than on the course. Similar to @tommc23, I played around with the weights in mine. Originally they had 8 gram weights in the center and toe, but also provided me (2) 10 gram weights and a 5 gram weight. I put the 5 in the toe, and a 10 in the center, as I really wanted to increase ballflight and reduce the distance I was obtaining with this 3 hybrid compared to the 4 hybrid I played previously. Honestly, for me, it is very easy to hit from the tee, from the fairway or light rough. My typical flight with clubs is a little 5 yard draw or fairly straight, more dependent on my grip as I tend to be fairly strong left handed. The biggest surprise for me is just how far it goes, but that may also be due to less loft and increased shaft length compared to a 4 hybrid. Almost as long as my 3 wood, but easier to hit perfectly than my 3 wood from any lie other than a tee. Rained here 6+ inches since this past Thursday PM, but did get in a quick 9 earlier this morning on a shorter course near me. Used it off all the tees, except for the par 3's and was able to get a couple opportunities to use it both from the tee and fairway on the 2 par 5's. Did not keep score, but for spending more time at the range than on the course, my game seems to be in mid season form, at least with all clubs except the putter at this time.
  8. Looks like they "cleaned up" the backs of the iron heads from the prior version of these irons.
  9. Happy Birthday to those that @MattF posted, and you can also include me in that list as well Make the most of your birthday, and have a great Father's Day too tomorrow if it is applicable.
  10. Congrats. to the testers, looking forward to your reviews, especially with how well received this product was by the general public.
  11. Congrats. to the testers, best to all with the fittings, and looking forward to read how many more birdie putts are dropping.
  12. Really not enough info. here to make an educated estimate.................... year, make , model, and transmission type would help get real world estimate Based on a fee of 100.00 per hour labor that most larger repair facilities charge, could be as low as 500.00 and run up to 1500.00 depending upon the criteria mentioned above. Those would be "real world" numbers based on some of the costs I see associated to various repairs in my actual line of work as a Warranty Analyst for a premier Tier 1 driveline supplier to the OEM vehicle manufacturers. If you want to get very specific, shoot me a message and I will do my best to get you something real accurate.
  13. Another great opportunity from MGS. In, although at this point all anyone can do is hope they picked a team that all get hot or play steady at the same time.
  14. Congrats. to this group, a wide variety of reviews should be coming up. Hit them straight.
  15. No offense meant to the older players here.........................
  16. Sound was not loud or high pitched, at least in my opinion, it was more of a light "tink" of the metal-face contacting the ball. Feel was solid too.
  17. H2 model, but a few disclaimers that may be important............... I am a left handed person who plays golf right handed, actually perform most sports as a right handed person, left eye dominant too. Grip is fairly strong, and I have the weight in the head set to a fade position, as well as shaft angle setting to B1, which is a degree flat. My Titleist irons are 2 degrees flat, or really more traditional lie angles of 60 degrees for the 5 iron and adjust accordingly from there. I was able to get to the range this past weekend for a couple hours, spent almost an hour with the Sub-70 hybrid trying various lies (grass range) as well as short tee and 99% of shots were straight with no left side movement. Work for me is still at least 12 hours per day plus travel time, so I am hoping to get another range session on Saturday, and hopefully actual course for at least 9 on Sunday. Will have another person with me hopefully so I can get pictures and maybe a video from my phone that I can upload.
  18. Agree that they could have shared the bad news behind "closed doors" or out of the public viewing eyes, and they also stated they ran the tests a couple times and both results came back the same as "positive." Terrible luck, but at least it wasn't anything related to the health or well-being of a family member.
  19. came in the mail yesterday..................
  20. Driver is old, the headcover in NEW........................
  21. Received mine last weekend, but crazy work hours and schedule made it impossible to open it prior to today, and get pictures in an outdoor daytime lighting. Packaged very well as the pictures show, and included many other smaller items, as well as a personal touch from the Sub 70 people. This will be taking the place of a Titleist 818 which I have had good success with, other than the fact that it may go more left than I originally aim or allow for. Hoping to get to the range either later today, or tomorrow, as unfortunately I have work requirements to have completed by Monday morning still pending. Will report out my thoughts each time I am able to both practice and get it on the course.
  22. sirchunkalot, EasyPutter gave you great advice about the progressive lenses and from my experience as well, you should not have issues adjusting to them either, even while working or playing golf. For me, glasses happened as I got older, and worked not only with detailed part inspection and analysis, but also spending a fair amount of time on a computer looking at data................... initially was recommended bifocals, had the first set with a line, and went to progressive within 3 weeks and haven't looked back since. Best of luck as we only get 2 eyes, and really need to make them not only last, but also be the best they can be too.
  23. Hope that you have fun both rounds, and just enjoy them for the opportunities they present, being outdoors, enjoying the time with others, and potentially making new friends along the way. Really hope that you will also post a few pictures of the fun events you have coming up. Just relax, and enjoy these moments for what they really are, without putting any other undue pressure on yourself.
  24. Congrats. to those chosen, a great group selected for this driver test!
  25. was mid 40's with rain and wind all day here in the Motor City area.................... and for Tony, I have a neighbor who resides in FL for the winter months and they have delayed their arrival back to Michigan until June due to the weather differences between those 2 states.................... something to think about going forward
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