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  1. Wow, hate much? Your response should be retitled......"When Golf Snobs Attack!" I know a few very good golfers who use Kirkland balls and like them alot. As far as my reply went, alerting other golfers to the existence of underrated quality performers will allow them to sample and make their own decisions down the road. It will be up to them to determine what qualifies as their "best ball". Pompous and effette responses like yours are a good reason why there is a widespread perception that golfers as a whole are elitists and stuffed shirts.
  2. I generally play balls I've found as opposed to shelling out for "soon to be baptized new balls". Several that I know sell for less than $40 a dozen include Pinnacle Soft, Slazenger $ Money, Noodle,Top Flite Hammer Distance, and TF Hammer Control. I've played each of these, and was satisfied with their performance. I have all the top brands in my bag including Pro V1's, TP5's, but my favorite these days is the Bridgestone E6. I cannot believe how long and straight the ball goes, not to mention the confidence they instill when standing on a Par 3 hole with a carry over water.
  3. My foursome decided (over a few post round beers) to limit our next outing to five clubs each per player. After laughing and joking about how light our stand bags will be, each of us commented about the five we'd choose. I decided on .......... Driver, avg 220 yards Hybrid 3 160 yards, low runners and in the rough shots as well Putter 7i , 140 yards and long pitches. Pitching wedge, 100 yards, and can butterfly the face to mimic a sand wedge to complete "the set". Has anyone done this, and if so, what clubs did you use differently from the ones I intend to use, and how were the results? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, and I totally agree that my issues are mental rather than process oriented. I intend to resume lessons in January and practice more in the areas that are driving high scores and penalty strokes. My best round was a 79 ages ago, so I know I've hit every club in my bag well at one time on the course. I'm thinking less practice and more playing once the kinks have been addressed and worked on will be the way to go. Thanks again.
  5. To answer Ricky Bobby as follows................... What do you do at the range when practicing? I hit two large buckets each week starting with the short game, pitching and chipping to get feel and rhythem. I then head over to hit off the grass (no mats) with short irons first, then hybrids, long irons and a few drives. I'll then change clubs each swing with a short break between each to replicate the pace of play on the course. I'll warn down with a AW or PW to ensure good tempo and what appears to be good process. I'll then break out the putter to roll a few from the fringe, and get the feel of the speed of the greens. I'll usually rest a day, then hit the links in a day or two after that. How many balls do you hit? A large bucket is around 120 balls, but I'll reuse a good many over at the chipping area, so I can easily hit around 200 any given day. How long does it take you to go thru the number of balls you hit? Anywhere between 2-3 hours depending on how my back and major organs feel after plowing the grass area. Do you practice anything from the lessons you have taken? Yes, several things. I went to the Colbert-Ballard connected swing school clinics in my 30's and learned about using the larger muscles in your back and legs to swing with, as well as extension and keeping the arms close to the body. In a recent lesson, the instructor had me place the club about four inches behind the ball, and swing toward that spot to improve contact and accuracy at impact. Sometimes it works, other times not so much. When was the last time you took a lesson? Just about this time a year ago.
  6. Hey guys, like most everyone here, I practice a lot on the range, and after two to three shots with each club, feel fairly competant with every club in my bag. Segway to the course, and it's as if I'm beating a rabid raccoon to death with each swing of my mid to long irons! Topping and deep divots seem to be the curse of each iron I swing. Yes, I've taken lessons and have varied the club distance from the ball, and tempo, to prevent digging my way to China with each swing. The only thing that ever seems to work is to pretend I'm laying up so the swing path is smooth and fluid through the ball, but even this doesn't always work. So, before I knock another molar loose, have any of you experienced this, and if so, how did you overcome this agonizing part of your iron game? The short irons generally don't give me trouble, but 3 through 7 are driving me to use hybrids whenever possible. If this keeps up, I plan to move to Nepal and spend the rest of my days meditating in a cave! Thanks!
  7. Despite my high handicap, I play used Pro V 1's on holes without water, and will switch to used Bridgestone e6 and e 12's, Top Flight Hammer Distance, Noodles, and Callaway Super Softs on tougher holes. My water balls consist of every make imaginable, and if they last a few rounds, could then wind up in my shag bag. Anything red or yellow would probably aid with visibility in finding them.
  8. Ok, so here's my little secret. When my grips started smoothing out and showing cord fibers, I came up with an idea that has worked out great. I simply take tennis overgrips that you'd use on a racket and wrap them on over the existing worn grips. It gives each club a fresh and clean look that stays tacky and pliable for about two years of fairly constant use. Think of it as a retread for a golf grip. When they get old, I'll either remove a layer, or roll new ones on over the original grip or overgrips to build the handle to about midsize. I cannot believe how gummy and soft they are, and how this helps with with accuracy and confidence. I've also quit wearing a glove as a result. These can be purchased online for about $1 each if you buy in bulk. I'm sold on these, and see no reason to replace the original grip, when only a small percentage of it has become unusable.
  9. I'm an old hacker, but when the driver heads south, I'll choke up on the grip an inch or two to improve contact, control, and consistancy. The larger driver head vs. the 3W gives greater confidence standing on the tee. I've also adjusted my loft to 11.5 degrees to keep the ball in the air longer. My best drive has been 245 yards vs about 200 for the 3W.
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