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  1. Tomorrow I will be posting about the Rocketballz experience I had today. For a small preview...............WOW.

  2. I was just reading the 'Top Post of 2011' and that damn 'Reveal my Identity' post got me AGAIN. LOL

  3. I got a feva and the only prescription is more cow bell.

  4. Put an FST Pro 125 XS hard stepped shaft in my 8i yesterday. I cut it to length, then added weight to get it to an even 120g. I'm LOVING the ball flight I get from this thing; I'm hitting my 8i the same height that I hit my 5i with the S300's. A full switch is coming soon. At $10 per, you can't beat it.

  5. Who else is staying up to watch Tigers 2012 debut tonight?

    1. RoverRick


      Watching a bit delayed but 1 off the lead after 9 is not bad. The three putt hurt.

    2. JBones


      Tigers round looked like one of mine; lots of greens hit and lots of putts. I'm going to change that this year.

    3. RoverRick


      It is easier just to miss the green.

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  6. I hit what was probably the best shot I have ever hit, yesterday. I had 215yds up hill, into a 20mph wind, and on a side hill lie with the ball above my feet. I was in the right rough and the green was completely blocked by a tree. I hit a punch, cut 3W that started about 15yds left of the green to a right pin placement. The ball didn't get more than 20' off the ground and it landed on the front edge of the green, almost hit the pin, and finished about 15' past. I two putted ...

    1. Tyk


      Nice, I love those shots that you remember forever!


  7. Gotta love southern Indiana weather; played golf all weekend and today it is snowing with 40mph winds.

  8. Woohoo, got myself a couple caddy jobs for next year. My little cousin will be trying to qualify for the US Open, as well as the Nationwide Tour event that will be here next summer; I'll be on the bag for both.

    1. Kanoito


      Awesome! Let us know if you are on TV... so we can say "hey! I know that guy" :D

    2. GolfSpy Tim

      GolfSpy Tim

      very cool!!! keep us updated, can't wait to see you on TV!

  9. Went to the range on a 60* day , surrounded by a bunch of 30* days; hit the best bucket of balls in probably 10 years. I don't know whether to be upset that I don't get to put it to use or excited about the prospect of next year.

  10. I hate having to take the winter off.

    1. Kanoito


      So do I bro... so I got myself a couple of computer games for the winter :P

    2. RoverRick


      I know what you mean, sometimes here in Texas we have 4 days in a row where the weather is too bad for golf.;)


    3. JBones


      You're a jerk, Rick, LOL.

  11. Leaving for vacation on Saturday, playing the Magnolia and Palm at Disney Resort next Wednesday. Can't wait.

    1. daves81


      sounds fun have a good trip

  12. I need someone to make a putter that won't allow me to three putt everytime I drive a par four or hit a par 5 in 2. LOL.

    1. daves81


      good luck let me know if u figure it out |-)

  13. Getting ready to pull the trigger on a Adams 9015d 8.5* with Matrix HD6 XS. I'm giving up on accuracy on going back to the 320yd drive days..

  14. So, I went and played the local par 3 with my lil cuz and he proceeds to break the course record (which was his already). He had 5 birdies and a hole in one, for a 20. He lipped out a 12' putt on 9 , that would have given him a 19.

    1. Kanoito


      is it the same dick who is scratch at 16? :D

    2. JBones


      Yep, same little jerk.

  15. The paint on my lil cuz's driver is completely wore off in the dead center of the face; what a dick. It must suck to be a scratch golfer at 16.

    1. Kanoito


      LOL seriously... ban him!

  16. Man, watching the Open really makes me want to go play the local links course.

  17. I've been watching the Open for a few hours now and I've noticed the only American to get any cheers is Phil. If they don't pay Tom Watson the respect he deserves I'm flying over there and kicking some arse. Man, I'd love to see him make another run like he did in 2009.

  18. It's not supposed to be near as easy as what Rory is making it look.

    1. daves81


      he will lose the lead i expect jmo like the masters

    2. daves81


      well maybe not!

  19. Is it just TV or do the pros get to play on HUGE greens?

    1. Kanoito


      give me those greens and I'll still miss them!


    2. JBones


      I see guys have 80' putts all the time and I would have to putt from the fairway to have one that long.

    3. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      small greens at 15 stimp would be death. that course was a bloodbath as is today...

  20. My little cuz shot even today in the first round of the Indiana boys state championship; his team is tied 7th. The leader finished with 5 straight birdies to fire an amazing 63.

  21. I actually got to get out and play the 12 holes that weren't under water.Shot even with only 11 putts. I guess all that time I've been spending on the practice green is starting to pay off.

  22. I live about 3 miles north of the Ohio, but on high enough ground that it didn't get to us. There are only a couple courses that are still under water. I'm planning on playing Sunday if the rain holds off.

  23. I've finally given up on trying to fix myself. I have a lesson at noon tomorrow. I figured I might as well do it now, while it's too wet to actually go play.

  24. I'm so sick of this damn rain; 14" in the last 10 days.

    1. hckymeyer


      I'd take that over the snow we are still getting in MN

    2. Tony Covey MGS

      Tony Covey MGS

      watching the rain come down again myself. Fortunately my home course is built entirely on sand so it shouldn't be a problem by the time I tee off tonight.

    3. tiger plays 18 hoes a day

      tiger plays 18 hoes a day

      i feel ya jbones. i havent got to golf in 2 weeks because of this freakin rain. but its finnaly calming down


  25. Just had 3 big boxes from GolfWorks show up at my front door. I didn't order anything, but my birthday is in a couple days. Could it be the rest of the equipment I needed for my personal repair shop???

    1. JBones


      PS, my wife is awesome.

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