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  1. Tony said in the comments that it's next on the block.
  2. Yep. So, how are you with drywall?
  3. 47/46 93. Driver was off its' chops all day leaving me in a bad position a lot. First time out with the D7's and while I didn't hit any in the power holes, they seem to be working well.
  4. Not officially charted but yesterday was my The Grint club tournament, so I played a few holes with one of the groups before my tee time. #5 at Windmill Lakes I lost the driver short and right leaving 200 to the middle with the pin in the front quadrant. I thought 4 iron because 185ish is good for the Bridgestone. Well...D7 to the middle and rolled to the back.
  5. I haven't had then checked for loft and lie but I didn't see any issues with mine. The shafts were all orientated the same, ferrules snug and no marks whatsoever on the heads.
  6. I've had that happen twice to me now and have now found a guy I trust completely and will take on anything.
  7. Registration for my truck and a new carb for my blower.
  8. What type of foundation? I did a concrete one back in Sydney many, many years ago. Here, I'd be going with ground contact treated 6x6's and a 1/2-3/4" marine ply floor.
  9. I'm always on the lookout for a 71+ Super Beetle to start working on and maybe turn into a Baja.
  10. They're a little bigger, but not as much as you think. Just a hair less offset too, I'll be doing a spec comparison in my full review. (I did that yesterday and actually had to do some maths because Wilson uses imperial measurements and Bridgestone uses metric.)
  11. Went to the range yesterday and I have to tell you, I'm not a range guy. I didn't think I was and yesterday confirmed it, I just can't hit balls at a range even if I try to envision playing a few holes...I might be as mental as @MaxEntropy! I'm just going to go out and play for this test. Here's a few teaser photo's of the PW, 6 and 4 compared to the same Bridgestones.
  12. Thanks guys. I guess I'll try the cream/salve first on my various spots.
  13. Congratulations for going through the wringer with this test competitors. Congratulations @xOldBenKenobiX for the win. @GB13, we need to talk...
  14. Question for you fellas. If you need pain relief only, in certain areas, would you use the cream or take a soft gel/gummie?
  15. Please wish a very happy birthday to @sixcat, @WaffleHouseTour and @ghost_32. Have a great day!!
  16. I'll be going to the range this afternoon (I was going to go yesterday but I had to go and fix a plumbing issue for a very useless friend of mine) to give these clubs their first test drive. I'm taking my 4, 6 and PW Bridgestones to try and compare as well as take a few comparison photos. Stay tuned. BTW, I think you guys will like the Recoils. I've been playing them for about 4 years and really, really like them a lot. However, because I LOVE my Even Flow wood shafts, I went with the Project X Catalyst because they look to be the iron version of the Even Flows.
  17. I hope Bob Cat doesn't see this post!
  18. Always knew you were mental!
  19. Please wish @Tarheelvolvo a very happy birthday.
  20. Had a fun day yesterday with the Ohio boys at @tony@CIC 's club. Got hot out of the gate paring the first 3 hole, then got a bit shaky but shot a 42 on the front. Hit my best drive of the day on the par 5 10th, slightly pulled my hybrid to pin high right of the green, pitched on and the ball tracked all the way to the hole where it hit the pin leaving an easy 3-4 footer for birdie...then the wheels fell off and I ended up with a 47 on the back. Considering the the rating was 70.7 and 131 slope from the white tee's, I was happy but at the same time a little disappointed.
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