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  1. Why not?!? I mean I am...just so I can have conversations with all these other hopeful golf addicts!
  2. I have 2 that immediately come to mind: 1) Par 5 8th at Bayonet Golf course in Seaside, CA. 618 yards. That said, it plays a little downhill on the tee shot so if you really catch it, I have gotten home in 2, but not often. 2) Par 5 16th at Monarch Bay Golf Links in San Leandro, CA. This hole measures 598 yards, plays uphill, and is into a strong wing 95% of the time. I have NEVER gotten even close in 2. *Honorable Mention also at Monarch Bay is hole hole #7 which is an uphill into the wind par 3 standing @ 244 yards. My friend and I played there one day and both hit 3 woods because our ego would not let us hit driver into a par 3...we were both short...
  3. Bit late, but I said I would post it...really don't want to...Ok here it goes. After my 1 over round on Sat (should have been under par), I had decided to go play a bit more challenging of a course to see how I was really playing. The course on Sat was Las Positas which came in at only 6300 yards or so I think. So I went out and played Coyote Creek Valley Course in San Jose which measures out to 7033 I believe. Started off well and hit a decent 295yrd drive on the first hole. Was left with about 140 slightly down hill and the pin in the back so you don't want to be long. My ball was in the fairway, but was also in close proximity to a drain that had just had some work done and this caused me to have my feet in really weird position. I thought about taking relief, but though "naw Its no big deal", pulled my wedge and swung. Shank into a hazard...well crap. 2nd hole, missed a 4 foot birdie put, 3rd hole, missed 4 ft par put for bogie. Now I'm 3 over through 3 this was not the start I had envisioned....Skip ahead to end end of 9 where by now I had settled in a bit and my short game was saving me for sure. Still only 3 over and starting to look up. Then the heat started to get to me. I even had to put up a shade umbrella cuz I couldn't hang. I think the temp was around 98* or so which is about 30* higher than I would prefer. I probably should have sought out the shade sooner because by now it was hard to stave off the sweat and even harder to hold my club straight with enough energy to swing. Without going shot by shot of my failures you can see on the card below how my back nine went. (I will comment that on hole 10 I have no idea what happened. Hit an OK drive and then scoped the flag at about 167 yards with a slight breeze into me. Pured a 6i to the right edge of the green and somehow my ball disappeared both on the green and nowhere within 30 short or yards long of the green...not sure what happened there). The rest of the back nine I just chocked apparently. Guess it's back to Las Positas for me jk. (please ignore the "Driving Distance row" ..not sure what was going on there...for sure didn't hit it 7 yards on 1, nor did I hit it 339 on 10...)
  4. I had purchased the Puttout Trainer a while before the lock down and had used that in my office and it originally really helped my confidence on the greens. However, I watched a video by James Robbinson where he did 100 putts in the video then donated to covid relief for how many he didn't get the "Perfect Putt" on. Out of 100, I think he ended up with only 7 perfect putts. I thought that was low so I went into my office the next day (and challenged my friend to try at his work too) and we tried this for about 2 weeks. Only 1 day did I do better than 7, and all in all I felt myself getting worse. Now, unfortunately, I am less confident in my putting out on the course...I think it has to do with my carpet being so thin, firm, and fast and it throws me off that my putter head moves so much during my set up as there is almost no friction between the ground and the putter, where on a real green, the grass has friction to hold my putter in place a little easier.
  5. I think you typed that wrong. I think you meant: do meditation, yoga, AND drink a LOT of beer...there I fixed it Why limit your options? I might just skip the first two and replace the beer with bourbon though.
  6. I got mine in today and rolled some putts in my office. I agree that the head is a little light for my preference so far. I also noticed that in some hits it sounds more “clicky” than on others. I think once I get my hands on a weight kit I’ll like it a lot more though. As to other thoughts, the club cover seems decent. It is Velcro (saw somebody ask about that on a different post) and my grip was aligned fine. My main complaint with the cover is that it is a bit small in my opinion. I have a few other covers I have picked up over the years and will probably swap it out if I end up using it in a round. I am going to try and stop by a local course tomorrow after work to see how it feels on real grass. And I’ll update more. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I have gone out and played 3 times since courses re-opened in my area and while I like pace of play (all 3 rounds have come in under 4 hrs. Normally where I am rounds are 4.5-5.5hrs long), and I enjoy walking more, I don’t when the cups are raised above the holes. I feel like this courses your scores to be unrealistically low. Putts that hit the cup are considered in, but that same putt may have lipped out on a regular hole. This happens a couple times in a round and your score is very different. I also look forward to enjoying a drink at the bar with friends after the round, but that will come in time. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I’m exited to see what happens with this challenge. Looking back at last years I look forward to if they do another mustache challenge! Lol but more seriously I am super interested in everybody’s wedge performance. I have been looking at these ones wedges for a while now. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I go back and forth on this. I often do not use the alignment on my back and actually specifically put the brand stamp perpendicular to my aprox line and leave it up to feel for actual aim. But then when I start to putt poorly and am inside 10 ft I will start using the line again just to make sure those missed putts are stroke and not original aim. Interested to see what people think of having a more prominent lone on the ball than what comes standard. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. I have never seen a golf ball vending machine!
  11. In my last round I played the TP5 pix (not the "x") and it felt much softer than the x version did. I actually quite liked it and plan to play a bit more with this model going forward. I didn't have the vice ball with me in that round, but next time I play I plan to test them side by side more. I also plan to test them on a launch monitor when I get a chance to test ball speed and spin rates to pick which one I will play going forward. While I prefer the feel of the TP5 and Vice ball, if the TP5x gives me better numbers then I'll get used to it.
  12. I actually have played a little with the Vice Pro + Neon (green) recently as I like the lower price point and also enjoy occasionally playing with a non-white ball. I had never played Vice but I picked up a box and put a ball in play for 18 holes. I am also playing around with the TP5/TP5x Pix balls too so it was 9 holes with the vice, 9 holes with the TP5 balls on 2 different rounds. In those 2, 9 hole stints I found that the vice ball probably cost me a little bit of yardage on my driver (marginal though), but picked up a little on the irons. I hit it straight and it putted well. It does feel a little mushy though. When I first switched to the TP5x Pix ball on the 10th hole the first day It was a noticable difference in feel (Felt like i was hitting a rock with the TP5x, but it still spun and backed up on the greens for iron shots). For the first 9 I shot 2 over and the 2nd nine I shot 1 under so combined total of 1 over in 18 holes. Ball can't be that bad...will probably keep them around for days I want to play a colored ball or just want to save a little money relative the the TP5's or AVX I would normally play.
  13. 100% agree. I was going to say the same thing. If they are just playing for themselves and not in any competition. Or if just playing with friends and they are all doing the same thing then go for it. But once you try to compete with others who are using the correct equipment it becomes cheating and that's just not right.
  14. I have two that I really remember well. The first my father beat into me when I first started playing, but I didn’t listen for another 10+ years: minimize the damage. The 2nd one I’m not sure where I heard, but I have since passed it along to those that ask for advise about chipping. One of the worst things you can do is slow down on any shot, but I find even more so on a chip. To solve this I have a swing thought of : strike the match. You would never slow down with a match, why do it with your club? With this it really makes you commit to your shot and has made me a much more consistent short game player. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. This formula seems very interesting to me. Where did the 95 come from that you use as the basis for this calc? On my last round I hit 12 greens and had no 3 putts (28 putts). Shot 73.
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