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  1. Thank you all for the opinions and help, and yes, my wood game being so bad revolves around my terrible swing, and the longer the shaft, the worse I am. Pretty sure I am going to cut all my iron shafts down.
  2. Cypress Point is a deal at the max, 45.00 and is in great shape.
  3. 2 More pairs of shorts in the closet now, I really do love them. You can buy them on pre-order (as new deliveries come out) at 39.00 instead of the in-stock price of 59.00 per pair.
  4. Look for a good Driving Iron, I just hit my irons 100% times better than woods. I have been using a 3 Wood but even that is not as true as my lower iorns. Any have any they would endorse? Would love to hear some feedback from players using a Driving Iron as well. Thank you,
  5. JohnBarry


  6. Been a long time, out of the clothing business and now work for a medical software company, in sales of course and loving it!!
  7. Been away for a long time, but I do own 2 pairs of shorts I pre-ordered for 29.00 per pair. they fit true to size, feel a bit thin but this is summer and I found them to be vibrant and awesome. I will own a lot of their styles and consider them a more affordable Loud Mouth!
  8. Great to see the new faces and my old friends, I promise to be checking in way more!!
  9. Fashion is setting your own trends, and watching people follow!
  10. Plaid pants and shorts galore, only way to golf!
  11. Hope everyone is doing ok and I haven't missed too much! I know I have. Been working hard, family timing (teenage daughter is killing me) and still skating and surfing with my 11-year-old son! Still find some time for crazy golf outfits, golf trips, and having fun with friends on the course. Wishing everyone the best, this is still the only golf site I would ever look at!
  12. Congrats Foz, and may your days not be filled with yard work or home improvement projects you wife thinks must take up all your time now. I have a retired Uncle who used to golf a lot more when he actually worked!
  13. Hey All, Sorry for being absent for so long, missed the community and the friends here. Been skateboarding with my son as much as possible, and playing when I can. Of course being a professional terrible Karaoke singer has taken up my time also. My best news is that I am about to get out of the toxic, terrible job I have been in for almost 17 years (wasn't always that way) and make my way into a new, terrifying and great new job with a Medical Software firm, selling of course! So excited to be a company that actually values it's team. Still running my Pinehurst and Myrtle Beach golf trips, still dress flashy, still have an increasing handicap and still love playing for fun! I will be here more often!
  14. John Barry, Virginia Beach Virginia. HC 23 Dream bag you ask? It is a dream, golf hasn't been very good for me as of late, so the dream bag would: What best fits me from our two great companies putting this on.
  15. I am taking it easy for sure.
  16. I mentioned before I couldn't get my son Jake interested in golf, and was really looking for something we could do together. He found skate boarding and fell in love, so I had to break the 29 year no skating streak and join him. I am just learning all over again, as he keeps progressing. So I present to you, Jake and The Fat Man!
  17. I couldn't resist that one!!
  18. Happy Birthday John, from John!
  19. I am almost tempted to sign up and see if they could match my style!
  20. What picture post would be any fun without one of my "Worst Dressed Golfer" pictures? Me and my friend Edgar, aka "Wang, it's a parking lot."
  21. I'm in the clothing business and I deal with a lot of retailers, and I say this to everyone as nicely as I can. DO NOT BUY NIKE. They are the worst company for a retailer to deal with, they force feed people who carry them tons of horrible product to get the "good stuff". They tell store where they can and can not expand to if they still want an account with them. They are the bullies in soft goods, I will not buy anything from them.
  22. Sorry all for such a long absence from the forum, wasn't by design. The first job, the one I have grown to hate but pays the bills has been improving and busy. Basketball for my son, and coaching him, travel cheer leading for my daughter and her about to be a teen has been taking a ton of time. But the best, and maybe the scariest thing is my son is really into skate boarding. I skated a lot when I was his age up until I was about 20 (and the 3rd broken ankle). So for the last 4 months, if the weather is nice enough, it's me and my son hitting the skate parks together. It's been great being able to do an activity with my son we both love! Lots of pain, bruises and bumps for me, and lots of him laughing! I just couldn't get him into golf, my daughter gave up to. But don't worry, the King Of Style is still alive and hooking (the ball). Have my group trip to Pinehurst coming up in May, promise lots of pictures! I will be more active, miss you guys!
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