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  1. totally fair - to each their own! live and let live. it's also ok to be wrong!! :D
  2. wait wait your acid's are in with everything else?! noooooooo
  3. V-cut almost exclusively. I'll v-cut anything! (usually in a X pattern). I have cutters of all shapes and sizes and this is where I've landed over time. Xikar VX or a VX2 - depending on which I grab first.
  4. I take a yearly golf trip with another 20 or so guys and its coming up (I leave wednesday). From Wednesday -> Sunday I generally smoke 25-30 cigars. By the end of the weekend its possible that I can't taste anything anymore It generally works out like this: - Wednesday is a 6-8 hour drive (depending on how far we decide to drive that day) the drive usually includes one or two cigars and maybe a stop for some golf (9-holes - so one cigar here too) - this year we're meeting one of the attendees at his lake house so there'll be a few cigars in the evening as well - Thursday is usually nine holes first thing in the AM - so another cigar. Then we finish the trip to where we're meeting everyone (not usually long enough to get a cigar in). Then we play 18 after arrival (2-3 cigars) and then there's 1-2 cigars after dinner - Friday is 36 holes of golf. Generally 4-6 cigars (depending on cigar size and round speed). Then dinner and cigars afterwards (another 1-2) - Saturday is a repeat of Friday - Sunday is 18 holes first thing in the morning (2-3 cigars) and then we do the full 9-ish hour drive home all one shot. So we'll get through 2-3 cigars just depending Anyone else do something like this on a regular basis? Doesn't have to be a golf trip. Maybe a weekend with buddies where cigars and booze are on hand?
  5. Had a bunch of back and forth with Dan regarding shaft selection. I have a very high ball flight with my DG S300s and was looking for a way to drive that down some. Problem is the S300s are low flight already. After some conversation I may try C-Taper Xs soft stepped when I finally jump in.
  6. That's my intention at some point!
  7. wait ... " a call " ... im not familiar with this terminology
  8. My biggest concern is shaft selection. I don't have a great chance here to test shafts and if I did it wouldn't be with the Sub70 stuff. I currently run DG S300s - I'll likely go with those but we'll see. I might move to something graphite too.
  9. Finally jumped on the demo bandwagon. I play Titleist AP2s currently (with a few AP1s at the top end of the set). So I started with the 639 MBs because why not. After a round I like them but dont LIKE them. So the 639 CBs just arrived - waiting on the label to send the MBs back. If the CBs are better than the MBs it'll be a no brainer and likely to be a 639 combo set. We will see though!
  10. I'm never a fan of sticks like that that are gimmicky IMO. But I have a local guy here who's been smoking longer than many of us have been alive. His palate is fairly amazing. He's a BT fan too. So he went into it with some skepticism. But he ended up really enjoying them. It gets me interested enough. I'll try them at some point for sure
  11. Hah not mine. That's the BILs caddy. Mine has a few Dunbarton and a local shop sticker on it I think. Been soooo hot. Smoked a few Cubans on the course Sunday. Forgot pictures as usual
  12. The T wasn't great. I have another so I'll give it another chance. The aquitaine was I believe a "sabretooth". That was a good cigar. For my palate cigars are basically just "good, ok, not good". The T fell into just OK. The Roma was good
  13. Had a few this weekend while golfing. There were others, im just bad at picture taking
  14. I'd love to increase my storage but I'm not looking for more tupperdors/coolers/etc. I'm probably going to move to a cabinet at some point. nothing huge but something that'll hold all my sticks with a little extra room. it's just a matter of deciding on what then spending the money on it (this hobby is almost worse than golf!)
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