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  1. Best Advise I ever got for chipping was to picture striking a match. Shorter backswing and accelerate through it. You would never slow down when striking a match and you should never slow down on your downswing during a chip.
  2. You don’t hit it where Bryson does just ask his caddie …. Oh wait…nvm.
  3. This is what got me over the hump in my early days of trying to get better. My father tried for a long time before it finally stuck, but he always used to say to me "minimize the damage". Once I finally listened my scores got a lot better.
  4. Be sure to remember when you pull out that new wedge that it might put a little more spin on the ball compared to the worn one. You don't notice it as much on the worn club as you have adjusted with it gradually, but then switching to a new one, you might need to put a little more into the shots to compensate for more check.
  5. It used to be a running joke with my playing partners that I would hit my drive and be inside 100 to a lot of greens and they would say "Now what? You're too close...". Most of the time I would chunk or skull a wedge and waste a good drive. I have since put a lot of work into my wedge play so that I can confidently hit shots from various yardages inside 100 and know what the carry will be with that club/swing combo. I have it worked out to 3 wedges (60/56/52) with 3 ball positions (f/m/b), and 3 swings (.5/.75/1) this gives me 27 combinations of known yardages so I can capitalize on my good drives.
  6. I agree. I choke down on all my clubs all the time for different reasons: be it accuracy off the tee, lower ball flight, Adjusting distance with an iron, ect... saying choking down doesn't work as a blind statement just sounds like they have not practiced it enough to see the possible benefits. That's like saying swinging a club lefty doesn't work because I normally swing righty. Clearly wrong, I just don't know how to do it...
  7. This right here...I'm a 3.2 handicap right now and a flop shot is one of my specialty shots and still only use my 60* when I am inside 50 yards. I cannot for the life of me hit a consistent full swing shot with my 60*. For the longest time if I was anywhere near the green I pulled my 60* and tried to play the hero fly it to the hole shot. Sometimes it worked, most times it did not. Now when I miss a green I take my 60, 56, and 52 with me and evaluate the lie and shot that will best give me a chance to get up and in. you rarely really need to hit a true flop shot and will get more consistency from something like the 56*. As for brands, that is very personal. I play a Cobra 60, ping 56, and titleist 52. When I tried to swap to a Ping 52 I literally shanked 40% of my shots with it and ended up giving the club away and going back to my worn out 52*. That was a year ago and I still have not replaced it. Upgrading to new wedges really only helps if A) the ones you have don't fit your game, or B) you play in a lot of wet weather. In dry conditions you still get plenty of spin from a pretty worn wedge.
  8. I Finished that bottle recently. I Thought it was just OK. I preferred the Ilegal Mezcal Joven a little more myself, and I am pretty sure it is a lower cost. For the Casamigos brand the Anejo is very good though. https://www.totalwine.com/spirits/mezcal/ilegal-mezcal-joven/p/113411750?s=1115&igrules=true
  9. I think this is key. It is important to know WHEN to focus on different things. If you don't have a repeatable swing you CAN'T and shouldn't work on certain things. Once you have a relatively consistent motion you can start to tweak things to optimize it.
  10. I play with a guy who comments after almost all my driver shots "yeah but it went too high"...Too bad I was in the fairway and further than him most the time... I agree with you. Just play what works for you.
  11. I hit the ball around 110' high on most my irons and my driver can get upwards of 140', but probably avg around 120'. Most of the time this doesn't bother me too much. While I know I am loosing a bit of distance, I hit it far enough (for the courses I play) that it isn't worth changing my swing too much for it. When I play in windy conditions I can flight it down a little by hitting it more like a punch, but it ends up being "low" for me and about the same height as my friends normal flight. I guess thats why I have 14 clubs...if one is too short, hit the next one. I mess with ball selection a bit to get a lower launch (normally play a Bridgestone B XS, or AVX - but my last round was with the left dash and the height didn't bother me too much), and my driver is set up to a 7.25*.
  12. What no Taylormade - So they can put like 6 more models out a year?
  13. If you ignore the traffic, I find it hard to beat the weather...My Wife says we can't leave the area but at least that means I can golf 12 months a year...
  14. They have it at a few of my local stores here in CA. It would just be a pricey bottle. Easily the most I would have spent on one. Might have to leave some hints for family to pick me one up as a gift or something...
  15. That would be awesome!!...But you might be a bit of a drive for me from the SF bay area to MA. Lol....then again it is for some good drinkin...
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