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  1. Good luck to all! Love to checkout new golf stuff
  2. Would love to test this putter.
  3. Would love to review this putter. It would help with my putter addiction.
  4. Chris Chesapeake, VA Tour Exotic EXS 14 96-98 TSI3
  5. Chris Chesapeake, VA, USA Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 Piper C
  6. Chris Chesapeake , VA 14 Callaway XR ability to hit many types of shots
  7. Chris Chesapeake , VA 14 Titleist AP2 150 yards
  8. Chris Chesapeake, VA I use a gps unit Golf Buddy voice first generation
  9. Chris Virginia 14 I have used various putting practice aids. Some of my own creation such as a CD to check eye position and a PVC putting track. I have used proaim glass as well.
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