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    I am interested in improvements for seniors who play in pain.
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  1. Brady Peery, Marietta, OH Works with my iPhone 7, but have a new iPad. Also have a new iPhone 12 coming in a week, IF Rapsodo gets a new upgrade out before the end of the year. Outdoors Backyard net
  2. Ordered a new ipad so I can use net mode outdoors. Really worried if it will work because range use requires 30+ yards of ball flight to function. So how can net mode work? Especially interested in working on shaping a shot ... into a net in my back yard. MLM hopefully, will give me that instant feedback.
  3. Brady Marietta, Ohio Pro VI when they’re free & Chrome Soft We used to use Topflight as an into the wind ball, before changing balls was against the rules. A Wilson golf club rep once told us that when they did tests with Topflight on a hitting machine, they discovered that a rotation in placement altered the ball’s flight direction. That didn’t stop us from using it off the tee into the wind. But we didn’t trust it from the fairway because we weren’t certain about the distance it might fly. My grandfather used them the entire round. He wasn’t long but he was straight down t
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