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  1. Good idea. Looked a bit clunky at the joins in each section when looking from the side. Could just be me being picky though. I'm sure it would help practice on breaking puts. Big problem for me would be shipping to Australia would be a small fortune
  2. Got a R10. Would love a GC Quad or a Trackman but lack of funds puts a stop to it
  3. Can't remember the last time I decided. They usually leave me first
  4. Still take out my MP-68's every few rounds. Like everyone says. There is nothing like a well struck blade. But a 3 iron off the toe.... ouch lol
  5. I can run hot so I am doing my best to take a few deep breaths, let it go and start thinking about the next shot.
  6. I figured it out. Followed Josh's lead and put "N/A" for twitter and instagram. Notification has now disappeared.
  7. Thanks Josh. Good to see a fellow lefty
  8. Yeah, I just don't have time for all that stuff. If I want someone to see a pic I send it to them or the other way. In my circle of friends and the wife's friends, I could count the number of people on 1 hand that have facebook.
  9. Thanks mate. I'll keep ignoring it then
  10. How do I complete my profile if I don't have twitter or instagram? I added a photo, wrote a quick description but the site keeps telling me I'm on 75% complete. I'm one of the the strange ones that doesn't have any social media.
  11. I rarely look at mine until i slip during a stroke. This reminds me to have a look tonight....
  12. I reckon if you are in this thread, you would have to know the 12th man
  13. 49 year old with arthritic knees ( surgeon has told me to last out until I'm 55 for the replacement knee). Used to carry my bag and prefer it but now have bought my own petrol cart. Have bought an ultralight bag to walk a quick 9 when the knees feel ok on advise from the physio and surgeon. So here's to doing a bit of walking every now and again
  14. Good to see another Aussie on here. Let's hope the boys do well in the Open this week
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