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  1. This is a tough one,,,,, I used the PING fitting app and it said I have an "ARC" and the recommendation was a plumbers Anser2, which is what I have used 75% of my golfing life. But 9 years ago I went to a heel shafted putter and have never putted better. If I had to vote, it would "inconsistent" since it goes from arc to slight to straight back, sometimes all three in one round!
  2. Was able to take the Piper C for a mini session and so far the feel is spot on as to what I wanted to feel, firm but not “clicky Since I gamed a center shafted putter before (Scotty Cameron beached prototype) , re-adjusting was rather quick, direction control/Aim is very easy. Hoping to take it out for a real world test this weekend. More to follow
  3. @golfish! Saw this, thought you may enjoy this,,,, it's about right ! https://ifunny.co/video/sam-a112017-on-instagram-every-other-branch-eating-at-an-TW6h2llo6
  4. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know it’s not a train,,,,,, couple of days and I’ll be going full bore with my testing/trials, meanwhile,,,,,
  5. WOW!!!! That is THE first driver I ever played with a graphite shaft, it came with a Aldila HM-40 shaft and stainless shaft, the whole premise was that the shape of the hosel would help with driver speed, thus giving you more distance. After a two rounds, it went back to the pro shop ( I worked at the course, so I tried all new demo equipment) and my PING Eye laminate wood went back in the bag.
  6. The reason is very ,very simple as to why some of us struggle with the 3 wood L.O.F.T ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lack Of Frikking Talent
  7. After trying the infamous K-Sig's and having them perform no better and in some cases better than "premium" balls, I use them all the time, has even improved my game since I really don't care if I dunk one or two,,, one less swing thought In one outing between the wife and I , think we lost 9, 6 by me.
  8. After a long day of loading boxes from our home we just sold and driving to rental an unloading, I saw a box matching the length of a putter. Felt like a kid at Christmas! I noticed the return address and right after saw the top end opened and the side crushed. I picked it up and quickly looked inside, all was OK !!!! The sun was just about to disappear, so no chance to take a drive to the course, no problem, early morning session, the world was right, for a couple of minutes. Phone rang, work, my hours were changed just for today and Sunday, so another evening of carpet putting
  9. Can't argue your point, we do get taken care of nicely!!!! We had two per room in the 80's, found out only your NCO's had that "privilege" , we got done with our 8-9 hr duty day, we went home , you guys had PT and other associated duties. I feel like I retired from USAF last week, its been 20+ !!!
  10. That is something I wish the USAF had talked more when I joined in 1980, financial planning, you spend 8 weeks in training and then your handed 2 months wages, there is only one thing on your mind,,,,, let the good times roll,,, drinking age was 18 back then too
  11. I been reading this thread with interest since I will be joining the retired golf community when I hit 60 y/o on September 26 2021. My wife was hit with a severe case of the golf bug 2 years ago so going out will be rather easy now. Having served in USAF from '80 to 2000 , traveling is not that high on my list since I did plenty of it. I just want to know what it feels like to do nothing and drive slow because I have nowhere to go on time, unless I have a tee time!
  12. My biggest challenge right now is moving into rental home in the next 2 weeks since we sold out house while prices and demand is high. The great part is that there is a muni course two blocks from the rental we are moving into, so I'll have plenty of time. Plus with the wife having been infected with the golf virus 2 years ago, she can't wait to try it out too.
  13. Had just started playing, took up golf after I saw Caddyshack (yes, in the theater , newly released)I was playing alone, Williams AFB AZ, brand new PING EYE's, irons and woods, par 3, saw a group on green, they were walking off (again, I had just started and knew SQUAT about golf ) I hit a perfect 5 wood, middle of green,,,,,,, 3 feet from this man,,,, from the hair and facial hair I knew he was not active duty so I felt rather "safe". When I got to the green, he was waiting for me, I was 19 and he was mid to later 40’s , he asked me if I had seen him, I said yeah, and that I did not thi
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