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  1. For me it has been UST 780 ES Smacwrap Stiff. The weight has worked, help take strain and pain off my elbow from hitting off mats, and has been very consistent with my ZX 5 MKII heads. I have tried some other graphite iron shafts such as Aerotech Steelfiber, Misubishi MMT, and Fujikura Axiom, but the UST have been the best for me. Note on the Axioms, they are stiiff as hell, actually too stiff for my taste.
  2. The one thing that has kept me from purchasing more clubs this year is back fusion surgery. I can't go hit any of the clubs I am interested in so that is holding me back. Even trying a putter made my back sore, but just in the last week things have started feeling better and I start PT today. I can't wait to hit some new drivers, maybe the PXG Black OPS stuff and a few others, my concern is my swing speed will be down since I haven't swung a club since January and that will skew any results. My Srixon ZX 5 MKii irons are safe and probably my putter, for now. I acknowledge I have a problem buying clubs, but I embrace it. I am really missing all the free club fittings and hitting clubs at PGA tour superstore that I usually partake in this time of year.
  3. Longest I have ever gone is 28 holes, usually I lose it before it gets too damaged. Sometimes I play a scuffed ball because it's seems like I can't lose it.
  4. Golf ho and Costco ho. My free tire rotations at Costco always cost me $300.
  5. What Oakley frame is that? I have some Oakley frames for my prescription glasses but they are no longer made.
  6. I wear my regular progressive glasses without the transitions coloring I have in my other glasses, I can't track the ball anymore in sunglasses for some reason. I used to wear Oakley sunglasses back in the day when I wore contacts, but not in years.
  7. $420 + tax and shipping because that is how much is would cost me to build the custom version of the Scotty Scheffler Spider Tour, maybe not exact color scheme but same version. I haven't bought this because I am very happy with my current Tri Hot 5K blade putter that I purchased from Callaway second hand, but in true club hoe fashion I want to build and try it.
  8. I really want to buy the Scotty Scheffler putter without trying it, I have a problem.
  9. I have played in knickers a couple of times in Scotland. Made sense since the weather wasn't always great, not so much where I play in the states.
  10. Sounds about right, played Wolf Creek twice, I can't remember how many balls I lost on that course. Not my favorite down there maybe because my first experience was 115deg and almost 6 hour round due to idiots in front of us, this was in the first summer when they were open. The person that booked our tee times booked for10am or so, way too hot in summer to be teeing off then.
  11. I always wear a glove, always. I never take it off to chip or putt. That being said, if it is really hot and I start sweating through my glove, I will swap it out and put another one on and let the one dry. I never even notice I have it on. This only happens in summer when it is hot and humid occasionally, I don't sweat a lot usually unless they have watered the crap out of the course and it is really humid first thing in the morning. Kirkland gloves 4 for like $23 works for me. I also use rain gloves on the occasion I play in the rain unless my hands start getting cold.
  12. Bought this driver 2 years ago, really hit it well, ordered direct from Callaway in my specs , got it, played it, first round I was like nope, not working outdoors for me. Returned to Callaway, they finally gave me a credit for full amount, turned around and ordered Rogue ST Max LS in my specs and was very happy from the start. The TD was nice, but I didn't perform with it.
  13. IMO worse is wearing headphones, they can't hear emergency sirens coming or other sounds pertinent to driving a car.
  14. I have seen plenty of people wear a hoodie with the hood over their head and ears when playing, temp in mid 40s and wind blowing 20mph. I have done it, pull it up over my hat to cover my ears. I am usually wearing a FJ wind 1/4 zip pullover with it to block the wind. I prefer soft comfort and no wind. Good chance I am wearing jeans that day as well. We are talking March, April, maybe May, October, November, December in Colorado. Rest of the time I am wearing shorts and a collared golf shirt as I run warm, prefer not to play in jeans, but when it is cold, I have no issues with them. As a 60yo man, I don't really care what people wear as long as they aren't dicking around on the course. I actually prefer a hood on my rain jacket so I can pull it up over my hat and keep the rain off my glasses and hat. I like hoods on my outerwear.
  15. I was with you until you said Greg Norman brand, ugh!
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