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  1. I'm picking up what you're putting down, but where's the fun in that?
  2. You're living dangerously going over the water on 14!
  3. So, it took about 12 days? They said I won't get the driver until the 31st, which I thought was a bit of a long time.
  4. Buy a laser pointer. Use said laser pointer to put a red dot on them when you catch them going through your bin...they'll get the message.
  5. Matt Tallmadge, OH 16 HDCP 100MPH Bridgestone Tour B JGR 19° and 23° 19° because I'm hooking the blazes out of my current hybrids.
  6. Congratulations all! I think you all are going to really like this ball, I know I do.
  7. Champion, thanks mate! I think I'll be buying into these as well.
  8. @chisag can you do us a favour and weigh the sticks please? Here's a thread on these ones: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/31571-diamond-tour-superspeed-stick-clones/?tab=comments#comment-538584 we were wanting to see if they're close to the same weight as the original Super Speed sticks. Thanks.
  9. MattF

    Happy thread

    Sorry to say but the weather didn't warrant bringing out the hat!
  10. She's not the only one!! Good luck and I hope #1, you get on and #2, you have a good round.
  11. Wish I lived somewhere that I even had a chance of hitting a mango tree!
  12. If you're a member of the local Grint club, then your handicap is GHIN compliant. You just need to print the card and you're away.
  13. Second day of my running odyssey. Monday I thought I was going to have a stroke and today it downgraded to a heart attack! So far, so good.
  14. Yep, I caved in my M5 last week and TM are sending out a new one.
  15. Do it, do it, do it!!! Ask @MaxEntropy what he thinks, he's good at spending other peoples money!!!
  16. MattF

    Happy thread

    That was your ball you gave me to try!!
  17. MattF

    Happy thread

    Yep, apparently I'm quite the beast now!
  18. Congratulations @Undershooter...consider that your birthday present from MGS!
  19. Yes mate. I actually wrote something else, but being a family friendly forum, I changed it to another Aussie colloquialism.
  20. MattF

    Happy thread

    I posted it in the "What have you bought" thread, but TMAG came to the party and is replacing my caved in M5. Won't be here until the end of the month though.
  21. Not bought, but TMAG came to the party and is sending out a new M5 for me. The only issue is that it won't get to the shop until the 31st...they must have given it to some dude on a bicycle and told him to start peddling!
  22. I put the MTB-X into play on Friday for the first time and it's the ducks guts. I have 2 dozen Blacks to lose and then I'm all in on the X.
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