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  1. Actually, just got this beauty the other day...had an 8+ year old Tour Edge Exotics E8 driver and happened to be at a local store over the weekend. Lots of deals on last year's models, $200-$300 off. Hit a bunch on a whim, Stealth 2 Plus, AeroJet, Ping 425 LST, Titleist TR3, Paradym, etc. Came home with this one - it's the low spin model (LST) for lower spin and trajectory based on my swing. Have been out twice so far and really liking it.
  2. Which one did you get? I've never played with a watch so I'm not sure I'd like that and the club scan deal each shot seems a bit distracting. Maybe I just stick with old school and use the scorecard. lol
  3. I had Arccos after I got my Ping irons and it was OK but missed a lot of shots, especially putts. You'll have to keep us posted on the Shot Scope, I'd like to try something else or maybe even go back to Arccos if they've gotten a bit better with the sensors!
  4. Had to get out early this morning it was so beautiful and figured I'd get done in enough time to still work and watch the Masters Par 3...played 18 and was done by 9:30, first off and pretty much had the course to myself. Just ran to a local pubby course rather than my club which is hosting a high school tourney today. Gorgeous morning, no wind and played fairly decent with only a few holes I had to scramble a bit on. Only my 5th full round of the year so was very happy with a 77.
  5. I've always been a stand guy as I've walked most of my life...as I get older (and have joint problems), I've started to use either a push cart or ride. This past black Friday I bought the Titleist Hybrid 5 stand bag that was designed to be push/ride cart friendly with a couple of their designs but is still super comfortable to carry. 5 way divider is perfect for me and the pockets have plenty of room.
  6. Yep, the interstate is closed and it's supposed to get pretty bad out west. Luckily, we are both far enough east in Nebraska that we will just see some rain! We'll take the moisture though, should help the courses! It does need to warm up though, I have a tourney on Saturday and our league starts Monday!
  7. My only real constant pet peeves are slow play and simple lack of awareness that there are others out on the golf course...I don't care if you are scratch or a 30 hdcp, if you are playing so slow you are affecting others in your group or behind your group, make an adjustment.
  8. I did actually buy new irons (i525's) and a new 60 deg Vokey within the last couple of years BUT my i5's were 17 years old so I got my money's worth lol. On the other side, my Exotics E8 driver is probably 8 years old and my Callaway Steelhead Plus 3 is over 20 years old. I'm 100% of the opinion you do what works for you...new, old, etc. If you can score how you want to, that works!
  9. I can answer for the club manufacturers... ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOU HAVE TO BUY BRAND NEW!!! I'm with the rest here - as long as they are your specs, in good shape and you hit them well, why not save some money for a set that is a year or two old? I have a buddy who is about a 4 hdcp and he actually connected with a guy on ebay that had a set of year old 790's to his exact specs. I think he paid $700 for them and loves them.
  10. First time out this weekend - club opened today. Soooo excited!
  11. I have a couple of buddies in the area that might be interested as well...I'm not sure they are on the forums but they use MGS for reviews, etc. If we needed/wanted more bodies for a couple of tee times, I could always ask if they'd be interested also. Just a thought.
  12. I'd be in assuming we don't have any club events...Let me double check the calendar and run it by the wife but put me down for a 'probably' as of right now. Definitely would be open to other options within reason throughout the surrounding states too. My annual guys trip with buddies has pretty much died off because of kids events (theirs, not mine) so something new to look forward to would be good by me!
  13. This is a great thread, awesome idea! Unfortunately, I think you may be right about golf season ending soon here in Nebraska, hopefully I can still get out once or twice more! 2023 goals - 5/6 isn't too shabby Get hdcp under 4 - ended year at 3.7 Shoot under par at least once - nope Play more golf - joined a club this year, definitely accomplished this with 34 rounds of 18 holes and weekly golf league from May to September Play more tourneys - Played in our club championship, 4 scrambles and two 'couples night' scrambles Think through rounds more/be more consistent - had 4 rounds in the 80's through early June, then only one other round in the 80's the rest of the year, the other 26 rounds all in the 70's Get my wife out to learn/play more golf - she played 6 times this year which is more than the previous 4 combined. I have a feeling she'll play even more next year 2024 goals - Get hdcp under 2 Play at least 45 rounds of 18 holes Play club championship/match play and Nebraska mid-amateur Hit more fairways - over 50% as I was quite inconsistent this year with the driver PUTTING - far too many mistakes/3 putts, keep more rounds 30 or under Play more rounds with the wife/daughter - try to get at least 10 with them Walk more - bought a nice push cart last year, still rode far too much. Break 70 multiple times/set new personal best (67)
  14. Well, may have been my last round for the year...we'll see what the weather does, hopefully not though! Went out to the club yesterday with the wife and played 18...not a gust of wind, 69 and sunny. An absolutely perfect day for Nebraska in mid-November. Played decent, had a couple of holes that I made mistakes on with mid-long irons on approaches and pushed/pulled missing the green and costing a stroke here and there but otherwise, an ok round. I'll take 4 over if it's the last of the year...hit all my goals in 2023 except breaking par, was even par multiple times but just couldn't get it done. Next year, that will be the top goal for sure. Wife is still learning but played probably the best she ever has with two legit pars which hasn't happened before. Teaching her as she goes but one of the tips I gave a few holes in seemed to resonate and she started really hitting well/much straighter. I noticed that she was standing too far from the ball and feet were a little wide which led her to topping a lot of balls. Had her move closer in with a little more knee bend and a little swing plane change. I'm astounded at how quickly she just started doing it every time. She's an athlete, played college soccer so maybe that helps with adjusting and the feel part of the game. I think the bug got her a bit too as she hit a couple of drives and out comes an "ohhhh, that felt good" Overall, excited to get out next time, whenever that might be but a pretty successful 2023!
  15. Probably depends on the wind but assuming I'm playing the tips, I'd put either a 3 wood out to the right side of the fairway leaving a 7ish in or poke a driver over the bunkers with wedge in. Very conservative shot would be 3 iron to the right side of the fairway and 4/5 iron into the green. This course looks amazing BTW!
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