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  1. Happy Birthday @ole gray and @AmishJason Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  2. Curious as to what color you ordered? I also did the same, ordered a black XV as a bag would have been the only item currently "on-hand and in-play" currently that I would change or needed to make a change. Also, still showed towels as available when I placed my order, white, not black though. More money than other cart bags, but the reviews all seem to make them seem worthwhile. Or so I hope...................................
  3. +1 for this! Hopefully all goes as well as can be expected, and once you get settled into the new place, a whole new area of golf adventures awaits!
  4. Curious in the changes between the current model and the Proto 388 that have you disappointed.
  5. Happy Birthday @steveone Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  6. Happy Birthday @Micah T Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  7. Somehow, I just knew this would be your response. Not that I am in disagreement, it is a great idea, and one all should consider if possible. Just that some of us may not have the opportunities to relocate to better climates due to other circumstances.
  8. Happy Birthday @Peaksy68and @drb1956 Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  9. Should not worry too much if at all about scores since your surgery. Even with your rigorous attempt in recovery, it has only been a short while and the full recovery timeframe may be much longer to get back too 100%. Especially on an limb which supports our weight or provides our strength. Best of luck going forward, and hopefully by early spring you will be fully good to go and playing without any issues or detriments caused by the surgery.
  10. Happy Birthday @Dana Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  11. Went yesterday for what will be the last round here in Michigan this year. Played with my usual group of friends, regulars we meet up as much as possible at this course on the weekends. It was cloudy, 38 degrees when we teed off, and the temperature dropped, and we actually finished with some white flakes coming down on the last 3 holes. Played as well as conditions allowed, both being dressed in multiple layers, and allowing for temperature and weather to impact ball flights and distances. Also learned that there is a new indoor golf facility not too far from the house, so I should be able to get there to keep basic swing intact over the winter months. Pictures below are the signature hole, number 17, a 170 yard par 3, and the flakes should clearly be visible.
  12. Happy Birthday @RollingGreens Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  13. Happy Birthday @Bang60, @Beakbryce, and @Striker Hope your day is the best it can be.
  14. Happy Birthday to: @sirchunksalot, @brutal brutus, @Btyhtr2, @Fairwayguy2, and @ga_pike Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  15. Happy Birthday to: @Rchang @TBS @MrShowbiz999 and @LeftyMatt89
  16. Weather here in southeast Michigan this past Saturday had temperatures approaching 70 degrees, but steady winds of 25 - 30 mph, and gusts up to 50 mph. Headed to Stony Creek Metro Park and played 18 with a pair of friends. One similar in age to me, the other quite a lot younger. Played reasonably well tee to green, with more than 1/2 of the greens covered in leaves by the blowing winds, making putting an adventure to say the least. Shot 40 on the front with a birdie on the 2nd hole, par 4 376 yards after hitting a wind assisted drive and only having 80 yards left to the green. Had a 44 on the back with a "lost ball" in the fairway penalty taken due to too many leaves to move to look for it. We all agreed to keep playing here as long as the course is open, although the temps. here are supposed to only be in the upper 30's this next weekend. I have Friday off work, temps. should still be upper 50's for the high so I am hoping to get out at least that day. Not many deer or cranes walking around this visit, but I did mange to see this turkey behind the green on one of the par 3's.
  17. Happy Birthday @Rickp Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  18. Played another round on Saturday with a friend, and we also we grouped with another single to make a threesome on a sunny, and 60 degree day at the end of October. I didn't keep score, wanted to use this as a potential last round practice round and hit as many shots with the clubs I have been hitting well throughout this past season. I did use driver on most holes which required it, and only missed 1 fairway, although my iron shots on the par 3's all seemed to be draws that went left of the green. Ironic thing is an iron from the fairway usually went straight. A lot of leaves fell this past week, as it has been colder and rainy, but temperatures are supposed to hover around mid 60's for the next week, so we did make another tee time for next Saturday which more than likely will be the last time golfing this year, at least in Michigan.
  19. Happy Birthday @Jmikecpa and @golfinnut and @Franc38 Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  20. Northern suburb of Detroit, Washington Twp. is located just below Romeo, MI. The Metropark entrance is located on 26 Mile Road just west of Mound Road.
  21. Sunshine, blue skies and about 70 degrees on October 22 in Michigan is a rarity. Got out early this afternoon for 9 holes, as I had another event to attend later in the evening. Stony Creek Metro Park, the course was jam packed, so slow play was to be expected, and I ended up getting paired up with another couple that live not too far from me and were quite enjoyable to spend a few hours with. Played very well, as I hit 7 of 9 GIR and 6 0f 7 fairways, only missing 1 with my driver a little to the right, which led to some poor judgement shot attempts and a double for score on that hole. Shot 39 with 17 putts, and the only other blemish was a bogey on a par 3 where I hit my tee shot into a bunker, and then 2 putted the green afterwards. Posted some pictures to show some of the color changes going on here, and a deer that wandered out, and held up the group behind us on a par 3. Supposed to be 60 degrees and partly sunny next weekend, and I already have made a tee time at this same course to play with some friends as a foursome.
  22. Happy Birthday @Firebird Make your day the best it possibly can be!
  23. Congrats. to those chosen for this test, looking forward to their comments and results. With a wide variety of players chosen, it will be good to see all the comments and results.
  24. Happy Birthday @gavinski91 and @Billy-Bo-Jim-Bob Make your day the best it possibly can be!
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