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  1. Okay, I will weigh in on this one. About a year ago, I switched from using TV +4 standard to TV +4 midsize, then to Jumbomax Tour small. A little background: 6'2" ML Bionic Grips Titleist TSi3 (Motore F3 stiff 46.5", 3/4 degree flat i think) PXG Proto 17* 2-Hybrid (Fuji Professional H-8 stiff i think( it is grey and blue), 1* flat, +1") TM Sim 5 wood (Stock shaft +1") 3-Gap PXG Gen 3 0311T (Elevate Tour +1", 1 degree flat) Ping Glide 3.0 56 (stock off the shelf - unmodified) Neutral grip for both hands Relatively level AofA (drive
  2. Can confirm. When I bought a G410, I got the regular one. I went in there and hit the regular G410 to see how it felt/sounded to make sure those two aspects worked. The dude at Golf Galaxy wanted me to at least try the LST and SFT to see what it did, so I did. It was immediate hooksville with the SFT. I got the G410, although I would say I prefer the regular G400. That is just a fantastic driver that has been hard to top. TSi3 has topped it though.
  3. I think there are a lot of factors at play. 35 degrees is about as low as I will go and it needs to be calm and sunny and warmer than that when I started the round. The distance loss is substantial. I think it is because of: 1. Cold air is denser, so the ball has to fight the air more 2. My clubs are cold. So, they cannot flex as much and the face cannot be as springy as it would otherwise be 3. I am cold. To fix that involves more layers. More layers restricts the swing, so swing speed and therefore ball speed, drop as a result On the plus side, the ground is much
  4. I have never been able to hit fairway woods well, which is a point of frustration. So, I don't have a 3-wood at all. I do have a SIM 5-wood (the V steel one) that I lofted down to 17* to act as a 4-wood. It is a very nice club and I hit it decent. However, I have much more confidence in either a 2 or 3 iron. So, my shots with a fairway good are less and less it seems. I could easily eliminate it from my bag a probably not notice too much of a scoring difference. For me, when I know I can hit a long iron well, I am reluctant to take on the risk of using a fairway wood. I struggle with h
  5. I would scratch i500s from that list. They are great irons for sure. Played them for several years. But they are hollow, so there will be hot ones.
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