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  1. Thank goodness I pulled Ludvig Aberg in our Member/Masters outing yesterday! I certainly didn't do my job playing amongst the rice paddies (we had 7" of rain in the last week). The kid is gonna be a star! I'll keep my day job as an engineer & cancel my plans for playing in Augusta....unless there's a local muni course
  2. I have a unique connection with Cleveland - my grandmother lived in Parma & my dad caddied at Ridgewood as a teen (he's 85 now). Thanks for introducing yourself! Get some rounds in before the next squall sweeps in off Lake Erie Joe
  3. Cut #: +4 Low Am: Santiago De la Fuente Wedges: 50.08F / 54.10S / 58.14K
  4. Yes, the V5 is a significant upgrade over the 'box on a wrist' V3
  5. I haven't experienced this phenomena. For shots not on the green, I always take a practice swing, standing behind the ball & looking down my intended line, and have only had actual shots recorded/registered. See above. A shot is not registered/recorded when/where the club is 'tagged'; it is registered/recorded when/where the shot is struck with the club. Real-life scenario: I played cart golf this week - due to the 'flood season' we are currently experiencing. I pull a 7-iron out of the bag & walk to my ball. My watch shows '7i". I decide that I need a 6-iron due to the headwind. So I walk back to the cart, replace the 7-iron, pull a 6-iron, and my watch shows "6i". I take my normal practice swing, then step into the ball & strike it. Only 1 shot was recorded, with a 6-iron, from the spot I struck the ball (left rough). I did not have a 7-iron registered as a swing, a shot, or anything else - it was only displayed on the X5 while the club was in my left hand. When I switched to the 6-iron, the watch changed (appropriately). Again, no practice swings were recorded & the shot itself was recorded (properly).
  6. ShotScope X5. No annual fee....considering I can't play for x-number of months between December-April without a snow shovel & heated cart or a bag full of hot packs
  7. I had the original Odyssey #7 when introduced & it performed well....it just had a fickle owner. I went through an extensive fitting(s) this winter - various manufactures & various models, thanks to a very patient fitter at Club Champion - Indy. I settled on a Bettinardi Innovai 6.0. It's taken this pre-season to get re-accustomed to a milled face again (after a decade+ of playing inserts) but the roll is consistent
  8. PING S159 wedges to replace my Cleveland CBX2 wedges that are now 2 years old.
  9. That beats our forecast (in Indiana): chance of snow today (so we covered the tulips AGAIN!), 50s this weekend, then 60s-70s for the days many of us work for a living! Congrats, testers! Yes, I'm jealous!! I scheduled a fitting for these next week at our 'local' PING Fitter of the Year - Bunker Run Golf Shop. The early photos & results have me drooling
  10. @tony@CIC I noticed that playing with @IndyBonzo last weekend - we were playing the White tees but the only one the watch offered was Gold (shorter). I told Bonzo I picked the Gold & just played. Got home to edit the round & all the drives/shots were from the correct tees. @PhilM75072 I have told everyone that between yourself, @cnosil, @Northern Monkey, and a couple of other users, I've been able to glean all I need to be functional with the X5. Still waiting for the swing assistance
  11. I paid $400 for my Bettinardi Innovai, but I believe I get a more consistent, predictable roll with a milled face than I had with various inserts and micro-hinges. Yes, it required an extensive fitting session & I originally went to purchase an Evnroll. Results don't lie. Get fit & try multiple options on multiple days to remove the variables.
  12. Snap hook. Low grounders to 3rd base. The one fairway I hit, I intentionally altered my tempo. It was long & straight - I will admit - but not enough to displace a shaft I'm accustomed to & is paid for. Again, the is my opinion & my experience. I want to be careful to not disparage Newton & encourage everyone to experiment themselves. Personally, I'm not an Otto-Phlex guy either....I think the last tee shot with an OP shaft is still going OB right!
  13. Well, different strokes for different folks, right? I was able to get a round in today & the Newton is going back Maybe it has to do with transition/loading (as @Javs was discussing with Angelo) or something else, but I only hit one fairway today It is a decent shaft but MY go-to is still my EF Green & I don't have enough 'disposable income' to have something end-up in my golf rack (with the other wedges & putters) It IS very nice that Newton even offers a Demo program
  14. Hey, Bonzo....which Accra did you have in the TM when we played? As for my Otto Flex journey.....well, your Paradym OP shaft put me way, way, way, way right I'm just not patient enough
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