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  1. In my opinion, Shot Scope got it right with the V3 The size is smaller than my Samsung Watch, all courses are preloaded, and the mapping has gotten better - which means I can still get accurate yardages when hitting blind-shots or have LOS blocked while using my Precision Pro rangefinder. Overall, a great product & an improvement from V2
  2. Joe / Indiana 14.4 Ping i20 152 yards
  3. I'm a huge proponent of ShotScope over Arccos. When I'm on the course, my phone is usually turned-off - I'm golfing - my phone in the bag for emergency situations only. For those concerned about wearing a 'watch' on the course: it's very lightweight. Tanning cream covers the untanned part of my wrist I would like for ShotScope to introduce V3 with (1) a quality, functional, REAL-watch option - not just just some plastic/rubber housing that isn't functional anywhere else but on the course, and (2) a Caddie platform - a la Arccos - that would suggest clubs-for-shots...based on my shot data.
  4. Joe / Indiana 15.9 Cleveland CG-14 Any type...I utilize a 'dial system' which produces fairly consistent yardages
  5. I purchased the NX-7 Pro, based-on the MGS review. It's a very serviceable rangefinder that does as-advertised. Yes, I have a handful of times when it read '58 yards' when I'm standing near the 150-yard placard in the fairway Would appreciate testing the NX-9 & have the 'current' model to base it against
  6. Joe Loukota, Plainfield, IN 17.8  PING i20  Black Cat (I noted the graphite shafts are +1/4", which is what my i20s are) The twin slot technology reminds me of the 'speed slots' in the TM lines. The lofts are 'traditional' (and the same as my i20s)...it'd be nice to compare/contrast this Lynx 'modern offering' to my PING 'aged staple'.
  7. Tier 5: Abraham Ancer Winning Score: -15
  8. First Name/State: Joe...Indiana Handicap/Swing Speed: 19 / 95 Current Ball Played: TM Project a Have you previously played the Z-Star or XV: No
  9. I will be willing to thoroughly review a 2-ball or Marxman model....DON'T send me a blade putter! I just got out of a 7-year relationship, so I have nothing to do but golf
  10. Tier 1 - Dustin Johnston Tier 2 - Xander Schauffele Tier 3 - Patrick Cantlay Tier 4 - Kevin Kisner Tiebreaker - Dustin Johnston -17
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