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  1. As a long time REDSKIN fan, I have no team thinking of maybe becoming a Ram Fan,,,, no way would I be a “Commanders” fan,,,, HTTR ! By the way, I moved 5 miles from a Apache reservation, one of the first gentlemen I became friends with is a die hard ‘Skins fan AND full blooded Apache,,,,,, he’s in the same boat!
  2. Is it just me? I retired last September and moved to the mountains of Arizona, I thought it would be 18 every day except Sundays. Reality: Have not played a round yet, little projects everyday, with big projects every other day, eat out way more often , yet, don’t seem to miss golf! Maybe next year. Anyone else retired and played less their first year ?
  3. MadMex

    Titleist Balata

    Personally I feel it would be a waste to actually use them, don’t know which model, but they are are at least 20 years old and way past their shelf life. I hit one couple of years ago with a modern iron (ping g30 7 iron) think the ball went about maybe 100 yards and th eco we was scuffed out by the grooves. I say hit a sleeve, keep a sleeve sell the others. But that’s my two pesos
  4. 14th rejection in a row! Maybe they are waiting for 2024 when I plan on having an RV to grant me tickets
  5. On this day January 24th, A great friend I served with in the US Air Force, was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic and liver cancer. Prognosis is 6 months to a year IF he has chemotherapy, less if he doesn’t. This slapped me to the realization that many of my “problems” are so minor and irrelevant.
  6. “ 90% of all putts of putts that are short, don’t go in” Yogui Berra
  7. Just heard that on December 3rd, Byron Morgan passed away. He owned and operated Byron putters from his shop in Huntington Beach. ‘I met Mr. Morgan when I picked up my first custom putter at his shop in Huntington Beach CA Seven years ago I wrote to him and requested a putter to celebrate the upcoming birth of my first grandkid, on my birthday a beautiful mini Scottsdale Anser , with pink head cover, pink grip and pink paint fill showed up at my door, I called the number on his web site and I asked the person on the phone for Byron, the voice said “That me, how can I help you?” . I identified myself , told him how much I loved the putter and asked him how much I owed him, his response? “ Congratulations Grandpa, it’s on me” RIP Byron
  8. RETIRED !! Age 60, could have stayed on and received about $200 a month more at 62 and about $350 if I waited until 65,,,, but right now, 5 days in, I made the right choice.
  9. On this day, 2021, was my last day at work, still don’t know if I am happy or sad, mixed feelings.
  10. I had a part time job as a cart guy between 88-'90, at The Arizona Golf Resort and Conference Center, while stationed at the Old Williams AFB in Chandler. The amount and variety of items left in the cart cubby holes is amazing, the following are the most memorable that I personally found and outcomes: Porche Carrera Sunglasses and case : Owner came up to me in a very rude/sarcastic manner and said something like "Guess you never saw a pair of sunglasses ?" I asked him to describe them, he described the sunglasses and case I had earlier taken inside, I walked in, handed him the case and to my surprise in an equally rude/sarcastic voice said "Guess you don't get to keep them uh?" and walked away. Women's checkbook-Wallet- about an hour after I again placed the wallet in side the pro shop, in secure area, saw woman walking in a hurry towards pro shop, I asked her if I could help her, she said she left wallet with apartment rent inside, I walked in, gave her wallet, she opened it, all the money was inside, did not take reward she wanted to give me, didn't feel right. Men's club member lost wallet with money and credit cards, day after we were told that the police had been contacted and we would all be interviewed. Week passed with nothing, asst. Pro asked what was going on, we were told he had found wallet in golf bag, no apology after we were all accused of "stealing" it . Also found with owner not coming forward to claim: Dentures, countless cheap sunglasses, a unused condom in packet, playboy magazine, hundred's of half eaten sandwiches and chip bags, one joint, a bra with a strap missing, hundreds of golf balls and gloves in various conditions and a polaroid picture of some one's kid.
  11. Back in the late 80's, while caddying for a gentleman in US Open Locals, I saw he was using Spalding Tour Edition Golf balls, saw his green shots would stop after one hop or spin back. He did not make it past locals but gave e a dozen of them as a thank you. My swing was a lot younger then, I hit 3 of them onto a par 3, the 3 Tour Editions were ALL a minimum of 5 yards past the 3 Titleist Balatas I had hit. So, now that I set the scene or bored you, could it be that by switching to wound balls it would roll the distance back and maybe decrease spin ?
  12. You asked for it,,,,,,,, I bought the XR-16 6 months after its release, prior to it I had tried no less than 6 drivers, PING, Titleist, Callaway,,, once late night I came upon a XR-16 on the bay, white tie regular shaft, oversized grip, 45”, problem, something on the add was spelled wrong so it did not get many hits, got it for $135. Took my PING G-30 out of the bag and off to the course I went, prior to this club, only way I could get the ball UP was with a couple of viagras ,,,,, after a quick warm up, out it comes, teed it up and took a swing, very pleasing sound, carry was about 230-240 (my swing is 93 mph + or - 3. I’ll make the story short, I can hit it high or low at will, can also pump a 290-300 yard drive, based JUST on about two rounds, I stoped at the air base course, saw that they had a 3 and a 5 wood, with military discount , I got a great deal. Have tried against Callaways offering, but it is just not there, nor am willing to paym$499 plus for 1 or 2 yards. Have hit a 250+ drive with my 3 wood (with the wind and firm fairway) the 5 wood is great from light rough,,,, already looking for replacements, just in case.
  13. For what is worth, here is my two pesos after 20 years in the USAF and 21 with DHS (retire AGAIN in 20 days) I enlisted in 1980, back then ANYTHING related to mental health would give you the proverbial scarlet letter in your records. That meant many would just suck it up or drink their stress and anxiety away, back then it seemed to be OK since alcohol consumption in excessiveness was not frowned upon. This lead to alcohol abuse which meant you were sent to alcohol rehab if you did anything stupid while under the influence, back then , it took ALOT!. This meant you not only did not get any help for your mental disorder or problems, it added to it, which on many occasions took the person to the point of no return, which meant, they took their lives. Closer to my retirement year (2000), asking for help regarding any mental issues was not looked down as much, but the stigma still prevailed, asking for any help made you weak or less of a person, therefore many STILL withheld their demons inside rather than expressing them and be seen as weak. I speak with men and women who have spent 4-6 years in the military, the one common item I hear, is that Infantry (Marine and Army) takes these young men, strips them down and rebuilds them into a "fighting machine" or "trained killers", which are punished by the slightest infraction ( many times with a dishonorable discharge ) , so now , you have these "trained killers or fighting machines" out in the civilian world along with those who left the service voluntarily, now neither can adapt to a world were they are seen as social outcasts or some kind of mutants, hundreds unable to cope with their new life, take the only path they see to solve their inner demons, suicide.
  14. I retired 21 years ago from the USAF, I am pretty sure we have a much lower suicide rate than the Marines and the Army. When a Solider or Marine retire or separate. there is very little draw down time, you could be getting shot at in Afghanistan ( before the evacuation) and two months later your a civilian wondering what happened. There is also a mentality amongst the military that if you seek help, you have signed your career away, that's the way it used to be when I joined in the 80's, it has not changed much from what I understand.
  15. Tried using progressive, but after losing 2 pairs, I stopped. When I did use them, I did not see much difference in my scores, not using sunglasses did mess up my scores.
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