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  1. Nice! I've been looking into the sub70 line... curious to see what you think!
  2. Just switch from Bridgestone Tour B REX's to these, and gotta tell you THIS is my new go to ball after playing a few rounds they play and hold up just as well as the Bridgestones but $15-$20 cheaper... Hard to beat that deal.
  3. Well nothing too exciting But switched to these to replace the Bridgestone Tour B REX'S that I had been playing... For the price plus the gold lab review, you simply can't beat em'...
  4. Well why not, after checking out the threads I'm all like "I should add some speed to my swing too!" My average is lower than both of yours @ around 97mph... and seeing that @Shankster is the same age as me I don't see any reason I couldn't add a solid 10mph over the next year... Good luck to both of you! Look forward to gaining some tips and checking progress on the threads...
  5. So after playing with these for 5 years and you know... not being able to afford the irons I WANT lol, I decided to refinish my BB X-12s from 1996. They were in pretty rough shape. I didn't take before pictures per the norm, but I did find a picture of the 9 from last year for comparison...
  6. I actually just restored my BB X-12s over the weekend, and used a medium grit sctoch Brite pad on an angle grinder and was able to remove 99% of the scratches and dings... then just sanded and sanded and sanded sanded..... finally hit them on a wheel... I was shocked. After the paint they look like new...
  7. Tell me about it! I was consistently shooting better round after round for 3 months, then I tried working on shifting my weight and POOF! I forgot how to golf... last round was 15 over average... hit the range and still over thinking everything... hope the round goes good tomorrow... might have a cocktail before hand to loosen up and calm down.... woooo saaaa....
  8. Thanks, it actually didn't take that long... hoping to come across some more goodies rummaging and thrifting... Great feeling bringing something back to life like this... look forward to seeing your work!
  9. Hey! Appreciate the hospitality! Thank You!
  10. True Story! After 15 years of bad drives and botched iron shots, I changed my grip to strong and reset the grip in the pads of my fingers... Felt SUPER awkward for a few rounds BUT the impact to my game was axing, I'm now hitting 60% of fairways, gained about 60-80 yards on my drive, and have taken a solid 10 strokes of my game in 3months... axing the little things with huge impacts in this game! Now on to putting....
  11. I switch to spikeless this year, and definitely happy with the outcome, haven't noticed any slippage and definitely more comfortable and easier to balance than spikes... in my opinion anyway!
  12. @MattF Thanks! Much appreciated, love this site!
  13. Not a bad idea with the paint! I was worried about the top as well but actually hasn't been an issue... confidence went way up, so stroke count has gone down! Win,win! I actually just realized that I need to regrip my irons and putter... both have original grips that are 20+ years old ....
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