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  1. I played one of these 20 years ago. Would love to try the new versions
  2. Would love to try it out. Currently playing a Cally Epic, time for an upgrade
  3. Graphite Design ys six nanoreload stiff, 44” 335 tip. One time pull $45
  4. I am Always looking for comfortable and stable golf shoes.
  5. I have a golfworks Moment x putter that I made as an armlock. Let me know if interested.
  6. Nat Robin Birmingham, Alabama TM Spider Tour (red) Either 1 or 2, thanks
  7. Nat


  8. All stock, in very good condition $65 shipped OBO
  9. Nat


  10. My 25 yo son plays a tour issue classic XL 9.5*. He has a swing speed 125+, and it works really well for him. It’s not the most forgiving, he sprays it some, but that is more user operator. When he catches it it goes 300 on a perfect trajectory
  11. Ive been using the M+ wedges for several years. I’m a 3 hndcp, always loved Maltby stuff, currently play KE4 Tour+ irons. I also have a friend with Cleveland golf and have used every Cleveland wedge. While Cleveland makes tremendous wedges, I prefer the M+ series. I had the 54* black, now The 54* yellow (mid) . It is a very reliable club from the fw and rough. I think because the head is heavier it flies a tad short of other 54* wedges ive used, but spin, consistency, and trajectory are all excellent. i also have used the 60* red (widest sole). Now use the 58, bent to 59* yellow. Phe
  12. Glad to hear you’ve escaped Chicago. Hope youre well.
  13. If youre open to components I have a golfworks KE4 TC driver, Maltby UL shaft. Terrific set up I built for a buddy who decided to go a diff direction
  14. I built this putter for my son because it looked and felt great, and he likes heavier putters. After a horrid putting day 81 with 40 putts) I decided to put it in play. Next round I got lightening-ed out after 14, but had 20 putts +1. I have a straight back straight thru stroke, but for some reason this works. I see the line better, and feel completely confident I can start the ball on line. Heavier head weight smooths out the stroke and provides forgiveness. For $99 it is a steal IMO as it is everybit the putter a bettanardi or Scotty is
  15. Nat, Birmingham Alabama 55 years old, 3.6 hncp 5-GW Golfworks KE4 tour+, nippon 950 GH regular, +1/2”
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