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  1. Happy birthday @Heyyodeen @Golfinvegas @Pastor Chuck
  2. Happy birthday @Mike_D @Arnie C @jneff11 @Senior Champ
  3. A smooth 101 at Victoria National yesterday. Won my match 3 and 2. The hardest course I'll ever likely to play and an absolute blast.
  4. Leave for Evansville Indiana at 8.30 this morning to stay and play at Victoria National until Wednesday with SkyTrak.
  5. Happy birthday @Golfspy_CG2 @Grip @Rob Lake @Undershooter @Grant K
  6. Happy birthday @Steve F @zrxgothmog
  7. Happy birthday @tsheaffer23 @Pettitt95 @CHINES63
  8. Happy birthday @ShootersTour
  9. Happy birthday @bumpandrun
  10. Happy birthday @RoverRick @Kenny B @03trdblack @C_Pelle @MagdaS @Fazz
  11. A couple of dozen Chrome Tours for my trip next week.
  12. Got out to Windmill Lakes yesterday and played a better round from the blues (6500). 38/44 82. I came undone a little bit on the back but managed to limp it home. Next week I'm off to Indiana and playing Sultan's Run in Jasper as a prep to play a few rounds at Victoria National and it's 5,000,000 gallons of water. (Yes, I have 3 dozen balls especially.)
  13. Happy birthday new member, @ADixon and @Birdieputt13
  14. Happy birthday @Rob Person @BrianDwyer @tgetty @Al_Mack @RHB75
  15. Happy birthday @C-Lau76 @acatalano32
  16. I don't care what socks people wear, I wear no shows when I play.
  17. Happy birthday @BreakfastBall15 @DennisMiller @Jagzsr
  18. Happy birthday @KFGgolf @Bassbeamer
  19. Happy birthday @LarryLondon @golffun @cheese57 @Tkdblackbelt
  20. MattF


    If you're determined to use charcoal and chunks, check Home Depot or Lowes for an Oklahoma Joe offset.
  21. Happy birthday @fredsharky @PrismFlopper @Popeye
  22. I played fairly craptacular for a 91. I need to tighten that crap up for Victoria National in a couple of weeks.
  23. Happy birthday @Chubbs1991 @Nexy @Shrek74 @BobBC78 @cciciora13 @BTKruse @JonMUSC08 @tacotollefson67
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