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  1. Any one recently ( month of October) receive their Ping irons order? I’m setting here at 13 weeks and nada, Edit Update, just got word from my fitter Ping is waiting on my iron heads to arrive. Expected delivery mid November or December! So it’ll possibly be 5 months delivery time since my fitting. So much for this season .
  2. I play the Vice lime green. You can see it from 150 yards easily and stands out in the rough greatly. At nearing 70 the ‘ole vision isn’t what it used to be and high vis golf balls definitely help.
  3. I see “lessons” being mentioned a lot. My first inclination is to get fit for the correct driver shaft. I have found the best immediate change was a shaft. I tried several, spending foolishly, and found a fitting with a launch monitor session found the best fit to help correct my accuracy and now have complete confidence in my driver. As Arnie always said “swing your swing” , so use equipment that fits that swing. Not discounting lessons but my first step would be a shaft fitting as a less expensive and time consuming option , you’d probably be surprised what you find. I highly recommend fittings as I played for 20 years with wrongly fitted irons, even after an initial casual professional fitting years before launch monitors were common place and just now have a correctly fit iron set. What a difference it makes!
  4. 1/ Original 8802 2/ Odyssey Tri Hot 3/ Ping 1970’s Anser
  5. No i do carry a USGA Rules book in my bag though as my 15th club
  6. Met a couple of friends at a local muni for a round one mid morning. In a hurry put my tennis shoes in the bed of my truck and went out to play. When finished I went to change shoes and,,,,,,,,no tennis shoes. So whats the going rate for a used pair of New Balance tennis’s !
  7. Yeah, I now know it’ll be a while so just looking forward to a new Spring golf game. I just hate the “not knowing “ but accept it.
  8. Ordered my G425 4-SW with Alta CB shafts +1”, black dot and GP2 grips on 7/23/21. Was told 6 to 8 weeks. Mmmmmm k this is 9 weeks! I’ve not heard a word, so here I sit……… I’ve played my Eye 2’s for 20 + years so another few weeks (probably months) won’t hurt me. In Indiana the end of golf season is quickly approaching. I was hoping to at least get in a round or two this year.
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