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  1. I used Arccos for 2 years and it was great for tracking my putting stats when I reviewed the LAB DF2.1. BUT constant screw in sensors dying and an increased yearly fee stopped me from renewing this year. Our season is only 8-9 mos a year, so why give money away on the off months. I must say the tech support was superb especially when I discovered the course maps were outdated and then fixing tee boxes that were truncated. I had to purchase the Arccos Link because of so many dropped shots. It cured that issue, but it fell off my belt twice … because I was the only one at my club using it, everyone knew it was mine.
  2. I agree … 85+yr old at our club could still shoot par if he wasn’t too proud to play our gold tees (closest) … and he still putts lights out with a bullseye from the early 1970s ($25 in a barrel of putters). Although, I must add that he started caddying at the club when he was 10. So he knows the greens like the back of his hand. Anyway … thx. You are a gentleman & a scholar.
  3. Does anyone have any insights to counterbalancing this putter? I have the DF 2.1 and that was not a customization option, but I’ve always wondered what it would do for this large head. And now they offer counterbalancing for the smaller head. Can someone please enlighten me as to the change in feel this provides? My 2.1 came in at just under $800 … this configuration for me, is over $1k. BUT, I still think it’s worth every penny. I like the large head of the 2.1 because it’s in peoples faces … it intimidates some of our league members. For this reason, I think I would go with Barbie Pink, just to get in their head again.
  4. Really looking forward to seeing what y’all think!
  5. TourStriker Smart Ball which I have barely used cuz I’m recovering from ankle surgery … looking forward to it tho. Replaced my Titleist TSi driver with a TSr but don’t see a big diff in performance. And I swapped a PM grind 60* Callaway wedge for a Vokey 54* which feels like a heavier head … so I still hit it high but I can hit lower shots with it as well. …. Forgot to add Kirkland golf balls. Seemed fine for my game. But still use AVX for tournaments.
  6. I had been unable to play for over a decade, and was searching for club reviews to replace my outdated clubs. MGS popped up & I’ve been here ever since.
  7. Absolutely like hybrids over 2, 3, & 4 irons BUT then my swing speed is only 100. All the retired guys at my club play hybrids over the longer irons. That said, I’m wanting to try 5 & 7 fairway woods. … Is the 80 handicap u posted correct, cuz we could use u in a tournament on par 3’s.
  8. I’m an old timer, and back in my day sets of irons were 2-PW … a set had to be special ordered to get matching 1 iron & SW, which few people did. So u’d buy a PING 1-iron and a Cleveland SW. BUT then the L-wedge showed up, and then the A … so when asked, u always said ur irons were from a manufacturer like Wilson Staff or Titleist, and ur wedges were specialty clubs. That’s why I differentiate them that way. I’m Just old & set in my ways I guess.
  9. Cobra OL 5-PW-GW-SW, Vokey 56* & Callaway 58* … and I just ordered Kirkland wedges, so hope to have a better spread in my wedge arsenal.
  10. Thx all. I greatly appreciate it. Ankle surgery Tue & then 6 weeks recovery, in time to start getting ready for next season!
  11. I did an Official L.A.B. DF 2.1 review last year, and I got mine built with the BGT Stability Tour Fire shaft. I know it’s not the same shaft as you are contemplating, but I wanted to tell you how much more satisfied I am with a better shaft. Not only do I love the feel, but everyone who has tried it immediately comments on the softness of the feel … and I think the shaft has a lot to do with it. I know it’s all about personal connection to a putter, so anything I like, others may not. But, I will say that I occasionally take out my steel shafted, TaylorMade Spider and I putt just as well with it on the practice green. But every time I set my DF2.1 in front of a putt that matters, I have a greater feeling of confidence. It is massive. But I do not care. I love this shaft and putter combo.
  12. We spent 5 min looking for a guy’s $15 plastic golf tee. I’ve searched diligently for thousands of balls, but never a tee. I empathized with his plight … but $15 for a tee? The tee box was elevated, and his tee flew off the front. And I won’t let him forget about it. Whenever I play with him, or even when he’s paired with others, I ALWAYS warn them to watch his tee, not his ball.
  13. Swing like you’re throwing the club … like a helicopter. Helped my release.
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