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  1. I went to the RogueST MAX 7 W this year and it it as far as my 4 Hybrid. I like most on here was inconsistent with the hybrid. I hit the 7 about 170 and high with a soft landing. I am looking at my 5 W because I really don’t seem to use it much.
  2. I have Mack Daddy and Jaws. I play 4-5 rounds per week so I have groove tools and resharpen every 3-4 months and don’t play major tournaments so I don’t worry about the conformance only performance. Due to the amount I play I replace every couple of years.
  3. I have the Callaway ORG14 3 years now and only carry 13 clubs and it is destroying my putter grip. There are new bags that have 15 dividers and I will be buying one shortly ! I have mid-sized grips so this is a problem. Anyone suggest a good 15 bag ?
  4. GolfPride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize. They stay tacky a long time and are restored with a little soap and water. Midsize is a key for me also and I wear a small glove !
  5. That is what I DO consciously think about after my left shoulder is behind the ball. Right palm going through ! That is my only thought in putting as well. Maybe it is consciously aware after my body feels in reaction to doing everything before correctly ? Very similar to you !
  6. I won’t be buying there ! Unbelievable! Thanks for posting.
  7. Thanks Scotland blue appreciated. Thank the golf gods for titanium knees ! Keep working it comes back and I am 72 and have shot my age or better a few times. I play the senior tees and love my golf again and down to 4.3 ! I was told Red tees are Super Senior after age 70 so I have a backup plan. I bought a Ping Cushion with a C not the K. $25 on ebay and it is in great shape. I clean the shaft regularly with WD40. Best putter I have ever used.
  8. Just bought a Ping Cushion putter on Ebay and paid $30 for it ! I had one 50 years ago and loved it but sold it many years ago. I used it today with a new Winn DryTrac grip and it is awesome. It puts lots of top spin on the ball. Rolls forever. Love the sound.
  9. For me absolutely! The best putter I ever owned !! I stopped playing 14 years ago when I had both knees replaced and sold all my clubs. Started again 6 years ago and miss that putter. I am happy you posted this because I will see if I can find one on one of those sights. I am thinking it has to be 50 years old ?
  10. Bob, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada Odyssey O Works Mallet
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