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  1. Might just try adding lead and see what happens,,,,, ironically some of the best shots I have hit have been with the G-700's, flew a center pin , 155 yard par 3 with an 8 iron. Maybe the lightness gives me some head speed and gains in distance without direction control,,, these are the first irons I have played with graphite shafts........
  2. OK, so, my irons are PING g-700 with graphite CB shafts, 1/2" over, swing weight identical to my G-25's with steel shafts, here is my dilemma. My G-700's feel lighter than my G-25's when I swing them, would adding lead tape to them change the flex? If I change to heavier shafts, would that change the swing weight? Would a heavier shaft have a different kick point?
  3. Like I said, this is our second try at this marriage thing, 16 years married, 19 together. We do something which I believe has worked for us for those years. Christmas: We go to stores, WE pick what WE want , the SWITCH carts and walk away from each other. Then we decided what we are buying, so, let's say I put of golf shirts some balls and shorts on my cart, she may get them all or just pick some. Still getting what we want but don't know what. Birthdays: We go to the store, pick our present, the other pays for it. I do find that the "wants" are now far more than needs.
  4. Same here,,, 2 more pairs of shorts !!
  5. When I read treads like these, I realize how spoiled (blessed) I am !!! While back, she saw what I was using with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, so she bought me a $450 stick, throttle and rudder set I wanted to learn how to play guitar (10 years ago) I now have 4 guitars, 1 Strat, 1 gibson, 1 nylon string, 1 steel string and a BASS, still can only play a couple of chords Got my first "boutique putter" about 12 years ago, a Byron oil can anser 2 model, I now have 12 Byrons While waiting for our stereo to be finished, we walked to Roger Dunn, I tried the newly release PING G25's, 30 minutes later my order was in,,,,,,,, I do same for her, she got hit by the golf bug HARD two years ago, her first set is PING LE irons 7-SW, 4 thru 6 hybrid, Cobra F-8 Ladies driver and customs GSS Byron Anser 2 style Maybe because we both had horrible prior spouses and we are now making up for lost times!!!!!
  6. My biggest fault is when I play hybrids like a wood, as soon as I set it up and hit like an iron, success. I bought a PING G-410 3H and a 4H when the COVID thing hit for about $210 with shipping on the bay, mostly because of what I read,,, first shot on range, instant success for me, high and log, 3H a little lower than my 5 wood. The only reason I carried a 3H and 4H before was to pull balls out of brush and water. Tried Taylormade, Titleist, Adams,,,, settled on Cleveland Mashie since I had success hitting them once in a while.
  7. Another vote for Kirkland, funny story, wife and I are getting ready to sell our home, while clearing my closet I found 12 dozen of the original Kirkland 4 piece and 4 dozen of the 3 piece. I found that the 4 piece performed pretty close to a Pro-V1, I actually spun it back like on T.V. a couple of times. The 3 piece more of a hit and stop.
  8. For many years my goal was to own golf shirts with the alligator on them, it was sort of a financial success goal. Now that I have reached a level where I can buy those shirts ( not a millionaire, but still play my $2 a week powerball ) I find myself looking for bargains! I found that the Ben Hogan golf shirts I bought at Wal-Mart are JUST as comfortable my Nike Dry-Fit shirts ( found them at ROSS for $19.99) The $15.99, golf shorts I bought at COSTCO, are MORE comfortable than the $60+ Under Armour shorts my daughter gave me for Christmas. So, any other bargains out there?
  9. MadMex

    Used Putters?

    Funny thing I have bought many putters and remember where I bought them,,,, ‘But selling them? mmmmmmm,,,,,,,
  10. Emblem didn't look THAT big when I posted it on my iPad !!!
  11. IT,,,,,,,,, when you fix it, EVERYBODY LOVES YA,,,,,,,,,,,, when it breaks,,,, you have no friends,,,,,,
  12. Maybe it’s the shaft but, I hit my 5 wood longer and lower (Callaway XR16, with Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 Red standard length) My Hybrid is a PING G-410 with the standard Alta CB shaft + 1/2 inch, I hit it higher but about 5-10 yards shorter
  13. THANKS !!!! Now I now I know am not alone nor that strange!
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