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    I have a set of DG S300's.. Pulled from new Wilson Staff Model CB's..
  2. Picked these up a while back to test out, liked them, but the shafts were not a good fit for me. I have talked with Ping on sending the heads in and have them rebuild and adjust them back to stock, but would rather just send them on their way, or trade them for something interesting (see below) These were a custom build set, bent, adjusted and custom purple paintfilled buy previous owner. (item with Rogue Black 95TS shaft is no longer available) - The 4 iron is an i59, then 5-PW are Blueprints. - KBS $-Taper 130x - Golf Pride Plus 4 Midsize (blown on to test, can remove) - Standard length (based on 38” 5 iron, 38.5” 4 iron) - Custom purple and black ferrules (match paintfill) - Lofts and lies as follows; 4 iron - 24 loft, 59 lie 5 iron - 27 loft, 59.5 lie 6 iron - 30 loft, 60 lie 7 iron - 34 loft, 60.5 lie 8 iron - 38 loft, 61 lie 9 iron - 42 loft, 61.5 lie PW - 46 loft, 62 lie *** TRADED *** Trades / Partial Trades..; - Sim 2 Max 9° / fairway - Ping G425 Max 9° - Irons with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400's (Admitted I am a fan for MB's / Blades with DG S300 / DG TI S400's)
  3. Sent you a message.. I have a Cleveland Classic XL 9.0° 285 head and a cover.. it's 199g.
  4. I actually just discovered MGS tonight while doing a search for something golf related, I've been a member at WRX for 10+ years. I like all the new content here (new to me) and going forward I will be spending equal amounts of time reading up on what MGS has to offer.
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