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  1. Traditional bias, with a pop of color at times - Golf shorts and polo tucked, belt, "dad's" ball-cap style golf cap or wide-brim sun hat. Golf slacks and generally a quarter zip and/or jacket below ~50F. Shoes bias to traditional style. I walk and carry the majority of the time. Summer temps around mid-90's. Winter months I'll play into the 40's, and rain.
  2. Last shipment: Order 5/28, Receipt 6/2 (CA). Prior orders have been ~1 wk max.
  3. Most current in use listed 1st: Driver - Titleist, Taylor Made Woods/hybrids - Titleist, Taylor Made Irons - Mizuno Wedges - Titleist and Mizuno (currently a mixed set) Putters - Scotty Cameron Golf Balls - Titleist, Snell Shoes - Footjoy, ECCO, TRUE Bags - Macenzie and Titleist (swap back-and-forth depending upon whether I have to use a cart - majority walker/carrier) Gloves - Circle15, Red Rooster, Titleist, Asher FYI Additions: Weather/Rain Gear - Zero Restriction Sunglasses - Scheyden
  4. Cut will be +3 Speech will be at -2 after 2nd round
  5. Depending upon time and facilities available >> Must: Movement exercises, stretch (work out the age kinks). Wedges up thru 7i ~5 balls each. Woods if course/range permit ~3-5 each. Several D/3w-7i-W combos. Putting - focus primarily on green speed and start line check.
  6. I agree with many that there is something here relative to used, old, performance. Old clubs were DCI962's/S300s (still have them). Was fitted about 1.5 yrs ago (after sporadic golf at best over 23 years) into Callaway APEX forged CF19's, Aerotech Steelfiber i80 shafts. Did I see a difference? Sure. But after a year+, on a whim, picked up a used (inexpensive) good condition set of MP-14s, S300, std lie/loft on eBay. Better feel at impact, predictable and consistent dist/launch. Had to adjust to the loft difference (e.g. 50* PW). But no degradation in index over about 15 rounds - more consistent scoring. Don't mind at all being "told" when I'm off center on a strike. And the club (to me) just looks easier to hit at address. Laughed at by some with the latest tech when I pulled them out ... sure .. but thick skin prevailed. Was it a pre-mature fitting after time away from the game? Maybe (likely). Watching for some MP-32's for a possible next test.
  7. I had one of the 2020 versions. Shoulder strap system lasted ~10 rounds of walking/carrying and the strap stitching started to separate. It was sent back through my club, and about 3 weeks later I was told to stop in and pick a new bag (and that my model was being recalled so-to-speak). The only problem I had was with the straps - no early tears or separations with the bag and interior. Too bad - bag was very light, well balanced, sufficient and thoughtful storage, and fit a full set without having to stuff clubs in. I've seen the "new" version and the strap design is definitely different - visually appears more heavy-duty. Looked good. However, I switched to a Titleist Players 4 Carbon ... which will probably be around for a few years.
  8. I'm a walker 90+% of the time, and I've settled on TRUE's, for now. Original 1.2's for full rounds - snug instep and good heel-lock, plenty of toe room. Issue for some people is the "zero-drop", but I like the level feel and stability/balance. No traction problems. Will use the TRUE Knit IIs for a casual 9-holes, or if I need a break on an 18+ day. They do not have as much lateral stability, and a slight transitional drop, but extremely comfortable. I have a few other TRUE models but these are the favorites. Waiting on a pair of the new "Sport" line - somewhat a blend of the two models. I've tried FJ, Nike, ECCO, Athalonz, and the new Paynter. And I wear custom insoles (SOLE) in all/any.
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