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  1. A small will be considerably larger than a standard and midsized. It is also larger than a jumbo by one size. Size in this case being increments of 1/16". They have a chart on their site that visually compares them side-by-side.
  2. That is such a simple question that is not really that simple. I am pretty slow on my backswing, but I don't really think about path when doing it. If I struggle with tempo, then mine is a time count. "One one thousand two one thousand three one thousand". The three is the downswing. However, after the two one thousand there is a very brief pause where three things are happening (i think): 1. I am letting the backswing come to a natural stop (i.e., not powering it forward to stop it). 2. gravity is acting on the club and slotting it 3. my body is getting in hitting position and by that I mean the position I want to be in at impact, which is how I initially set up (to be in that position (hopefully), but I'm sure the motion of the backswing probably undoes that slightly and the pause allows that to reset). I think anyway. People smarter than me can weigh in. Hopefully that link works to help illustrate what I'm talking about. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kavMdb4VU9VrGNpC7
  3. Makes sense. Those guys need to have an event in a high-wind environment. Anywhere on the frontier strip will do - TX, OK, KS, NE, WY, MT, SD etc. Are there any other good wind-cutting balls out there? For me that is of primary consideration. I have been cleaning GG out of them (left dashes), just because i know companies can't help themselves when it comes to tinkering and I'll be glad I had a supply of them.
  4. I will fully agree. I have been a dedicated TP5x player. I was enamored with the 2019 version. It cuts the wind very well, which is a consideration here. The new TP5x I do not like as much and I consider the left dash to be what the 2019 TP5x was. I have no idea why companies take winning formulas and change them to something that I think is pretty different.
  5. I don't think it is so much about skill to play blades, but rather certain swing types might be more conducive to them. I have a shallow swing. On average, my angle of attack with irons is negative 1.2 degrees or so. I have found that I have an easier time with turf interactions with thinner soles found with blades. This is especially true for the rough. With thicker sole clubs which tend to be GI clubs, I struggle. As an example, I have a blueprint 2-iron and a pxg 0211 2-iron that I would consider a driving iron. I can't hit the pxg one except from the tee and certainly not from the rough and fairway. On the other hand I can hit the blueprint extremely easily from any location. The reason is the thin sole. As a shallow swinger, I need more relative assistance with respect to digging. A blade digs easier. A Gi with a thick sole digs less because of the sole width. So I might be inclined to say that for a lot who "cant hit blades" , blades just might not be conducive to your swing type (I.e., level or significantly descending). So I am not certain it is a skill thing. I settled on the pxg gem 3 0311t, which is not a true blade obviously, bit is pretty darn bladey.
  6. We'll see what happens! I have the TSi3 exactly how i want it settings (B4)/lead tape(towards the front)/weight wise (no back weight). I have it at 192grams on the autoflex 47". No complaints except can be a little spinny. I'll keep things updated.
  7. Author Posted May 19 Please keep us posted. It is coming on Friday June 11th, so slightly less than a month. Probably around 20 business days or so, so fairly accurate quote by Titleist
  8. As for shallowing, I always find the feet together drill does great for shallowing the club and also weight transition training. Whenever I go to the range, all I do is that. Great drill for tall dudes.
  9. I did look at tgw, but it appears LH TSi4 is not a popular enough item that they would stock in LH. That is where I got my TSI3 however. Was very quick and was whatever they had available shaftwise.
  10. For me they are hook machines. Much more comfortable with a 2-iron or even a 1-iron. I have hit them before and do have a pxg one that I hit decently. But it does not do anything that my long irons can't do, other than higher trajectory.
  11. Ordered a LH TSi4 on 5/14. I called them ahead of time to verify they had them and they did. I ordered with a tensei blue. I had asked them what is the shaft that they will not run out of and that was their response. It is going into an autoflex so it could be any shaft and I won't care. Told them that and that they could freely substitute another shaft. Also told them I use jumbomax and they can put any grip in the box and I won't care. We will see how long it takes and I will update.
  12. Yup. I had good luck with their sizing tool. I wear a ML Bionic glove and use the jumbomax tour small. What that does for me is it makes a gap between the thumbpad and the fingertips very small on my upper hand. With anything smaller, those two touch and very much so with standard/midsize. When that is the case bad things happen. Example: There is a gap but it is small. It is such that if I clinch, they are barely touching. That is how I happen to do it and the jumbomax tour small seem best st that for me. I do not add lead tape to the clubs. I just got used to it.
  13. Agree. I could not play without them. A standard grip feels like holding a pencil. The main benefit to me is that they remove tension in the hands and arms. They also keep the clubface squarer for longer, even if it is just for a very short time. Yes they change feel initially, but it goes away in a few rounds. I have them on all clubs. Never going back.
  14. Even better than that, they let you rent clubs for a nominal charge so you can field test them before buying.
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