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  1. Not that it matters but I called them to talk about a divot tool and ball mark for a Christmas gift and the possibility of having it engraved. Didn’t get an answer as the agent didn’t know so I asked about the new club exchange. Since you seem to think OEMs should offer free returns and cover everything, please explain why. Why should they eat shipping costs and the cost to restock the item. And I don’t wanna hear it’s good business because it isn’t.
  2. Please look at what I quoted out of your post. You talk about companies that are confident in the quality of their product not discouraging returns then talk about them taking returns of new clubs. If they were that confident they should accept returns of used clubs. The return you are talking about has nothing to do with quality of the item but the wrong item all together. There is a difference. PXG’s return policy allows for used clubs but I talked to a PXG costumer service agent today who said they would exchange the new unhit club for the correct one(no shipping charge) or different one minus shipping charges with no restocking fee as long as it’s purchased through their website or a fitting center.
  3. This is not the case for golf equipment. I can find no oem that offers the return of clubs that were bought NEW and returned USED for free. In fact Titleist and Taylormade will only accept a return if the product is returned in the same new condition. Once you hit it it is yours. PXG allows you to play the new clubs for 30 days then return them used for the cost of shipping and restocking fee. Im baffled at how this can be considered a negative thing. People keep trying to come up with new ways to bash PXG for some reason. First they were too expensive Then Bobs commercials are annoying Then the 0211 line cheapens the brand Now the sales happen too often, they charge for “upgrade options”, and they make you pay return shipping and a restocking fee for using news clubs for a month before returning them. Can’t wait to see what’s next SMH
  4. Are you on the Taylormade topics complaining about the Kith collaboration? Guessing not.
  5. The top is black isn’t it. In the video I saw it looked black. The one guy did have the Limited Edition blue 220
  6. Just checked the website and the Vice balls are down to $25/dozen with code BF202209 when you buy 5.
  7. I wouldn’t be distracted by the ball I don’t think but imagine finding them on the ground in the rough would be very difficult I do agree though that the 5 dozen price is great and the balls perform well
  8. I’m a convert to Vice and picked up 5 dozen Pro Soft a few weeks ago and will more than likely pick up 5 more before the season starts. Absolutely love it. As for the black, I’d play it without any reservations if it performed and I could find it. I sometimes struggle to find a white ball so I’m better a black one would be impossible for me.
  9. Answer me this please. Other than offering sales on clubs at a more frequent rate than any other company, what does PXG do that other companies don’t that makes their business model so bad? Shipping charge? Nope others do(price is irrelevant) Upcharge for certain items offered stock by others? Nope others do(price is irrelevant) Returns for used clubs? Sort of. I can only find info showing PXG and Callaway accepts returns for new clubs that have been used. However both require you to pay shipping. Yes PXG requires a 10% restocking fee and you get your money back. Callaway won’t charge a restocking fee but you only get a gift card in the amount. Not really a refund is it. A credit toward another purchase if your item goes on sale during your return window? Yep found one. No other company that I can find does that. Bob actually says we are sorry you were unlucky so here is a credit for the difference so you can grab some more PXG stuff. Dang Bob should just close up shop for that. You and others are free to have your opinions but complaining or voicing concerns about PXG’s business model using examples that every other oem does makes zero sense to me.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope it’s filled with good food, good friends and family
  11. Why care about the uncertainty? I pointed out that if someone bought something from them they felt that price was fair. If it goes down in price 1 hour later they didn’t get cheated they were unlucky. You can call it Sears-Like or whatever you want but I guarantee you Bob is making money. And as far as charging for what other oems offer free, it’s their choice. There are plenty of oems that charge less or more for non-stock options. There are also iron sets that come stock with PX I/O shafts that are upcharge for others. This isn’t something strictly done by PXG. Now on top of that, they have a return policy for used clubs. Why should you or anyone get to play a club for 30 days and get a full refund at their loss. Also why should they eat the return shipping? That’s just bad business. In addition I pointed out that if in that return window the price does drop, PXG offers a refund in the way of store credit to purchase other PXG goods. Name another oem that does that? Titleist- nope only return unused still wrapped items. Once used it’s your problem. Cally? TM? They have used club sites but I bet they don’t offer full refunds plus shipping or a price adjustment if a sale happens 29 days later.
  12. For those complaining about their price changing all the time, if you bought the club/clubs at a price that you clearly thought was fair, why complain because it gets discounted. Nobody twisted your arm to buy at the price you did. Plus on top of that, if the price drop is within a certain time frame(30 day return time I believe) PXG with give you the difference in PXG credit to use towards other clubs or accessories. Is there another company that does that? I just don’t get all the complaining. This isn’t anything new with PXG over the last year or so. If you find something you want and can live with the price buy it, if you are worried it will go down more then wait. That way you can come back and complain that you should have bought the stuff when it was lower cuz now it’s back to normal price.
  13. Not sure if they still do it but at one time you could get a cheaper rate for a plain box.
  14. To be honest this is the first year I made it all outside season with the same putter. Changed to the Sik Jo right before my on course season started and haven’t looked back. Driver and irons on the other hand have changed a few times this year. I also have a TSR3 driver enroute lol
  15. If putters are all the same why do you have 4 putters listed for sale on your website?
  16. This statement right off the bat is what kills all credibility in my opinion. You literally named many ways putters can differ then ask what makes one better than the other. Everything you mentioned can make one better for someone than another. I think you just messed up your ability to peddle your putter here good sir.
  17. Been quite a while since I have posted in this thread but it is nice to see @GolfSpy_APH picked up my slack lol. I was planning on actually hitting some drivers(tsr2/3, Ping g430 lst) before buying this time but came across a great deal on an 8* tsr3 head and didn’t wanna miss out. I guess this may make it easier to compare as I can take it to the Trackman nearby to get actual numbers before going to a bigger store so there is that.
  18. New prices Head only $175 Accra Shaft only keeping Recoils $125 Up for sale or trade today are a few items that I’m not gonna be using any more. Will list a few things I’m interested in but feel free to send any offers cash or otherwise. All prices are shipped to the conus only and include fees and INSURANCE because that is for my benefit not yours. No clue why sellers wanna charge for it. I ship using USPS Priority as it is the easiest for me. I am willing to ship other ways if negotiations go that route. Also willing to do a lower price and have the buyer email me a shipping label if wanted. Trade interests Titleist TSR2 8* Titleist TSI2 8* Ping G430 LST(mans gotta have a dream) Project X LZ 5.0 4/5-PW .355t Modus 105 stiff 4/5-PW .355t KBS $-Taper Lite 4/5-PW .355t 1st up PXG Gen5 0311 7.5* driver. It is shafted with an Accra RPG LBP 352 shaft playing a shade over 45”. It was tipped 1/4” to eliminate the visible prep. There are 2 marks in the bottom of the head that were there when I bought it. They are not noticeable from address. Let’s do $325obo shipped for the whole club. Will split if I have a buyer for both or shaft first. $225obo head only and $150obo shaft. 2nd UST Recoil 95 F4 shafts. .355t 4-PW Lengths are in the pictures. I bought these here and never did shaft them up. Let’s do $150obo 3rd KBS Tour 105 stiff shafts .370 5-PW. Lengths in pics. These came out of a set of Sub70 699 pros. Let’s do $old Will sell the whole lot for $425
  19. I’m curious as to why we need another ad for the same stuff that was already listed? A simple bump would have accomplished the same thing.
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