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  1. Update: I was able to source a 60g Hazardous Smoke Green 6.5 and a TayloyMade M1 head..... It's not a Graphalloy Blue X, but Mongo happy now.....
  2. Sorry, but this whole situation would have brought out my ugly side given High rough, CPO, and they would not allow you to walk. I've been there before and because of it I pretty much try to avoid playing any time\any course that's CPO. At best I would have told the cart workers that I had offered to walk but since I was forced to use the cart, keep it on the path, and was made to skip a hole, I am not about to carry my stuff now - they could come get it in the parking lot if they like or I would bring it to them when I was done using it..... At worst I would have had words with the ranger - maybe to the point he tosses me off the course, that's fine by me as he's already ruined my round ... particularly after he came past several times and said nothing more that try to keep up with a two-some? Yeaaahhhh ok then. I might have just pulled my bag off the cart and walked off when he said to skip a hole and the cart crew could come out and get the abandoned cart...... yeah, I can definitely be an ******* when I get riled up... Good thing it doesn't happen too often. The way I see it, I paid to play 18 and IMHO 4:40 IS QUITE REASONABLE FOR CPO - ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ROUGH IS THAT DEEP. THE 4:30 WAS STATED TO BE AN AVERAGE SO SO SOMEONE HAS TO HAVE COME IN OVER 4:30. That course would get added to a short list of courses that would never see any more of my money and get bad mouthed whenever it came up in conversation..... Actually, what course was it? I want to put it on my never play there list.
  3. I still have some new in box Titelist DT SOLO Roll or something like that as well as Slazenger distance balls from about 2008 that were good for an extra 30 yards or more over the ProV1x I was playing. I had some silly long drives back then with those balls.....
  4. PGA must be worried... said they would suspend\permanently expel any member that jumps ship. Could the PGA win the lawsuit? Read that the wording is pretty specific in their membership rules\by-laws..... Do they have the stones to expel a big name?
  5. Boy how much could you do for JUNIOR GOLF with some chunk of that $40M? How about pick your players and have them play a skins game to determine which charity gets the the $$$$.... Maybe even give it to some of the golf courses to lengthen them.
  6. #2 was more the self reflection on whether it was time to rework my swing to something that will age better as I get older, weaker, and less flexible. Your suggestion on #3 makes sense and is on the radar. #5 was pretty much tongue in cheek as the steel shaft will be waaaayyy heavy! I picked up the old TM Ti Bubble driver and couldn't believe I swing it as fast as I did. Almost like swinging a new driver with a weight donut!
  7. Worse, it could go the way of bowling.... in bowling, between the ball cover technology over the years and allowing two handed rolls (like we used to do when midnight drunk bowling to see how much we can curve the ball).... The two handed roll produces extremely high revs - much more that one handed.... too much spin and power changed the game... a 300 game was relatively rare and they gave you a gold ring for it - from what I understand, it got to be too common and they stopped giving you the ring for your achievement. (someone may come in and correct me here, but that is what I've been told) IMHO they ruined the game enough that I gave up when I considered taking it up again. Not all that different from the Technology race in golf, but my example of the two hand roll is similar to the braced putter technique. Close enough to allow it cuz it's still not a be all end all game changer by itself but it's big enough to cause serious ripples. If part of the expectation in making a golf stroke is to manually control your hand\wrist movement then I think I have to agree that bracing one wrist with the shaft is contrary to the spirit if not the letter of the rule. How about we make it fair and level, you can brace one wrist with the putter shaft, OR you can hold the putter grip completely in your hand(s) and you are permitted to wear an immobilizing wrist brace on one hand/wrist.
  8. So in my last thread I asked about anyone comparing them on a monitor. Just following up on the saga, but figure this needs it's own thread as it might evolve into settings and shaft discussions. First, I got an answer to my message to True Temper asking what they would recommend as their shaft that is closest to the Grafalloy Blue 65X, TrueTemper recommended the ProLaunch Red X. I plotted some flex numbers from a Grafalloy Blue thread from 2020 on another site and they look close.... So, I got my hands on a 2107 M1 9.5* and a ProLaunch Red X to test out. No access to a monitor yet so I took them out on the course yesterday to take a few cuts. First impression of the shaft - Statically and statistically It feels close but the RedX is not quite there. I get the sensation that I have no control over where the clubface is through impact. I fell like I've regressed 20 years. Swinging it reminds me of the feel of swinging my old TiBubble driver with an S flex when my swing speed was 115+ ..... Right before I swapped the bubble shaft for a TT DG X100 44.5". Ball Flight - Front weights set middle draw\fade neutral and the front\back weight slid all the way back produced a ballooning fade. Moved front\back slider weight to middle\neutral and the ball flight came down closer to what I get from the 580XD. Still flies a little high and still right of the XD but it is longer. If I go after it hard i get a high power fade. My Thoughts so far: 1) I need to spend time on a launch monitor to see exactly what the clubhead is actually doing. Then hit the driving range to play with weights vs ball flight in the real world. 2) Is there any way I can live with this set up feel wise. Should I consider changing my swing because the shaft I need\want\suits my feel probably no longer exists at a price suitable for a recreational joe average golfer. (This may make more sense log term in changing from a power swing to a smoother swing.) Will this necessitate reworking the iron swing too? What changes will I need to make to my irons? 3) There really does not seem to be anything else out there close enough to it (and has not been since they stopped making it) that I should put out a WTB for a Blue 65X? 4) Consider pulling the Blue 65X out of the R580XD and putting an adapter on it. (My luck would have the shaft snap as soon as I got it flying the way I want ) 5) I still have a couple raw uncut TT DG x100 steel shafts, put one in an adapter for grins? LOL Maybe that's the key here... I went to the Blue 65X because to me it feels like swinging the DG X100 at half the weight. 6) Just stay with the R580XD til the shaft snaps. What say all of you?
