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  1. Can you only benefit from Stack if you have a radar? Gets expensive
  2. Any thoughts on this: https://www.golfworks.com/ust-mamiya-dhi-series-graphite-wood-shaft/p/us0082/ Also, where are you finding heads? I would think that is the most $$$ of the experiment
  3. Curious, do you think you could just pour sand into the shafts to get the correct weights and then plug them on the top and bottom?
  4. Forged Tec because I like a compact head and I am too stubborn to move to an improvement club. Barrett - Boston, MA Srixon Z-565 53 Yes, agree to participate in discussions
  5. Barrett Coakley wellesley, ma rh 10hc 3 wood stiff vktr I’m stiff use very old Adams hybrids
  6. Barrett Wellesley, MA Srixon 565 10 100 TSi3
  7. Barrett, Massachusetts Puttout on the rug Never used Fastest
  8. Barrett Wellesley, MA 95/10 3 and 4 iron Adams hybrid (real old ones. Maybe 10 years? Can't find better ones) Right
  9. Barrett, MA Srixon Z545 9.5, stiff, stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage shaft 10, around 95-100, No LM I have never played a Tour Edge driver before
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