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  1. Funny part is that about 19 years ago, when I was financially strapped after retiring from military and a divorce all at once, I wanted a 009 and several other things, now that I am more financially secure AND can afford a 009 with no problem, I cant seen to find a reason to spend so much on a putter or covers.
  2. I used to be into the headcover collecting hobby some years ago. At the time SC was the top dog and everything and anything he released soon gained 50% in price. While browsing the bay, I discovered SWAG Golf headcovers and saw what the asking price for them, then saw another brand, "Lamb", this made me realize I been out of the loop for a while. So what is up with SWAG? Have they knocked SC of the pedestal and are now the top dogs? Some interesting covers, in YOUR opinion, are they worth going after or a novelty? Please keep comments civil, I don't want to start a combat thread like some SC threads in Golfwrx !!!!!
  3. Cut 1/4" from backup driver shaft, can't keep it in same zip code.
  4. Am a mere mortal who needs all the help he can get, be great opportunity to test the T-300's against my PING G-700
  5. It’s official! 13 years in a row I get this letter or something similar
  6. These are my two pesos and I hope am on subject: I don't think we are getting too much technology information, I think more and more people are becoming too locked into numbers. Rpm's, launch angle, apex height, ball speed, club speed, Angle of Attack (AOA) smash factors ( what ever that means), have read threads at another site were members talk about nothing but numbers. Those numbers mean squat if you don't keep the ball on the fairway. I agree with a theory I read at yet another site, you start in the fitting bay and you finish the fitting on the course.
  7. If remember to stay behind the ball, my Callaway XR-16 3 wood and 5 wood are point, shoot and stay in the fairway,,,, rather than shoot and pray they stay in the same zip code.. Have tried every new PING, Callaway and TaylorMade release since 2016,,,,, not enough difference or improvement to warrant the extra pesos,,,,
  8. Funny thing, we bought a single story, 3200 sq feet in 2010 for $299, sold it last November for $555, we were going to downsize, only 2 of us,,,, we ended up buying a 3900 sq, with finished basement, 3/4 acre, backyard ends National Park Forest starts, neighbors 40 yards away (I walked it off),,, the smaller ones available needed lots of upgrades and smack in the middle of fairways with neighbors about 20 feet away , no privacy.
  9. TODAY,,,,,,,, I summited my retirement paperwork to HR,,,,,, It's surreal, in 90 days I will join the ranks of the retirees,,,,,,,,,,,,,, at 60 years 2 weeks old. Yeah, am ready
  10. While cleaning my computer files, I came across some notes from a post I made at another site. I had read an old article in GOLF magazine were they had interviewed Scotty Cameron, he talked about many things, but one part caught my attention, FEEL. He stated that sound has MORE to do with how we interpret "feel" in a putter, that if were to putt with several different putters, then chose a favorite one, then putted again with the same putters with it while wearing ear protection, we would not be able to tell the difference. Not being a Scotty Cameron fan, on a cold rainy California I decided to challenge this preposterous theory !!! Putters Used: Byron Morgan Stainless Steel, Carbon and Copper Plated Carbon DH89's no milling (PING Scottsdale ), Byron Morgan Experimental GSS (Wilson TPA XVII) deep milled, Scotty Cameron TEI3 and Scotty Cameron Center shafted Beached prototype, all with iomic grips, why these? It's all I had. Balls Used: Titleist Prov-1, Pinnacle Gold, Callaway Truvis and NIKE Platinum, why these balls? Simple, only new balls I had. Testing no ear protection: I rolled each ball 3 times with each putter (again, it was raining and I was bored) after that I picked the 3 putters which felt the best, rolled them again and the Byron Experimental came easily on top. Could deep milling and GSS be the best feeling out there? Testing with ear plugs and over ear protectors: I repeated the test , I was puzzled, so I repeated the ear protection test for a second time. I ate a HUGE serving of crow, Scotty Cameron was right, NO DIFFERENCE in feel. This is by no way a true scientific test since the same model in different configurations was not used, plus I suffer Tinnitus brought on by yeas of working on fighter jet aircraft ins USAF.
  11. Retiring in less than 90 days, this would be used by wife and I,,,,, am in !
  12. I found several dozen of the original Kirkland’s while moving, just for GP’s, I bought 2 dozen of the new 3 piece, am 59, average 82-84 with occasional yearly 79, I found no difference between these two and the Pro-V1’s. I don’t think am consistent enough to be able to notice a difference, in every par 3 , I hit all three , could not tell difference, The have helped my game since at $25 a dozen, there is no worry about loosing or dunking them.
  13. Thanks, I got the tip from a moderator at Puttertalk when it was open, one guy was asking about alignment sticks, he then posted a link to them at Lowe’s,,,
  14. Bought some alignment sticks for $6 a pair at Lowe's,,, I got a pair my wife got a pair,,,, total price just shy of $14. 5 minutes to cut pointed ends . 50% savings PER set.
  15. EXACTLY !!! I want to see how a pro get's out of tricky situations than shot after shot from the groomed fairway, I saw Seve Ballesteros use a 5 iron to chip from the fringe using a putting stroke, later on I saw and interview were he said the closer to the green the less loft he uses for chip and run shots, the less green to work the more loft he would use,,,,,, been my go to shots since
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