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  1. I picked a Ping Forged wedge, 56/10 with an Alt CB R/flex shaft which matches my iron set. Found it used no less! I like it better than the SW that is in my G425 set by far.
  2. https://www.golfschoolofindiana.com/ Great fitters with years of experience
  3. Playing a Ping G425 9w and love it! 185ish yardage, which fills in for my 4i when extra height is required. It’s a confidence booster.
  4. LIKE NEW Ping Milled PLD Anser putter up for sale. I bought it new, in the wrappers from another member and have only rolled it on my Birdie Ball mat. Ordered a Custom PLD putter is the reason for selling. The spots on it is from the camera and dust. No scratches, dents or dings. SOLD 3* Loft 70* Lie 350g weight 35 1/2” length Milled Face PLD Headcover Ping Graphite Shaft Pingman Blackout pp58 midsize grip ……THIS PUTTER IS NEW, OTHER THAN BEING PREVIOUSLY OWNED…..
  5. I have a visit next week with a cardiovascular doctor for a little a plumbing work. It was suggested that I start using a hat for some coverage of my ears and neck, anything other than a baseball type hat. At least during the summer months. Soooooo……..ordered today.
  6. Can’t really answer your question but I do play the 330 RX and love it. It’s been my replacement for the original TreoSoft, which I still have three or four dozen stashed. I’m in the <105 swing speed and at some point I’ll have to switch to the new RX but really wouldn’t expect a substantial performance difference, especially if they have dropped the compression a bit. I suggest buying a sleeve and giving them a try.
  7. Do you only walk? Do you not drive. No car, truck, moped or motorized transportation? How do you get to your home course? Even a three wheeled bicycle would give you the option to carry clubs. http://golfbikebag.com/the-golfbikebag/ https://theseniorsworld.com/three-wheel-bikes-for-seniors/
  8. A “new” to me Ping G410 Plus 10.5* with Tensei CK Orange 70 S shaft. Hit the snot out of it, most of the time.
  9. I’m 68 and put it out about 220/235 pretty consistently. That’s the lie distance when I go to hit it again. Couldn’t tell you carry and roll out as I can’t see that far anymore.
  10. Want to try a really nice ball,,,,cheap? Saintnine U-pro. Try ‘em, you’ll like ‘em. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/balls/new-golf-balls/saintnine-u-pro-golf-balls/?sku=15ST9UPRO111111111YLW112&msclkid=1574f48af4c214e891ac978c264471d3
  11. Until recently I never knew putter “fitting” was even a thing. I’ve always had a decent stroke and a pretty good putter. I used an Odyssey TriHot #3 for over the last 10 years, coming from a “30-40” year old Ping Anser, and did quite well. I discovered the whole “fitting “ thing and thought it legitimate after some research, and thought why not since it’s the most used club in the bag. Recently I was fitted by a Ping fitter and was put into a near identical putter I had used for years! The difference is a stronger loft and neck shape for more toe hang. Same head weight, lie, grip and length. I guess I was just fortunate to “fit” myself with the Odyssey years ago. Or was I now fitted to the stroke I have grooved over my golfing life, having putted with very similar putters from the start? Either way it confirmed I was on the right track. A fitting is a good way to be positive you have the right tool for the job. You may be using the right tool, just needing a few tweaks. But buying a new custom fitted putter is fun
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