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  1. I got my wife the Ninja Foodie because it's both an instant pot and an air fryer, I love it more than she does!
  2. I'm another Caddytek ho. Got mine at Costco for about $140 and couldn't be happier with it. Comes standard with a drink and umbrella holder, which a lot of others charge extra for.
  3. No we don't, but the Walmart Great Value brand is good too. Exact same ingredients as the rest of them.
  4. I just discovered that when I was in Florida. Sure beats lemonade powder for calories.
  5. Happy birthday @Rtracymog! Have a great day mate!! Also happy birthday @Hula Rock and @mbrodeur86! Come back and say hello fellas!
  6. I'm so very sorry for your loss Rob. My condolences to you and your family.
  7. Just did a quick look and both Portage (where Windmill is) and Summit county have closed all courses. But, I did see that people were playing at Firestone yesterday...won't be long before they get shut down.
  8. Got a call from Windmill yesterday. Ohio Department of Health shut down golf for Ohio, so my tee time on Sunday is cancelled.
  9. Happy birthday to a newish member @D_Golfer! Have a great day!
  10. Happy birthday to our own @Wedgie! Hope you have an excellent day.
  11. First round at Windmill yesterday and it was a tale of 2 nines. Shot a fairly blistering 41 on the front followed by a very disappointing 49 on the back for a 90. I just fell apart and my back started aching. We'll see what happens on Sunday.
  12. Sunday is meant to be OK according to Dark Skies. Good luck to you too!
  13. Called Windmill this morning and have a tee time for 11:12 today, walking with another member...not too close though. Going out as a single on Sunday at 11:04.
  14. I just posted it in the corona thread but I got this email from Windmill yesterday: As of Wednesday, March 25th the golf course is back open! An update from Windmill Lakes Golf Club about COVID – 19. To Our Valued Customers and Employees: First and foremost, Windmill Lakes Golf Club is committed to the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. With some clarity of guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health, our golf course will be open, weather dependent. We will be observing the following guidelines and social distancing requirements: Social Distancing Requirements: – Maintaining a distance of at least six feet between individuals – Hand sanitizer products available for customers and employees – Seniors may play at any time, but tee times are held exclusively for Seniors 60+ from 10:00am – 11:00am Monday though Friday Check-In: – Tee times are required – Call ahead payments are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED – Snack bar will be closed at this time – Downstairs bathrooms will be open – Golf Shop will be open on a limited basis for take out purchases and credit card payments We Ask Our Players: – Please do not come to the course if you are sick or showing signs of being sick – Practice social distancing – Social distancing on golf carts is recommended (1 cart per player) unless you live in the same household – Do not remove flag sticks from cup – Please show up to the course no more than 10 minutes prior to your tee time – Use hand sanitzing locations What Windmill Lakes is Doing: – All employees will have temperature taken upon arrival – We have enhanced our store cleaning procedures to include the use of disinfectant on all golf carts and push carts, check out areas and CC terminal, bathrooms, door handles and rails We are happy to allow customers to enjoy being outside, but we would not be allowing this this if we were not absolutely certain we can provide a safe environment for everyone. It is the responsibility of our customers, employees, friends and family, to do our best to stop the spread of COVID – 19.
  15. MattF


    I'm OK here. Have to run to the lumber store this morning to get some boards for the new book shelves then I'm not going anywhere until a veggie run on the weekend.
  16. Windmill sent an email the other day saying they were closed until 4/6. Then they sent this yesterday: Woop woop!
  17. A very happy birthday to two great members @fixyurdivot and @azstu324! You both happen to celebrate on the same day as my eldest daughter, who is 21 today. Hope you both have a great day!
  18. We made it home, got in on the stoke of midnight. The flight from St Louis had 34 people on it so we were spread out. I'm off to get essentials this morning and then will bunker down.
  19. Got a heavier weight for my M5...it worked a bit.
  20. There's a thread here mate: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/34723-arccos-versus-shotscope-v2/ I'm using the Shot Scope V2 and quite like it but am really looking forward to getting the V3 with the improvements that they've made.
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    From the album: Innisbrook 03/19/2020

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    From the album: Innisbrook 03/19/2020

  23. MattF

    Innisbrook 03/19/2020

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