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  1. So piss the Sponsors off that are paying the prize money… interesting take for sure.
  2. LK ball hit on the hill and rolled into the hazard. So by going up the hill to place the ball she was following her ball path. The other Lady’s ball flew into the hazard from the fairway and never hit the ground, I think that’s why she went back to the fairway to hit again.
  3. A rule’s official stood there, and watched her. He was satisfied with the outcome of her lie.
  4. Picked up a new set of T300 with Tensi red, a U505 20* today.
  5. Ole gray, do you find these draw bias? I hit demo’s at my pro shop with the stock graphite shafts, they seemed to have a draw I never had before.
  6. Got fitted for Stealth irons after work, and placed my order.
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