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  1. Like you, I have had SkyCaddie for pretty much as long, and have had the SX500 since it came out. I have not had that issue with the screen. The only issue I had was a short on the touchscreen that gave "phantom" touches on the screen that would cause the screen to change as if I tapped on it (usually lower right corner). I think I may have caused the issue as I used a cart holder that squeezed the sides tightly, and I assumed damaged the side. So I upgraded to the SX550 a few months ago. And I am very glad I did; the startup on the SX550 is much, much faster, and having the charging port on top is much easier to use.
  2. Of course I don't wear golf "spikeless" shoes all day, every day. But on days that I play, I just find it easier to put them on at home, go to the course and maybe drinks or meal afterwards, and take them off when I get home. To each, his own.
  3. While I cannot claim to play well enough to give advice overall how to play sand shots, I would like to address you specific situation with the unusual hard sand you encountered. When I have a sand shot out of hard sand (wet, frozen, not groomed, or mostly dirt), or when playing green side hardpan lie, I use a 60º wedge with 4º bounce, and just play the normal shot I would with a regular 56º/10º sand wedge. The low bounce will keep it from bouncing and blading the ball, but being a moderately wide sole (wider than an iron), it will not dig. That allows me to play the same swing, same feel as my usual sand shot.
  4. To me, those that say they NEED spiked shoes, usually means they are off-balance during their swing. The greatest swing in the history of the game, Sam Snead, would play practice rounds barefoot. He said it helped him to tell when he was swinging too hard, and when he was off-balance. If his foot slipped, it was time to pay attention to his balance and footwork, as he was getting sloppy with the swing. So (at least in my opinion) spiked shoes encourage bad swings. Now, if I was playing tournaments for decent money, I would wear spiked shoes for tournament play, but spikeless for practice rounds and on the range. So I look for: comfortable shoes, stable shoes that I will not slide in the shoes, keep my feet dry (I am a dewsweeper), and give enough grip for walking hills with wet grass without slipping. Spikeless provides the extra benefit that I don't have to change shoes after a round, I can go to clubhouse, another bar or restaurant for lunch, dinner, or drinks. The FootJoys, especially the Flex models, are my favorites of the 10 pairs of golf shoes that I wear (4 FJ Flex, 1 FJ Superlights, 2 Ecco, 2 Adidas, 1 Puma).
  5. In addition to the many helpful posts here, there is something else you might want to consider. I notice in your list of drives/results, you hit an (at least) Ok drive, but was in bad position (thru a dogleg, etc.). I would suggest instead of automatically pulling driver on the tee, pick a target. Then decide what club gives me the best chance to hit that target. Your target might be determined by the hole layout (corner of the dogleg, before or over a cross bunker or creek, wider part of fairway), and also consider where you want to hit your next shot from, what is your best layup. Is it 150? 125? 100? What distance will get you there? Then determine what club I have that I have good confidence to get me there? Playing a smart strategy might help a lot more than just pulling the big stick and chase it wherever it goes. That might give you a better perspective on playing "the right way".
  6. Probably too late for this year, but are you a member of Boxgroove? For $49 Boxgroove membership, you can request tee times from fellow Boxgroove members that are also members at Long Cove. The website lists that there are 2 members of Long Cove that are members on Boxgroove.
  7. Sorry, would not work for me. Their sizes run small, and they don't have wide width that I need.
  8. Yes, I do. For early season, when my swing is not exactly grooved, I usually use Taylormade TP5x or Snell MTB-Black for lower spin but higher trajectory (to compensate for lower spin on approaches). Once my swing feels better and more consistent, then I switch to Snell MTB-X for better spin on approaches to firmer summer greens.
  9. Except the kids clubs have smaller heads, so I would think the kids headcovers likely wouldn't fit adult clubheads. But maybe the kids driver headcover on the 3W, and kids fariway headcover on the hybrid?
  10. Mark / Broadview Heights, OH I am RIght Handed Hybrids – VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Backup choice: UiHi 18* - KBS Tour 90 Regular Handicap: 9.5 Currently play Hybrids (3,4,5,6) for better playability out of fairway and rough.
  11. Mark Broadview Heights, OH Ping G400 10.1 95 TSi2
  12. Mark / Broadview Heights, OH / US Currently using Scotty Cameron GoLo 5 I tried Ping online fitting tool last week, and it recommended Heppler Ketch or Fetch, though the look of the Fetch is more appealing to me. (About ready to pull the trigger, too, after 3 3-putts last evening in 9 holes!)
  13. Mark Harr from Broadview Heights, OH Been using GPS devices since SkyCaddie SG1 (2001? 2002?). Have used SkyCaddie SG1, 2.5, Breeze, Touch, SX500, Callaway Sg100(?). Have tried various apps on Apple Watch (none more than once). Currently use SkyCaddie SX500, and trying new ShotScope V3.
  14. Mark Ohio Scotty Cameron GoLo 5, Cleveland TFI2135 Cero, Odyssey Fang Works, Ping Anser 3 (1981) and Anser TR (2014). Cleveland FrontLine 4.0, 35"
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