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  1. John, Beautiful Athens, GA (especially now that football is near), USA I currently play a Taylormade Spider Platinum. I finally figured out that I needed some toe hang and bought this just prior to Ping releasing these. I have always been a Ping guy but the curiosity created by my new found desire for toe hang led me to purchase the TM. It has improved my putting......BUT......I definitely do not like (more like HATE?) the look of it as I stand over it. You do what you have to do to make putts so I have lived with it. I would love the opportunity to get back together with Ping and
  2. John in awesome Athens, GA Index 12.8 Currently play the Ping G400's Hit the 7 iron 150 yards I went through a fitting with the local Ping rep of the G400's and the 700's. In the end, I didn't feel like I got enough extra out of the 700's to justify the additional cost. In reading about the 710's, it sounds like Ping has really upped their game and I would love to give them a shot. The 400's have performed well for me but I have been hitting demo's of the T-300's as well as the JPX 919's. It would be very interesting to see how the 710's stCk up against those.
  3. John/ Athens, Georgia, a great place to be! I am currently gaming a Ping G400 with the Alta CB Shaft in stiff and set in the standard loft of 10.5 degrees My handicap currently is sitting at 13.4 but trending down. I played all of last year with a partially torn rotator cuff. Got it fixed over the winter with Stem Cell treatment (a whole story in itself but a great outcome.....so far). I should be back in my traditional handicap range (10.5-11.5) in the next few GHIN cycles. My swing speed is in the 85-90 mph range, which is solidly in the "R" flex range but have been fitted ove
  4. I live in Georgia and belong to a beautiful 27 hole track called The Georgia Club. I live here in the community which affords me the opportunity to play 3 or 4 times a week. I am currently gaming Ping G400's with PX LZ shafts in 5.5 flex (firm). Unfortunately, I bought these a couple of months prior to the introduction of the G700's. I am 59 pushing 60 and would love to have a little bit more ball height and distance. I used to play a 7 iron up to 160 but these days its more like 145-150.....sure would like to get back up to 150+.
  5. John Weeks Athens, GA best college town in America 57 years old playing to a 11.2 index Driver- Z565 with the standard Miyazaki shaft in stiff flex (10.5) Hybrids-Z H 65's in standard Miyazaki shaft in stiff flex (19 and 22 degrees) Irons- Z565 with Nippon Pro 950 shafts in stiff (4-AW) Wedges- Cleveland RTX-3 (54 an 58 degrees with two dot bounce unless the fitting determines otherwise) Putter- Cleveland TFI Halo (35") Ball- Srixon Z-Star (White)
  6. John Weeks Athens, GA....greatest college town in America 11.8 Index Currently using a Callaway (Nikon) Rangefinder AND a Garmin G6 GPS
  7. John W Beautiful Athens, GA.....A great college town Currently an 11.8 index but trending lower Currently have nothing lower than a six iron with hybrids from there
  8. John W Athens, GA.......A great college town Swing speed +/- 90 Ping G30 LS-Tec Tour65 Stiff
  9. I'm a newly registered user to MyGolfSpy but have been on the site for several years now and do all my golf product research here on the site. John W Athens, GA- A great college town Currently play Taylormade RSi-1's with Project X Flited shafts (stiff) I currently am playing to 12 though it is the result of getting used to the new irons and some putting "issues" though I am trending back down toward the 10 or so that I have been the past several years
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