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  1. I have bought from them a few times. It’s a great way to get new release clubs a little early if that’s something you are in to. Everything has always been top notch. I have even got a couple driver heads advertised as used that came new in shrink wrap.
  2. There will be a ton of different ideas and examples of who someone may want to take Zing’s place but I believe he is the perfect example of why your credibility idea may not work. He did have to stand over and make a 6 footer to feed his family. Just because someone played the game doesn’t mean they have any ability to talk golf on a broadcast. With the way the Champions Tour is becoming more popular, I doubt many older guys are gonna want to commentate.
  3. @Silverado90 there is a button to make an offer or you can simply hit the contact seller button and start a pm with him.
  4. This is really good to hear. Thanks
  5. Some like to see the nicks and dings but as someone that buys and sells a lot of clubs, I can assure you that keeping them as pristine as possible can be worth as much as a couple hundred dollars in resale. Obviously to each their own and this topic has been beaten to death over and over again, but for my money I’ll use them and don’t care what anyone else thinks.
  6. If ya follow his posts he was “happy” with it until all of a sudden it was over rated.
  7. Question for ya Jason, how easy is the setup? I tend to play very early morning with nobody on the course until I’m almost done and was thinking about the possibility of setting it up on every shot for a round or 2. You know if I should happen to end up with one lol
  8. Oh for sure. I was thinking the same. Keep the quality of mat up and add the squares under which may also help with using normal tees.
  9. Price drops are gonna be coming for most of the major OEM’s drivers due to new releases being announced between now and the pga show. As I mentioned along with others I game the Paradym TD and it’s been the best driver I have ever played. And let’s be honest outside of @Golfspy_CG2 not many have tried/owned more. I will still try/buy them all this new year but it will take something special to beat the Paradym. That said I mentioned in our staff channel that I’m not a huge fan of Navy so the new Smoke AI or Cobra Dark Speed may just need to match it for me to change.
  10. Didn’t actually think about it that way. Yeah mat is probably the one place to not skimp. My original thought for the mat was to get some of those foam concrete pieces to put down then the mat on top of them to help with impact on the joints
  11. This is gonna be an interesting topic to follow. In my opinion this has everything to do with LIV/PGA merger(this will not become a place to argue this topic). Rory has been very vocal on his stance between the 2 and I fully see him retiring if the merger goes through.
  12. This topic will be met with lots of criticism as it can be a hot topic for some people. As for myself, I use them. I’m a big club ho’ and anything that can keep resale up is a win for me. I use the simple neoprene ones with the numbers on them. The ones with clear bottoms always come apart too quickly. It’s also a helpful deterrent should some jerk be trying to steal them lol. It has actually become part of my pre shot routine. Pull my club, take off the cover, 1 or 2 practice swings behind the ball while envisioning the shot I wanna hit, hit, clean the club face, put cover back on, and put club away.
  13. This is also a thought of mine. Starting small and gradually working towards a full sim build. I’m trying to decide where the correct spot is to go cheaper in the build. Screen/net/mat wise
  14. I have played on simulators that use the birtees but there is never one that is the correct height for where I tee the ball.
  15. I’m going down this rabbit hole as well. I like the replacement hitting mat but think I’m leaning towards a mat that I can use a real tee anywhere on the mat to help with wear.
  16. Gonna be following this very closely. Curious how the dots work and if they improve more than spin readings.
  17. Still not working for me. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and every now and again it shows I’m part of the clan then it goes away lol
  18. I play it every week. It’s my golf fix for most of the winter lol
  19. Got some simulator time in last night but after working all day I cut it short. Wasn’t swinging the longer clubs very well. I compared the test ball to my current gamer Callaway Chrome Soft X LS. Here are the Ping 46* Glide 4.0 wedge comparison. I know the CSXLS is a low spin ball but holy cow the spin difference was bigger than I thought with partial wedge shots. I will say though I was surprised the test ball scuffed after 1 shot lol. I was all over the map with the 7 iron. This time the Test ball is the top one. When it came to the 7 iron the softer feel of the test ball became more noticeable. It’s a feeling I rather enjoy. I did hit a few 4-irons and drivers but I was tired and couldn’t find the face of either very consistently. I might get in again this weekend for just some long iron numbers or driver numbers.
  20. Balls expected Monday and simulator time locked and ready
  21. Not to hijack Jamie’s thread but I will be trying a few different heads this winter along with a bunch of shafts but it will take something special to get the Paradym TD out of the bag
  22. The 425 was good for sure. The biggest improvement between the 425 and 430 was in the lst model with the addition of carbon. The sound and feel was vastly improved in the 430.
  23. It looks to be an interesting training for sure. My only issue from what I just read in that link, this will help with attack angle and swing path but will do absolutely nothing for face angle. Changing grip can help with that but this can’t be the quick fix they are claiming. Just like all swing training, time and repetition are key. I can see it working for sure but just don’t expect the swing fix and 17-40 quickly.
  24. You will almost never see revolutionary changes year after year. That does not mean that 1 & 2 as it can be are the same. There are little tweaks happening in every version. Whether that helps you or not is for you to test to find out.
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