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  1. only comparing performances nothing else.....nothing to do with money or allegiance to the pga
  2. my comment towards catching lightning in a bottle not towards him jumping ship. "Outisde of his miraculous win at the pga where he caught lightning in a bottle for that week he rarely finished in the top 25 and missed 9 cuts out of 23 events. He finished outside the top 50 almost every week." i was commenting or referencing this comment. take out phil's name and add in tiger's and we have the same thing basically
  3. our provider decided not in inform us of a system update....so there i am plugging away wondering why my deal won't go through. i finally call and they tell us of the update. i ask them why didn't they let us know and of course they pass the buck to the other provider that provides them....lol
  4. for me it is usually saying something not nice to myself. then after i calm down i tell myself to stop being lazy and follow through. when i was younger my slice happen because i cleared my lower body too quick and my arms couldn't catch up. now i slice when i'm lazy and don't clear my body and follow through. i go over the top and don't clear fast enough.....lazy swing.
  5. the initial sugar headache sucks but i know it will go away soon.
  6. lol....reading is not my strong suit. i will check out that site...t be honest never heard of it. as for getting the ball in the air. knee is done, having replacement surgery in september, so I'm guessing that hasn't help any. not being able to follow through has taken away a lot of distance and accuracy.
  7. new to the thread and site for that matter. just had my doctor tell me it's time to lose some weight. not looking forward to this. i currently weigh around 250 and would like to get down to 200lbs by years end. i know how to, just don't want to...lol. just started exercising sunday. just basics right now, pushups and some dumb-bells. i will start to ramp it up more over the next month or so, then get into the bench and some more weight. for me the biggest thing is cutting out sugar and bread. i love my coffee everyday and i take it with lots of cream and sugar. had it today with just some cream no sugar, it was still good but not as satisfying. lad this thread is here...going to be a fun follow
  8. just went on the site and did the quiz, it said stealth, P-790 and P770. i always like taylormade clubs....might have to give this a try.
  9. i am in between iron sets right now, looking to get fit with golf galaxy. looking at either callaway, taylormade or srixon. i have tried cobra and just didn't like them. thoughts on some newer sets, for a mid handicap guy who is, recently, having a problem getting the ball in the air?
  10. i am looking forward to the superbowl, not a fan of either team, so i guess i am pulling for cinci. just don't like aaron donald or jalen ramsey.
  11. new guy here from SE PA How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? been playing golf for about 25'ish years...started late, not into my mid 20's. my usual round is mid to high 80's....not lately though, haven't played much. What do you love about golf? competition is always fun. that and getting to play with my dad and brothers. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? looking for a new site to talk golf and other things. I'm coming from another site, that site was too "in-crowd" for me. i don't know any other spies yet Where are you from? What is your home course? SE PA, i golf a lot at Bella-Vista and Raven's Claw What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best - tons of courses, there must be 20 courses within 20 miles of me. worst- after mid Septembers it starts to get cold and we usually pack it in until late march, so lots of down time. What do you do for a living? own my own business How’d you pick your user name? just thought of something with "golf" in it. must have tried 10 other names before it said ok....lol
  12. Going to be a fun year.
  13. Great td cinci....we got a game.
  14. Games have been great this postseason.
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