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  1. I'm in, though I never do well in these March Madness brackets, despite filling out several each year. I actually already have a Cleveland Huntington Beach putter, but it is not the latest version with the S.O.F.T. face. I'd choose a different style than my current one, which is a mid mallet akin to the SOFT 6 Putter. I'd go with something different, though I'm not sure which. I already also have a couple of other full mallet style putters, but I don't have anything like Cleveland's SOFT 11 or SOFT 11C, and I don't have anything like the SOFT 1 or the SOFT 8.5
  2. The Big Shot Tuned Golf. They are some sharp looking sunglasses.
  3. I'm a big fan of March Madness. I never seem to pick well in these bracket games, but I always enjoy the challenge.
  4. I personally haven't bought anything, but only because I haven't needed anything lately. I have been asked by friends, and I have recommended things based on the website, though perhaps it might have been another golf website. My bro-in-law bought a Garmin GPS based on recommendations from a site, which I think was MGS. A friend bought a Ping Ketsch mallet putter because MGS touted it as the best of the best for accuracy. Both have said that their games have improved thanks to using the purchases.
  5. 1. Carolina Panthers win. Final Score: 44-28. 2. MVP is Cam Newton. 3. 4 TD Passes by winning QB.
  6. This seems doggone near impossible to guess. The forum consensus seems to be leaning towards Wilson Staff starting over out of bankruptcy. I can't think of much else. Srixon? Maybe their Z Star balls won a few majors? I know they've been around longer than 2007, but maybe they are one of those companies that re-organized from "less than nothing" and started over? Anyway, it sure is a brain teaser. I kind of hope the answer is Wilson Staff. That would mean that a once prominent brand that fell on hard times has bounced back to prosperity. I've seen more tweets from them lately abou
  7. If this turns out to be some semantic thing where the company has existed for ages but was bankrupt (less than nothing), then re-organized and became profitable, that would be pretty lame. The clue says the company started in 2007 with less than nothing. It doesn't say it was in existence already, then re-organized from bankruptcy. Even if it has a parent company that was in existence, that should disqualify it, such as Superstroke golf grips being owned by Tiger Shark, which has existed for a long time. Or all of the Wilson Golf related answers.
  8. How about True Linkswear, those comfy non-traditional golf shoes.
  9. I think Europe will edge the USA in a fairly close matchup, though I'll be rooting for USA. My preference is the USA grip, 3.0 size. Dark Horse prediction: Keegan Bradley is the guy who plays way above his head this year.
  10. I noticed at the top of the MyGolfSpy page, it says that you can enter daily to increase your chances of winning. If you go to the entry page site, the "official rules" state this: "Limit of ONE (1) entry per person/email address throughout the Sweepstakes Period." Thus, adding more entries daily might not help you, since it lists the sweepstakes period as from August 11 to August 28, and you get only one entry per that period. Perhaps MyGolfSpy is correct and you can enter daily, but I'd check those "official rules" for yourself, as you might be saving yourself some time if in fac
  11. I've been viewing this website for only about a year, so I didn't think there was anything even remotely disappointing about the site. But it really sounds like you are working even harder to make things better. Those changes you mentioned sound great.
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