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  1. Co-Worker told me this one,,,,,,,, He was ready to tee off and this older gentleman, very friendly , pulls up and says he was paired up with him. He says they had a great time, finished the round and went their separate ways. About two years later, his then girlfriend invites him to have dinner and meet her parents. YUP, you guessed it, it was him. That man has been his father in law for 23 years now.
  2. Here is is a suggestion which is WAAAAYYYYY out of he box and would be fun plus open some eyes,,, Members summit their current driver model and specs i.e shaft and grip,,, THEN those chosen are sent a 5 or 10 year old driver, same brand, same shaft same grip,, then test results are revealed,,,,,,,, was their current gamer that much better ? ( I know,,, I've been wanting major OEM's to do this)
  3. I am retiring at 60 from my federal job, I will have 21 and half, did you know that if your retire at 60 with 20 years (FERS) your eligible for what they call Federal Social Security Supplement, you basically get 40% of your at 62 SS money. When you turn 62, you start getting the full amount
  4. I collected baseball cards in the 90's, I collected head covers, maybe I misspoke, but, if there was a central point were collectors of say, headcovers could ask for advise or info, they would not have to start thread,
  5. Just looking and thought, would a collectors corner work? A forum where golf and non golf collectors can exchange ideas, make trades or ??? for what ever their passion besides playing golf might be.
  6. OK, I’ll say it, but I think Tiger Woods is BORING!
  7. Hey, let's see how many COMBINED we played,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Canyon Crest Country Club, Oak Quarry Golf Club, Jurupa Hills Country Club, Indian Hills Golf Club, General Old Golf Course, Menifee Lakes Palm, Menifee Lakes Lakes Course, Cherry Hills, Pala Resort, Lawrence Welk Resort, Colton Golf Course, Hidden Valley Golf Course, Shandin Hills Golf Course, Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Course, Whispering Lakes Golf Course, Dos Lagos Golf Course, Glen Ivy Golf Course, Eagle Gen Golf Course, California Oaks Golf Course, Hemet Golf Course, Morongo Golf Course Legends, Morongo Golf Course Champions, So
  8. About 5 years ago I “knew” I was going to wait until I was 62 to retire (was 55 then) then my wife heard about a co-worker who passed away , he was still working because he said he could not afford to retire and wanted more in the way of retirement pay, he was 63. Two years ago my best friend and co-worker was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, then he went into remission and then no cancer, he was stoked, 7 months later he passed away. Several other officers who waited until 65 and 67 to retire, you guessed it, both passed within a couple of years Those incidents made the wife and I
  9. We have had a couple 40+ gusts over here at March ARB, Riverside CA. Pretty much wiped out my outing tomorrow.
  10. Well, am going to have to take a trip to the PGA superstore and give them a try! Liked the 410's when I tried them, dont know why I went with the G700's, marketing?
  11. WOW! Please bare with my questions since your the first person to have hit these I have some questions which I hope you can answer for me. How is the sound? I bought the G700's when they came out and I still cant get used to the sound I cant feel the position of the head on my G700's with graphite shafts, feels like am swinging a dowel, how do these felt ? Did you try any graphite shafts? Thanks !
  12. If they were steel no problem, graphite, I will surely ruin a couple. Tried to swing my G700’s and don’t know if it’s mental, but, yeah, tough to feel head position, feels more like am swinging a stick. Think I’ll do that, go give the G425’s a shot next week. thanks
  13. Help me out Bought the PING G-700’s when they came out, the “fitting” was not that great now that I think about all involved. ‘Since I’ve owned them something did not feel right, they felt light. Today at the range, a gentleman next to me was it hitting the PING i’500’s, we struck up a conversation, he offered to let me hit them and in turn I did same. He told me something that hit what I felt on the 700’s, he could not feel the position of the head on the swing and of course, too light. I did notice when I struck hit his ‘500’s well , the length and height of the shots w
  14. Sorry, it's still HTTR to me !!!!
  15. The battle for the gamer spot continues My current gamer leads in the distance control PIPER C leads in direction control Feel, it's a tie Don't know if am bragging or complaining !!!!
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