  9. As long as they NEVER have "cart path only" and the green fees are one price - they don't charge an extra fee for carts (makes no sense if the require carts) then I am sorta OK with that.... To be honest, last year when they made everyone take their own carts, several times we had a foursome complete 18 in about 2.5 hours on a 7000 yard course and one time two of us played another 9 in 55 minutes. We were still waiting for greens to clear to hit our approach shots. If no one was in front of us and we were in the mind to play speed golf a foursome could do 18 in 1:45 - 2:00 hours but that would NOT be an enjoyable round IMHO. I am of the opinion that the proper speed of play for a round of golf is whatever it takes to hit your ball, walk to it, decide what your next shot is and make it. Allow for a couple 3 putts and duffed chips.... my purpose is to enjoy the round, not complete it ASAP to rush on to the next event. Honestly, we as a society need to slow the **** down and look at the scenery a bit more often!
  10. In the past ten years I've had right knee surgery and shortly after I got close to 75% recovered I turned my left ankle inside out and broke the leg. For some reason I got really out of shape and gained 100 pounds. Up until then I walked all the time except for outings. Even then, my father in law drove the cart and I walked... it was sort of a motorized caddie. The two courses I play the most you could call hilly..... How about walking this course - or would you even play it? (Note that all of the greens are elevated to some extent and have given me US Open type roll back/off and this is a muni! First hole straight par 5, all downhill\side hill with a couple flat target areas. Elevation change is 75 foot downhill unless you go right - then it's into a valley that's another 50 foot below the green and you are looking at a 190 yd plus uphill carry tot he green ( the hillside funnels down to #17 fairway that we will talk about shortly). Second hole is a par 5 relatively level for the first 230 yds then drops off 25 feet in 20 yards, turns ~30* right and goes up the hill 250 yds to the green, 75 foot elevation gain once you start uphill. Third is all downhill par 5 90* dogleg left 275-300 yds and 120 foot elevation drop to the corner fairway. From the corner to the green is downhill another 15 feet to a slightly elevated green. Holes 4 - 13 are nominally up\down tee to green 20-50 feet. Hole 14 is a ~160 yard par 3, the green is 20 feet above the tee but plays over a 60 foot deep valley. Hole 15 plays 300 yards all up hill. There is is about 260 yard carry with 100 foot elevation increase from tee to the sort of level fairway area. Hole 17 is 300 yard dogleg left. 150 yard forced carry over a tree filled gully to the fairway, 50 foot elevation drop. You can try to cut the dogleg but it's a blind high draw over trees to a maybe 20 yard wide fairway. Straight line carry to the green is about 280 and anything that misses the green left will be in the woods. Right/long is gonna be OB off the property. Play a 3, 5 wood, or hybrid. Any miss left and is runs down into the gully\woods. Safe miss is long and right as the hill on that side will backstop it and run it down towards the fairway. The safest play is to hit your 150 yard club 2 times. Hole 18 is a 300 yard all uphill sidehill dogleg par 4 (with 100 foot elevation increase) to an elevated green (miss left, short, or long and you are guaranteed OB). I have yet to determine the best way to play this one as everything runs sidehill left to the cart path and OB. I kinda want to just bomb it at the clubhouse and hope that hill funnels to the green. The course is short at just a bit over 6000, but it's the elevation changes, tree lined 15-30 yard wide fairways and decently fast greens that make it a challenge. Driver makes sense on maybe 7 holes, but you need to be able to control length and path. Very much a target type course, you really are not gonna overpower it. My other main course is a "links style course" that has similar elevation changes, but is 7000 yards and pretty wide open. Yeah, I ain't walking much these days.
  11. Do any of you remember when the "wasp waist " shaped putter grip was banned? I think they may have wanted to go after the ping grip too but I might be wrong there.... it was a Long time ago.
  12. I personally don't care, but can see the advantage it could provide by bracing and physically limiting the wrist movement in the stoke. How do you control it? Allow the grip to contact the wrist no further than 2" above the top cuff of a normal golf glove. I agree that the flat of the grip should be perpendicular to the face.
