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  1. Now I like where I’m sitting! Davante Adams and Kelce are nice additions!
  2. Probably both. Hopefully all the serious injuries are over for the year.
  3. Just gearing up for the long season. If Engram can pull his head out of his rear end and I get Michael Thomas back, my team will be fine. At least until more injuries hit the league. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. While nice looking clubs, put me in the camp of preferring the TW-X from the pics. I’m guessing they look better in person though
  5. For those in the Stud division that may have lost a RB to injury, I’m always willing to deal!
  6. I got no dog in this fight and am not a patriots or Cam fan. That said the last call was on McDaniels not Cam. There was no option for Cam to give the ball to anybody else since the other 10 guys were in front of him and none of them released for a pass. Cam had no choice but to run. On a side note, Cam does tend to keep the option more than any other QB. Professional or College.
  7. Well a Sim Max D 9* head is on the way to me. If I can’t make the D work, I guess that will end my Sim experiment. Maybe I can talk the wife into a TSi3 for my birthday!
  8. Yeah fall birthdays and living in Iowa doesn’t always work well when getting golf equipment. I will say that my 40th is Friday so I’m hoping for some gift cards or just money to replenish my PayPal lol
  9. Well then you are a better manager than me cuz if I had your backs Connor and Adrian would have been on the bench. Especially after last week and everything pointing to a timeshare with Snell. I guess that is why we play fantasy nfl coaches and not real ones!
  10. I really shouldn’t be buying stuff as our season is winding down but just picked up a Stroke L.A.B. Ten S putter.
  11. Putter head sold. Just the Sim Max head left. Price drop to $325
  12. Even though it is for sale I took it out this morning and put it away after 3 holes. I hit a big push fade in the first so I decided to aim left edge of fairway on 2 and 3 and let it fade back. This was a terrible idea for me after working so hard to eliminate the right miss. Not only did it not work for the Max, it screwed up the rest of my swings. I am a head case on the course when I can’t find my swing and today was no exception. Gonna have to find a Max D or just move on to something else.
  13. Is it bad that I don’t remember sending that trade to @Camcmart . I will take it though. 2nd week of the season and 2 trades WooHoo!
  14. Could also be swayed by an Evenflow white 65 6.0 shaft plus cash or other driver shafts for the putter.
  15. There for a sec I thought that was me. We aren’t in the same division though. Mine wasn’t that bad either. Ingram/TY/Engram for Chubb/Hardman/Hockenson
  16. I assume picking Cleveland is frowned upon! Lol
  17. I got a couple items for sale or trade today. Trade interests for the Sim Max is only a Sim Max D 8* or 9* head in similar shape Traded for the PXG putter are mid mallet or full mallet putters with toe hang. Below is a list but all offers will be responded to. Cash can be added on either end to make a deal work. List Stroke Lab 10s Stroke Lab Marxman S TM Spider Mini Copper (1st Dibs) Stroke Lab shaft Stroke Lab Exo Marxman S Spider FCG slant neck The goods: Sim Max 9* head in amazing shape. Comes with Headcover. No wrench or adapter. Looking to get $350 shipped to the conus if selling. PXG Lucky D Heel Shafted Putter Head only. Headcover is included. Looking to get $old firm shipped to the conus. Please PM with any questions Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  18. I will throw my name in but have no real reservations about being picked since my season is coming to an end shortly in Iowa. Good luck everyone! •Mark Iowa I putt on the carpet down my hallway lol If the sold at Walmart with the hole on top of a slope counts, then that is my last experience. •Without a doubt the medium speed since my greens vary so drastically from course to course in my area. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  19. The Sim Max was delivered yesterday so I hit a few balls into the field. Definitely faded on me last night so I went to the range for a quick half bucket and the right miss was very much evident. I couldn't turn it over to save my life. I have a round set for tomorrow morning but I think the Max D would be better suited for me especially when I hate seeing the ball go right. On another note I ordered some Srixon Z765 irons to mess around with. I have heard nothing but great things about them so it is time to see what the fuss is all about. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  20. No worries just thought I’d post a screen shot for everybody to see.
  21. Here is a screen shot of the league rules. The waivers run Saturday morning not Sunday morning.
  22. I get that but we have IR spots and benches. Unless you have 2 top 20 running backs already, he is a possible starter and if you do he is still a strong flex play when he returns. Especially in a 14 team full point ppr league.
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