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  1. I tried the original version of this ball and wasn't impressed. It really didn't perform as well as what I had been playing (Wilson Professional) and was more money. I could care a less about the stripe but some of the improvements listed in the press release might entice me to give these a second shot. I wonder if they will make it available without the stripe for those who don't care for it. I can't even imagine playing the Srixon Divide...... I think I'd throw up.
  2. I am a true believer in the built-in forgiveness for just all the recent Ping models. I currently game a Ping G410 and rarely lose a ball off the course. Not to say that I never miss a fairway but almost never lose a ball.
  3. A good option in Orlando is Reunion Resort. There are three courses there. The last time I was there we played two of them and they were both good. They offer pretty good package deals with condo/hotel, breakfast and green fees. The aforementioned Southern Dunes used to be an outstanding track but I haven't played it in a long time. Celebration is good but a little pricey.
  4. Three years ago I had a partially torn rotator cuff. Tried physical therapy and considered surgery. Started exploring Stem Cell therapy. Lots of snake oil out there so be careful on that. Found a group that i was comfortable with and after a consultation decided to go for it. A month before the procedure I went to see the doctor and he said no more NSAIDS until six weeks following the procedure. At that point I had been taking 6-8 ibuprofen a day for pain management for the shoulder as well as creaky knees, hips and ankles. No more NSAIDS? OUCH! He ended up sending me a list of supplements that includes Glucosamine/Condrotin/MSM, Collagen, Turmeric and Bromelain. I get it all from Amazon. Long story short, I have been on this regimen religiously for close to three years and my joints fell better than they did 20 years ago and rarely take ibuprofen anymore.
  5. I have done a fitting at Club Champion on two occasions at two different locations in the Atlanta area. My experience is that they, in both cases, tried to upsell me into an exotic shaft that was more than the club itself. It was not a very good experience for me. I would go to Golf Galaxy in Greenville (Pelham Road) and have them run you through the Ping G425 with the various STOCK (no upgrade charge) shafts. The GG store there in Greenville has quality launch monitors and some decent staff guys. Figure out which shaft works best for you and order it directly from Ping or take a look on EBay. My opinion is that if it works for you in the 425 there is a pretty good chance it'll work for you in the 400. I did the same thing when I moved from the G400 to the G410. Ping typically makes very small incremental changes with their new models and I am comfortable telling you that if works in the 425, it'll work in your 400. Just my $.02 worth.........
  6. Actually just looked......currently only one for sale right now. I have been watching and at times there were five or six. I am comfortable with the Tensei Blue shaft in my G410 (actually was using it in a G400 and had the new tip put on it).. I have been watching for a deal on a head to use with this shaft.
  7. As much as a bunch of "better" golfers might throw shade at them, I have found "Step Tees" with a hard stop you push in the ground has helped my game off the tee immensely. I use a chinese "knock off" of the Martini Tee and they are great......much better than the Martini's. Those would break on me after about three rounds and these chinese ones are made of a more durable and flexible plastic, maybe polypropylene? I haven't broken one yet......but do sometimes lose them by forgetting to pick them up after "admiring" my tee shot too long! Big Cup 3-1/4" Golf Tees Pack Of 60 Durable Tees Multi Color Cups Golfs Sports 804879489023 | eBay
  8. Yesterday in my league we mixed things up with a game where you could only bring four clubs. For me the Driver is as consistent as any club in the bag and I was torn whether I should take a club I was only going to be able to hit 13 times (par71). Most were planning on using their 3wood. My issue is that I'm not consistent with mine. It's a Ping G400. When I had the stock Alta shaft in it couldn't keep it on the course. After upgrading to the Tour65 shaft it was better but still not great. I have been trying the clubs demo G425sft and talked the pro into letting me "demo" for the league round. Long story short, I was blown away. I was regularly in the same area that my driver (G410) puts me. Bottom line is I'm buying but going to have to try and talk the pro into selling it to me as lead times at Ping are like 12weeks. I'd love to have it for the World Amateur event in Myrtle Beach. Bigger problem (and more expensive) is whether I should hit the 425 Driver to see if I pick up similar distance. Again, I was blown away with the performance of the G425sft and was in places I would never get my current gamer to. It is big......seems like it is almost the size of the original Big Bertha.....lol.
  9. John, Beautiful Athens, GA (especially now that football is near), USA I currently play a Taylormade Spider Platinum. I finally figured out that I needed some toe hang and bought this just prior to Ping releasing these. I have always been a Ping guy but the curiosity created by my new found desire for toe hang led me to purchase the TM. It has improved my putting......BUT......I definitely do not like (more like HATE?) the look of it as I stand over it. You do what you have to do to make putts so I have lived with it. I would love the opportunity to get back together with Ping and it looks like the Ketsch would be the model I would most like to game.
  10. John in awesome Athens, GA Index 12.8 Currently play the Ping G400's Hit the 7 iron 150 yards I went through a fitting with the local Ping rep of the G400's and the 700's. In the end, I didn't feel like I got enough extra out of the 700's to justify the additional cost. In reading about the 710's, it sounds like Ping has really upped their game and I would love to give them a shot. The 400's have performed well for me but I have been hitting demo's of the T-300's as well as the JPX 919's. It would be very interesting to see how the 710's stCk up against those.
  11. John/ Athens, Georgia, a great place to be! I am currently gaming a Ping G400 with the Alta CB Shaft in stiff and set in the standard loft of 10.5 degrees My handicap currently is sitting at 13.4 but trending down. I played all of last year with a partially torn rotator cuff. Got it fixed over the winter with Stem Cell treatment (a whole story in itself but a great outcome.....so far). I should be back in my traditional handicap range (10.5-11.5) in the next few GHIN cycles. My swing speed is in the 85-90 mph range, which is solidly in the "R" flex range but have been fitted over and over to stiff due to tempo and transition. Not an ego thing at all and have had guys try to put me into TS in the past but I did refuse that! I use a Voice Caddy SC200 monitor on a regular basis for the basics but have access to a GC2 through my club for the times that I want to get more serious about looking at what my swing is doing. I have never played a Tour Edge Driver but have played one of their hybrids many years ago with good success. I have been looking at the EXS due to several good write up's both here as well as several other golf sites that I read regularly. It had piqued my interest but I just hadn't had a chance to get down to the PGA Tour Superstore in Atlanta to hit one on a Launch Monitor. I would really enjoy getting a crack at this as it was a club I was interested in anyway.
  12. I live in Georgia and belong to a beautiful 27 hole track called The Georgia Club. I live here in the community which affords me the opportunity to play 3 or 4 times a week. I am currently gaming Ping G400's with PX LZ shafts in 5.5 flex (firm). Unfortunately, I bought these a couple of months prior to the introduction of the G700's. I am 59 pushing 60 and would love to have a little bit more ball height and distance. I used to play a 7 iron up to 160 but these days its more like 145-150.....sure would like to get back up to 150+.
  13. John Weeks Athens, GA best college town in America 57 years old playing to a 11.2 index Driver- Z565 with the standard Miyazaki shaft in stiff flex (10.5) Hybrids-Z H 65's in standard Miyazaki shaft in stiff flex (19 and 22 degrees) Irons- Z565 with Nippon Pro 950 shafts in stiff (4-AW) Wedges- Cleveland RTX-3 (54 an 58 degrees with two dot bounce unless the fitting determines otherwise) Putter- Cleveland TFI Halo (35") Ball- Srixon Z-Star (White)
  14. John Weeks Athens, GA....greatest college town in America 11.8 Index Currently using a Callaway (Nikon) Rangefinder AND a Garmin G6 GPS
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