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  1. I wouldn’t. I’m perfectly happy with just 12 clubs in my bag.
  2. Eric/Charlotte, NC/USA Ping Scottsdale TR Piper C I've preferred center-shafted, no-offset putters for more than 15 years now (I'm left-eye dominant, with a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke). I've been gaming the Ping Scottsdale TR Piper C (also used my Mackenzie Hughes and Nasa Hataoka) for 5-6 years. I bought it at 35", cut it down to 34", reshafted it to 36", and recently cut it back down to 35". I'd like to try the Heppler Piper C for purposes of comparison, and because the adjustable shaft could save me some work in the future . Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Eric - North Carolina 26.4 index Bridgestone e6 Soft Optic Yellow Soft Thanks for the opportunity! I look forward to comparing the e6 Soft (which I've played since summer 2017) to the new e12 Soft.
  4. Many thanks to PING and MGS for this opportunity! Eric, North Carolina 27 handicap, about 100 mph Nike Covert 2.0 (10.5°), Wishon S2S Red Stiff PING G400 Max, 10.5° I'll be 60 on Masters Thursday, and can't think of a better birthday present! Even at my age, I'm still quite flexible and haven't lost any significant distance yet. The hacker's handicap is due primarily to my abysmal short game. My old Nike has served me well, but it's time to try some newer technology. I'd be honored to give the G400 Max a try, and to share my findings with the MGS family. Thanks again!
  5. Most of the bag should be safe for 2018, with three possible exceptions: Nike Covert 2.0 driver (Wishon S2S Red) - SAFE Wishon 775HS hybrids (2, 3, 4, 5) (Wishon S2S Red Hybrid) - probably SAFE, but I may replace the 2-hybrid with a 5-wood at some point Wishon 979SS irons (6, 7) (Wishon S2S Red Iron) - SAFE Wishon 979SS irons (8, 9, P) (Wishon S2S Stepless Steel) - SAFE Ping Glide wedges (50°SS, 54°SS, 58°ES) (Ping CFS Wedge) - probably SAFE, but I may replace the 58°ES with the same model in the Glide 2.0 line at some point Ping Scottsdale TR Piper C putter - probably SAFE, but I'm coveting an Evnroll ER2CS
  6. Here are the MyGolfSpy 1 standings after round 2 (hope it's legible):
  7. Thanks so much for inviting me! This was a lot of fun and I look forward to next year. Eric
  8. Thanks, Saccers! Congrats to bc804 and BumpAndRun!
  9. I had a great time this year. Look forward to seeing how Bump and Run, Saccers and others did in group 2!
  10. I left too many points on my bench today (Rose, D. Johnson) and didn't have any Spieth starts left. Kudos to those who saved one for this week!
  11. Here are the MyGolfSpy 1 Weekly Performance standings after the Tour Championship, including Summer Segment and full season points. Well done, wbealsd and Toats Magoats!
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