  13. PKC - If you don't mind telling us .... How much $$$$ do you have in that fitting and the new driver?
  14. Shapotomous - I'll need to see if they'll do that. Maybe arrange to get there early or something.... ExProNY - Thanks for the info. That swing speed is consistent to what my out of shape swing currently produces. Do you remember the loft and any details on AoA\launch angle.
  15. Found a TXG video that I forgot about that Ian swings a 510TP vs an M3...... I'll have to check out golfshaftreviews.... How extensive is their database?
  16. No 2nd Swing in PA anymore. there used to be one in Monroeville about 15 years ago, it where I bought the R580XD. There is a Golf Galaxy and a Club Champion in Robinson Twp\Pittsburgh that are within a half mile of each other but over an hour drive one way for me. The course I played last year has a couple golf simulators but they seem to have them set up to play a virtual round and not hit balls on the monitor for an hour. There is also a local fitter that has monitors for fitting and does the virtual golf in the winter. I don't know if he rents the time out with full access to the numbers. If I do a serious driver\shaft fitting I would likely talk to him. Guess it really will depend if I get serious about the game again. I need range time to grind the rust off of my swing and banish some flaws. I think I may add some lead tape to the 5080XD to try to lower the spin\flight next time I play. Pretty easy to add a couple strips 4/8/12 grams low front on the sole.
  17. Thanks guys. I subscribe to Shiels' channel and have watched most of his videos. Also watch Ian at TXG and extensively searched utoob for videos of tests involving comparisons with older clubs.... What I was going after on the old heads was based on something that Ian said in one of the TXG videos that struck a chord with me. To paraphrase: "a lot of the launch characteristics and forgiveness of a head are baked into the DNA of the head (because of the face construction and the weighting)". We have seen so many tests of the clubs from the last 6 years that we pretty much know what they will do and we fine tune it with the shaft selection (or, for many, just stay away in the case of the SLDR). We do not have that book on the older heads. Center is center, but some clubheads will just spin more and fly higher. Pouetvl - What you've described with your friend sounds similar to my experience. I know at some point I will need to replace the 580XD, the question is when and with what. it's almost 20 years old so now seems like a good time to start looking.... designs seem to have plateaued over the last 5 years and there are decent club heads available that may add some forgiveness and be better optimized for todays balls. Looks like I'll probably just pick a head that I like, swag a couple shafts and hit them head to head vs the 580XD.... Shafts are a whole different discussion..... the manufactures need to publish the EI profiles for their shafts and dispose of the flex letter rating.... but I digress. Thanks again!
  18. I know that spin and launch numbers are based on the swing. It may not be My swing, but it IS someone's swing that is compared.... What i am looking for is ANY numbers on the older heads compared to newer ones. I've tried searching utoob but there are no decent technical comparisons.
  19. Yeah, I looked at the most wanted report... it doesn't help me at all. IMHO its a 30,000 foot summary, I really don't care how the data averages out.... What I want to see is unprocessed raw data and I will make my own analysis.
  20. I'm wanting to maybe upgrade from my old TM 580XD to something 2017 or newer, but don't have too much of an option to compare side by side at the moment. My gut tells me that I "might" see some distance just because of reduced spin and mis-hit forgiveness. I'm particularly interested in spin numbers and launch angle as I vaguely remember hitting the R580XD on a monitor over a decade ago and and what sticks in my mind are 18+* launch and 3500+spin. I did hit a Ping G425 and a Callaway Epic Speed on a monitor a couple weeks ago at a GolfGalaxy, was not a full fitting, just a test drive. Ping never felt right but they got the Callaway as close to feeling good as they could as they "said" that they had no X-Flex shafts and nothing with mid-size grips. I didn't have full confidence in the feel and didn't have a fully controlled a full swing. The end result was center hits with swing path varried 1.5* either side of straight in but optimal launch numbers. Trackman carry was a little better than real world lasered results from a round played a few days earlier. Anywho.... have any of you got any numbers from side x side monitor sessions of TM R5xx series vs TM M series, Sim, Callaway Epic, Mavrik, Maybe Cobra?
  21. Thanks for the feedback. As I said, I currently play an original Blue 65X (NOT the ProLaunch Blue) and love it. I am aware that the Blue is softer in the butt and tip, and really stiff in the middle and it may be why I like it. I've found some direct flex measurement and EI graph comparisons that (plus price} led me to want to give the red a look.
  22. I currently play an old TM R580XD 9.5* with a grafalloy blue 65X shaft and a new driver is not in the cards right now. What I do have is a TM R7 425 TP that I never warmed up to the feel of the Fujikura Speeder 757X that I want to reshaft it and play with the weights a bit. Since the Grafalloy Blues are now made of unobtanium I was thinking about trying the Grafalloy ProLaunch Red. Has anyone played both that can give me an opinion? Will it launch higher or lower? Opinions on feel vs the Blue?
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