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  1. Congrats @golfish! on the wheel spin edging us out. It was a nail biter!
  2. I have several Ping putters and often times when I seem to have lost my stroke on the green will revert back to them to re-set...However, if I'm being honest and as nice as I can be, those are far from attractive putters. Though I suppose aesthetics are also quite subjective. Good luck to those who want to try these!
  3. While I agree that people should practice the shorter shots more than they currently do, I disagree that it is always easier to be closer. Even watching the tour, they don't always just hit it as close as possible. They lay up to "their number". differences in people's swings and comfort levels as well as pin locations and green firmness will determine the best place to lay up from. There are for sure times I would much rather have a full swing in so that I don't have to think about back swing length, or so I can get extra height on the ball, or so I can generate more spin.
  4. Sad news...Got the new hybrid in, and was able to test it briefly. The lower loft and loner shaft gained me about 8 yards avg, but not enough to justify dropping the 3 wood from the bag. That said I got to test out the customer service a bit more and they did AWSOME! Extremely fast response times to emails and promptly provided a return shipping label. I would not hesitate to order from them again to test out other clubs. I hit their hybrid so well I might just have to try the comparable 3 wood...If that happens I'll keep you all posted. Unfortunately, I live near all the fires going on in CA so the air has not been conducive to any golf for the last few weeks and doesn't look to be getting any better so no new updates on the original hybrid other than I want to go hit it as soon as possible. I am having withdrawals from seeing those perfect shots over and over again!
  5. WEIGHTS ARE IN STOCK TODAY ON COSTCO.COM For anybody who has the putter but has been wanting the weight set (myself included) I have been checking every day since this putter launched and it is in stock right now as of this post (just placed my order)...GOOD LUCK everybody! https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-putter-weight-kit.product.100657236.html
  6. New 16* with longer shaft came in last night and it looks as pretty as the first one did!! Unfortunately, due to many of the raging fires in our area the air quality is not such that I can test it out just yet...Hoping that we get some reprieve soon so I can test it out and compare distance between both specs before my wife goes into labor and I am shut down from golf for another couple of weeks (due date T-minus 18 days...)
  7. Ok after my round last weekend where I hit this club basically perfectly every shot (Again!) I couldn't hold back any more... I just ordered another one before their limited editions run out! Got a 16° / Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 / X-Flex w/ a little extra length in the shaft. Hoping that this combo of lower loft and longer shaft will truly be able to replace my 3 wood this time. I just hit my current one so good I have to try...Hoping it comes in fast!
  8. I have been lucky enough to avoid this on both my trips to Pebble, but I have also Played Spyglass (just down the road) twice and never seen the place!!...Could not see more than 100 yards in front of me. Was during NCGA turni's and they don't let you wait. You literally would hit your shot from the fairway or green the Yell back "CLEAR!" so the group behind you knew they could hit. While watching the pro-am you mentioned I was having flashbacks to those rounds..More props to them for managing it so well!
  9. I would vote Bandon simply because you mentioned cost is a factor and in every way it is cheaper for more (more golf for more days). I think the Caddie cost is like $100 + Tip at the end of the round (another $100?). I would say Spyglass and Spanish Bay are both great choices to take a look at. In the same stretch of road is Poppy Hills as well which is pretty decent track. If you drive up the road a bit there is also Bayonet Black-horse Golf (36 holes) that are some of my favorite courses in the area AND at a lower price than any of the ones on 17 mile drive. (Website: https://www.bayonetblackhorse.com/club/scripts/public/public.asp?NS=PUBLIC )...OK I changed my vote...You have already played Bandon before...Go play Pebble (check if off your bucket list), then go play Bayonet Black-horse
  10. Went out to play this weekend at Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Course. It was suppose to be a getaway from the heat at my house, but alas, it was not to be. Started the round with temps around 95 with no wind...I don't like heat. Luckily a slight breezed kicked up around the 10th hole that made the back nine much more palatable and the scores proved it. I had a goal in mind to actually try and play this course "Smart" and not just bomb driver all day since this course is pretty relatively short. It started off fine until I dunked 2 balls in the water on the 4th hole en route to a !9!!!. Ouch. But followed that hole up with a great par save, then Birdie, Birdie. Had some confidence back so pulled driver on a hole that only needed hybrid off the tee. Stepped up to the tee which they had tucked on the far right side of the tee box with a tree looming right where I wanted to aim. Still I said "Nah, I can cut it around that...8 sec later my ball was landing inside some tennis courts (luckily nobody was playing on them due to the heat) and I re-teed up with my hybrid as I should have an pared the 2nd ball for a double bogey 6 giving my birdies right back..Grr.. After that I stuck to my plan and it worked out great. Went 2 under from that point on and finished the day with a 75. Was pretty happy I was able to stay in the game after the 9 and claw back to a decent round! Might have to try playing smarter more often! Here is a spreadsheet I was working on while playing (re-typed it after the round) so I can hone in on what needs work.
  11. Ive thought about doing a similar thing myself lol. Looks good!
  12. Went out and played again this week and was the first time I really incorporated this hybrid into my normal round rather than forcing it. I removed my 3i so the top of my bag would be Driver, 3wood, Hybrid, then a drop to 4i. I hit this club on 5 tee shots and 1 approach. I went 4:5 on FiR and 1:1 in GiR. My 1 miss was by about 3 inches just to the right of the fairway. Average drive distance was 226 and my 1 approach found the green from the rough from 229 out with OB along the entire Left side of the hole (Scary shot that came out perfect. Lead to a Birdie on that hole). Once again this club performed Perfectly!
  13. Following the rules isn't the problem. Im just not good enough to not use all my clubs
  14. @B.Boston Well I played this weekend, and kept track of the holes I went Woods / wedges. Now I counted my Pw which I actually think is a 46* so it may not have been correct. But I went Woods Wedge on 11 out of the 18 holes. On those holes I was 2 under Gross score. I guess I Should try this bomb and gouge thing more often!!! (if i don't count the Pw I did it correctly on 7 holes and shot even par gross score)...I think you might have been lucky I didn't do it for all holes against you
  15. Thats rough! So I have 280,250,220, 115, 100, 70... Do they at least allow for putter? Or are we blading wedges too?
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