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  1. Not a bad idea with the paint! I was worried about the top as well but actually hasn't been an issue... confidence went way up, so stroke count has gone down! Win,win! I actually just realized that I need to regrip my irons and putter... both have original grips that are 20+ years old ....
  2. Congrats Testers! What an opportunity! Make the most out of it, and please give some feedback as to what your trying out!
  3. Hey! So just had my best round of the season and I'm giving credit to switching to the Bridgestone Tour B RSX... I've never been great with my driver and have been playing every mid range ball out there without much luck... so I decided to pick up a sleeve at the clubhouse and WOW what a difference the premium ball has! All my approach shots were stopping right where they should and I even noticed a significant decrease in my slice and on top of it I averaged 2.14 putts on the round (a other best for the season) ohhh, and 1 more thing, I think for the first time in all my years golfing I played the same ball for 9 holes... barely has a scratch on her! Just curious if anyone else has seen this type of improvement off switch their ball... I'm still amazed...
  4. Lol, yeah at least at 15' you have an excuse for a miss!
  5. Curious to see what impact this system has had in real life on the course... strokes gained and especially if it's helped on those 20-30 footers...
  6. I dig em! Hope to get a chance to try them out! Good Luck potential testers!
  7. Nice breakdown, I appreciate the honesty... For all we know these COULD be the same balls!!! Like the honest, on the course feedback!
  8. Lmao, it's going to be 91° here tomorrow... thinking the shade thing might not be a bad idea!
  9. This is the putter I just restored myself... it's always fun to bring something back to life!
  10. Nice! Especially for your first time! I love restoring anything let alone some beauty clubs like those! Keep it up!
  11. Been there (the trees off the fairway) many times... Only good thing is I've learned to punch and chip like a champ lol
  12. Agreed! I've been playing calaway BB x-12s for the past 10 years and they are from 96! Would love to see the improvement on new irons w/out have to commit!
  13. Nice setup! I like the random pattern idea! Any chance you could upload plans? If not too difficult of course...
  14. Was looking forward to seeing a "perfect putt" in action lol... looking good though... but seriously when aiming for the perfect putt, are you acting like sinking it to the back of the cup? Or is it more of a line game??? I'm looking to improve on pace and tempo as line's are usually pretty solid..
  15. Im serious as to the "check up" I'm new here so are referring to the backspin or"stopping power"? Really looking for a distance ball that I can get good backspin on... especially with 56 and 60 wedges... also would be interested in the "pop" off the club during punch shots... Unfortunately in my game and where I play, recovery from the woods is VERY important... I like the feel rated around 80-100 compression... curious how these would rate!
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